Russia Collusion Case Collapses While Anti-Global Warming Tax Paris Protests Double In Size

The ridiculous Russia collusion investigation will soon break…showing how Obama’s guys did all this junk plus tried to pin their perfidy onto Trump.  So, my cousin Steele was paid by Clintons, Bruce Ohr, a Clinton crony, the DNC, a RUSSIAN OLIGARCH who was pissed off at Manafort due to a failed business deal…and the FBI top dogs who all were in a conspiracy to overturn the election after Trump won unexpectedly.  Also today: the Yellow Vest protests in Paris double in size.  Left/right alliance now to topple Macron.


It was pretty obvious to me after the election surprise after mainstream Bilderberg media claimed Trump had only a 2% chance of winning, that they would pull every trick possible to get rid of him including murder.


Hannity also talks about how the DNC is collapsing internally as the Muslim/radical leftists attack Jews while the DNC leaders who are Zionists have to keep pandering to Muslims and radical anti-religious leftists to stay in power.  I have pointed out that this alliance of the left is very weak and made up of people who absolutely hate each other and hope to destroy each other once they gain enough power.


The DNC power base is based on many contradictory things that are hopelessly messy.  Global warming (this week has been like a deepest, coldest January, ever!!!) is another scam by the DNC.  We are all supposed to live in small hovels and not use any energy but a tiny amount and stop having children lest they destroy Nature while the DNC leaders all live like this disgusting hypocrite, Al Gore:

Al Gore, a top Bilderberg gangster, loves to lecture about how we will roast to death due to using energy.


‘I was watching all these celebrities on stage asking Americans to make sacrifices for the environment. You’ve got the Ed Begleys of the world who actually do strive for a carbon footprint of zero, so I wondered if Gore was one of them,’ he told the Hollywood Reporter.


‘It’s frustrating if you’re an environmentalist because Gore sets himself up as a prophet – but he’s actually a fraud and a charlatan.


‘You’ve got to ring the bell of hypocrisy here. It’s like a religious leader cheating on his wife.’


Al Gore also has a fleet of poor mileage SUVs with armor plating.  He has a huge estate.  It is groomed by staff using lots of fossil fuels.  He flies hither and yon on private jets and flew to Europe this very same week as his home base was buried in blizzards, to whine about global warming when ‘winter will cease to exist’.


Well, we aren’t even having a proper spring this year, you old lunatic!  Here is today’s Yellow Vest march in Paris as the French people protest fake global warming scams which want to impose high energy taxes on poor people in Europe:

The brave, brave, good people of France.  A new move: the ladies are showing up with pink vests.  It is HUUUUUGE, the mass media owned by our masters of the universe claimed falsely last month that the marchers were tiring out and weakening.  The Pink Ladies led today’s march through Paris.

This is, needless to say, FALSE NEWS.  It is still ridiculously cold in Paris like all the demonstrations this winter but it is much warmer than two weeks ago but people are still wearing winter coats as they are here in America.  Yesterday, an elderly man in a store parking lot nearly died due to exposure except I noticed him failing and ran over, laid him down, put a heavy blanket on him and called an ambulance.  Six other women joined in traffic control and assisting by getting on the cell phone with authorities.


The ladies are not right wingers here, they are leftists against the global warming scam.  This is a huge difference

Is the far left turning against the global warmists?  I can’t tell from this point in time, all systems are under greater and greater stress. When the weather was warm, the left was all about screaming ‘global warming’ and ‘we are going to roast to death’ but now that has faded, they tried to march for a colder climate and that was very poorly received.


The left latches, like a leech, onto whatever they can while pushing for socialism.  Macron is attacking socialism in France under the guise of global warming.  The peons have too much energy use, according this ideology.  So…the chaos in France will go the usual road there, the far left and far right fighting in the streets.


I may be guessing but it appears that the traditional left has decided to no longer support Bilderberg schemes and are latching onto the Yellow Vest protestors to overthrow Macron.  And this means, Macron WILL FALL.  He has virtually no base now.


He is the Bilderberg gangster who told everyone, they all must pay very high energy taxes so that the world will be much colder.  He is stuck with this stupid scam.  As is the entire DNC leadership in America.

Hollywood actor, Jussie Smollett, may face up to 48 years in prison for faking Trump Hat Attack and trying to start a race war against white males.  The DNC and mass liberal media giants all tried and tried to start a race war. This would cement DNC power in the major cities which would burn.  I lived directly in the line of the very real fires of a race attack on NYC years ago and it was hair raising.  We had no fire engines for nearly a WEEK as everything burned.


The Empire actor was initially charged with one Class 4 Felony charge of disorderly conduct last month but a grand jury has applied that charge 15 times over in an 36-page indictment that was returned on Thursday.  Now, he is facing a maximum sentence of 48 years behind bars and fines of up to $400,000.


The courts will probably only slap him on the wrist.  He is pure evil, he deliberately plotted a scheme that would defame innocent people and direct hatred at a race of people he wanted to abuse.  This is naked racism.  The DNC claims doing this to white males is OK because they are not protected by the Civil Rights Act.


This is FALSE.  They are very much protected!  Everyone is.  Or at least, should be protected.


Cashless stores increasingly popular due to fewer staff and more security from crime so DNC cities like Philadelphia are forbidding this.


According to the New York Times, New Jersey, New York, San Francisco and Chicago are all considering adopting similar laws.


In Philadelphia, Councilman Allan Domb said Amazon issued a warning that they would re-consider implementing an Amazon Go store in the city if the bill passed.


The Bezos-owned company plans to open up 3,000 cashless stores across the country by 2021. Amazon Go stores have no cashiers and only accept digital forms of payment.


I can understand this, store clerks are the #1 target of robbers and many are killed by criminals seeking easy money.  This is a security issue in many DNC cities where criminals are allowed to torment citizens and abuse workers.


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6 responses to “Russia Collusion Case Collapses While Anti-Global Warming Tax Paris Protests Double In Size

  1. Mewswithaview

    The Justice Democrats may have overstepped the mark.

  2. AT

    “So, my cousin Steele was paid by Clintons, Bruce Ohr, a Clinton crony, the DNC, a RUSSIAN OLIGARCH who was pissed off at Manafort due to a failed business deal…and the FBI top dogs who all were in a conspiracy to overturn the election after Trump won unexpectedly.”

    Steele used active MI6 Russia desk assets. Putin even had a few executed afterwards. Who cares how he got paid. The larger issue is that this couldn’t have happened unless the dossier was also an MI6 operation. Brought to you by the queen and Lady Rothschild. Can we call it what it is: British collusion?

  3. Pete

    Mews that was a fantastic video Thanks!

    Bongino on Mueller

  4. Lou

    off topic..someone here, Petruchio or someone mentioned this insane old jewess…just listen to the first 5 minutes.

  5. Moe

    Not OT, Stefan Molyneux explains why Western civilization is falling apart…’Winter Is Coming’.

    Winter is coming because we’ve artificially created many continuous summers with the welfare state. Prepare now for many continuous winters.

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