Right After DNC Globalists Take Over The House, GM Closes Many Car Plants Here, Imports From China Instead

Barely two weeks after the DNC took over the House, this happens:  GM closes many car production plants while importing SUVs made in China!  No longer scared that Congress would punish GM, they make another globalist move.  Most of the money in the past two elections went to the DNC and was handed over by rich people who got rich soaking the US public and running huge trade deficits.  Also, the elites whine about global warming, yet again as we all freeze to death in November.


They have an organization that is international and meets regularly to plot how to rule us: the Bilderberg gang.

Trump is furious with them and I hope he carries out his threat to punish them for this obvious treason.  The goons running that business chose Xmas time to fire citizens.  This is what the Bilderberg gang thinks of all of us: dead meat.


What they also hope is to use fake news mainstream media to lie to the workers who voted for Trump.  This will not work.  Even as they try to smother Trump in the news for this story didn’t make headlines very much in top Bilderberg publications, the NY Times has zero news about this on their front page, for example.  But workers know who was rooting for them and working for them and it wasn’t the NY Times or the TV stations, it was Trump.


I suspect Trump will now travel to these cities where workers lost their jobs and will have rallies, these rallies really work. He is flying blind with virtually no media support in mainstream systems and Google and other entities online are actively censoring and hiding news that shows Trump doing things they want to destroy.


The NY Times and others have carried hysterical stories about Trump’s border protectors using teargas on mobs of violent attackers who wave foreign flags while screaming they want to come here and do as they please.  Left out of US mainstream news is this fact:

Yes, more fake news, the hysteria is continuous and won’t stop.  Worse, the celebrities continue to double down on hating 50% of the citizens.

Yes, they are screaming about phantom global warming.  The globe isn’t warming at all. I have never seen such a cold fall as this year.  We are knee deep in snow now this morning!  Never, ever in recorded history has the temperatures gone below zero in mid-November in New England.

That ‘apocalyptic report’ is pure BS.  It is stupid.  It widens the rift between people who live in increasing cold conditions and the elites who live on the warm sliver of the West Coast and the rest of us on the North American continent.  Look at today, for example.

It is below freezing in much of the North American continent and all the way deep into Mexico, it is below freezing!  It is below freezing…yes…FREEZING…all the way down Florida nearly to Miami Beach.  It is 26 degrees F in Atlanta, Georgia, which is Deep South.


It is freezing in much of Louisiana and barely above freezing in New Orleans.  This isn’t ‘local weather’ this is a huge hunk of the earth’s northern hemispheric landmass.  And Siberia is insanely cold and a big hunk of Eurasia is below freezing, too.  Only England, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece is slightly above freezing.

Government agencies filled with delusional ‘scientists’ should be shut down.  Lying about the weather is dangerous.  More and more people don’t fall for the global warming scam due to freezing their nuts off.  This cannot be ignored.  Young people who are idealistic can play the ‘save the polar bear’ game (the bears are doing just fine, actually) because they remember only the recent brief warm cycle and think this would go on forever.


It has ended.  Bam.  Done and gone.  And proof that the sun, not CO2, rules the roost still isn’t obvious for young people but those of us who lived and struggled to survive the previous Cold Cycle of the 1960-1980 remember well all the blizzards and it snowing even in Tucson, Arizona, on the Mexican border…repeatedly!


I remember this!


And in Europe thanks to the Ukrainian coup two years ago, tension between Russia and Ukraine rises and falls regularly, this time around, Russia impounded three Ukrainian ships.


Well, according to the elites who rule Europe with an iron fist and ignore the suffering of the citizens who are whipped into line and allowed nothing, not even social services anymore after millions of illegal alien Muslims invaded, well…they get to contemplate WWIII with Russia dropping nukes on them, now.


Way to go there, elites!  Have fun.  Russia isn’t allowed to sell fossil fuels to Europeans, either, it appears.  Merkel wants to do this with Russia but can’t now due to tension in the Black Sea area so the Germans get to freeze their bunions off their feet, instead and I don’t feel even slightly sorry for them, they voted for this woman.


Second, let me give you the single most important element to understand what is (and what is not) taking place: the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea are, in military terms, “Russian lakes”.  That means that Russia has the means to destroy any and all ships (or aircraft) over these two seas: on the Black Sea the life expectancy of any intruder would be measured in minutes, on the Sea of Azov in seconds.  Let me repeat here that any and all ships deployed in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov are detected and tracked by Russia and they can all easily be destroyed.  The Russians know that, the Ukrainians know that and, of course, the Empire knows that.  Again, keep that in mind when trying to make sense of what happened.


Third, whether the waters in which the incident happened belong to Russia or not is entirely irrelevant.  Everybody knows that Russia considers these waters are belonging to her and those disagreeing with this have plenty of options to express their disagreement and challenge the legality of the Russian position.  Trying to break through waters Russia considers her own with several armed military vessels is simply irresponsible and, frankly, plain stupid (especially considering point #2 above).  That is simply not how civilized nations behave (and there are plenty of contested waters on our planet).


Russia is a super power still.  Russia has sophisticated missiles and nuclear weapons.  Europe expects US taxpayers and fighters to fight their insane, incessant wars.  We have fought their stupid wars repeatedly and the thanks we get is for them to steal US jobs.



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26 responses to “Right After DNC Globalists Take Over The House, GM Closes Many Car Plants Here, Imports From China Instead

  1. Jim R

    Ha, I hardly recognized Gore in that picture. Is that him, second from the left? He has put on so much weight. That doesn’t seem very ‘green’.

    And, if we can believe a report from a few years ago, the Russians have electronic weapons that can simply cause all the lights and communications to blink off, on a NATO war ship on the Black Sea. They won’t even have to shoot at it, it will simply stop working and helplessly drift.

  2. Tim E.

    Yes it is a climate crisis, it is just not the crisis that they envision.

    Love the urban dictionary meaning of “do as I say not as I do”


  3. Petruchio

    We taxpayers bailed GM out, saving them from bankruptcy. Obviously a bad move. The Globalists claim to just LOVE the Free Market. That’s Bull. They love Big ‘gubmint’ to protect and subsidize them. They are the biggest deadbeat freeloaders out there, except for the Israelis, the biggest Freeloaders of all. GM wants to build cars in China? K, let the Free Market rule. Just slap a $3,000 tariff on every GM car made in China imported into the US. No surprise the DNC is behind/supports this move. They sold out their traditional Working Class base out a long time ago. “Where they gonna go?” sneered Bill Clinton. This “bridge to working Class was ‘blown up’ a long time ago and it’s doubtful it will be repaired. This is why the DNC HAS to “Out Republican the Republicans” on stuff like Globalism and illegal aliens. This problem would not be happening if there were 3rd, 4th even 5th Party candidates in Congress, especially the House.

  4. Melponeme_k

    The point is total and utter destruction for everything. Since they hate modern culture based on the past achievements of Europeans.

    I finally found the shoe that fits. Not Satanist, not Communists, Not Leftists, Not Feminists, Not Christians, Not Theosophists, Not Nazis or anything else. Technically it isn’t even the Jewish population.

    It is a cultist movement that spawned within the Jewish religion called Sabbatean-Frankists. They think that the world needs to experience Apocalypse in order for God to save us all. So they are doing their part to bring it about. Most of the aforementioned groups were created by the Sabbatean Frankists including the Nazis. The holocaust was helped along by them in order to take out their enemies, the NON Sabbatean-Frankists.


  5. Buffalo_Ken


    I would hope you know that even in an Ice Age there are warm days (and weeks, and to be honest years as well).

    So, to be blunt: Your wrong on a lot of your weather (and more specifically) temperature prognostications. I mean I could actually do a scientific study about you being wrong and basically prove it. It would be easy. Just go back and read was was wrote, and then, compare to what transpired.

    I think the weather has definitely been more severe and this has been and will continue to be, to a degree, exacerbated by the human population. So, in light of that, after all this time, I can say: Besides preventing a nuclear war (which I really don’t think is gonna happen), what is your reason for keeping this discourse going?

    A fair question.

  6. timothy carroll


    Wow. And it isn’t just Elaine. There are several critical thinkers out there who can see through the fog and mist that our Real Rulers have placed before us. Here, meet Mr. Denninger, whom I discovered concurrently along with Elaine, courtesy of Mr. Howard Kunstler (whom I no longer follow).


  7. Hey timothy. Is this you:

    I know that link is ridiculous, but for that we can thank google. A company that I agree with Elaine has lost its way and is about to go down big time.

    What do you think Tim?

  8. Hey – do you not think that picture is funny?

    Come on. We can laugh together. Right?

    I definitely have a different perspective than probably most of you here, but I’m happy to get along. Hope you are as well.


  9. AT

    “Everybody knows that Russia considers these waters are(sic?) belonging to her(awkward usage)”

    You are quoting something that was likely written in Chinese, by the looks of it.

    I don’t want our sailors in the Black Sea. On the other hand if Russia wants to navigate the Mediterranean or the straights of Gibraltar. . . There is some comity that international law calls freedom of navigation. It’s not quite so clear cut as the “Saker” pretends.

  10. Oh yeah. One other point of clarification. Monopolization means you already have unfair advantage, and then you give nobody else a chance. That I have never done. Others have and others will continue to try. That is one thing I don’t think Trump has done, so I can give him credit for that.

    Otherwise, he is a pathetic excuse for a leader and embarrassing to the highest degree. Can’t wait until 2020 when he will be gone.

  11. What up AT. Doubt we will ever talk again.


  12. Ziff

    @ 10 just curious , which american president since Eisenhauer would you have prefered ?

  13. AT

    @Buffalo Ken

    EMS went full Trump, just like Alex Jones. She has her own agenda, like most.

    More than meets the eye was rallied to support someone who promised as a candidate to destroy the DNC-GOP controlled dialectic charade and change course on foreign, fiscal and monetary policy, yet appears to be doing no more than constructing the scaffolding for a superimposed establishment-antiestablishment controlled dialectic charade, a charade full of Kayfabe sound and fury but ultimately with a few adjustments still holds to the same policies. Even those changes and adjustments can be seen as a late stage furtherance of the policies: tariffs between big powers support alternative third-world resource extraction, de-dollarization spreads the blame for fiat collapse around, big powers making a show of huffing and puffing at each other while decking little guys in between them and taking their stuff.

    I find it hard to believe the non-obvious powers behind Trump’s ascent couldn’t accomplish more. This is either their safest course or their preferred course. Ask Haspel.

  14. I want STRONG BORDERS and for the last 30 long years, I have raged against ‘free trade’ which destroyed my village which has only come back to life despite our businesses ruined by ‘free trade’ which collapsed farms here.

    Trump is doing what I wanted someone to do for a very long, long, LONG time.

  15. Fair enough, but I do hope you keep an open mind.

    AT – I was wrong. We will talk again…..ha, ha.

    Nice post.

  16. Zeke

    Same word can have different meanings depending on field or context. E.g., ‘bank’ is different depending on whether used in finance or river navigation context. ‘Field’ means one thing in agriculture, another as in area of study, etc.
    Words also have different meanings depending on colloquial usage. E.g., ‘incredible’ could mean awesome or – not to be believed. ‘Insane’ could be shockingly different used colloquially or used in psych sense – mentally ill.
    ‘Intoxicated’ with could mean under the influence of – or someone laboring under the toxic effects of alcohol ….. drunk.

  17. You are certainly correct Zeke that words can mean different things depending on context.

    I’m serious. I seriously advocate placing boots on the ground in Central America for stabilization purposes – we should first ask for permission to put our troops there and hopefully the leaders of those countries who make these sort of decisions will see the wisdom of the request. Then, once in position, our armies and navies and marines and other support troops who have learned a lot lately about how possibly we can assist in a foreign country will truly help the citizens there create a better situation where they will soon realize they are better off in their homeland.

    If the leaders there who make those sort of decisions disagree about this noble effort, then they should be replaced by other leaders who have more wisdom and I’m sure we could help them understand where we are coming from in this regard.


  18. Lets put it out there. If the leaders of these countries, say no to our help, then we should tell them simply. You have no choice.

    We in the USA are going to help you Central American countries whether you want it or not because we are sick and tired and you creating so many sick and tired who are coming to our country for something better.


  19. But it takes BOOTS on the ground.

    Hey – we’ve got some troops who have been leaving somewhere else where we are not doing any good don’t we. Lets get them all out of there and then focus First on our own hemisphere.

    This is so simple that if it don’t happen in 2019 I’ll be pissed. Getting rid of the fed is another matter altogether and it is so much more important. If the T-man can do this, then I’ll agree – he has accomplished something. The rest of it is mostly fluff.

  20. Ziff

    @ Ken, hmm ,i’m sure that will undo centuries of programming so that the half assed peasants highest ambition is not to become a drug or some other lord

  21. Kenogami

    It is amazing to see the ignorance and brainwashing of US Americans, even the more than average intelligence readers of this blog. The reason you get tens of thousands of refugees from Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico coming to the USA is because of the state terrorism and coups of the Washington regime in Latin America.

    Let me quote from the lying Huffington Post, who had a temporary bout of honesty here:


    “In the subsequent six years, the horrific repression and skyrocketing murder rate — now the highest in the world — has resulted in tens of thousands of refugees fleeing for safety in the United States. Ironically, as Secretary of State, Clinton rejected granting political asylum and supported their deportation.
    Clinton’s role in supporting the coup in Honduras is a reminder that the Middle East is not the only part of the world in which she is willing to set aside principles of international law and human rights to advance perceived U.S. economic and strategic interests. ”

    But I don’t blame the average US citizens too much because it is obvious that the US is NOT a democracy, and the citizens have no influence at all on foreign policies. But I can blame them if they choose to remain ignorant of what their government is doing.

  22. Zeke

    A lot was done ‘in our name’ but not with our consent.
    In countries where, let’s just say, 90% of land was ‘owned’ by 10% of people and there were agrarian reform movements – they were labeled as ‘communist’ and some probably were – – and targeted. The nadir may have been when the Dulles Bros. ruled the world: John Foster at State and Allan at CIA.

  23. Don’t forget the basic fact: high birth rates.

  24. lou

    23–thats an over simplification. Its survival rates beyond infancy. I think the HBR was always there.
    Mexico and central Americas population has exploded.

  25. Modern vaccinations and other social programs has saved many children so the proliferation is now very high. Previous generations had a very high child death rate.

  26. lou

    Yes, being a child pre 1900 was if not a death sentence, 50-50.
    Africa has added almost a billion people, in a century or so.

    The humanitarians who did this are very in humane for doing so.

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