Ukraine/Trump Collusion Continues To Decay, Bilderberg Gang Attacks Giuliani, My Buddy

Volker lied about Giuliani, events are the exact reverse of what he claimed once the actual information comes out.


The partisan CIA whistleblower claimed President Trump threatened the Ukrainian president to play ball or he would withhold US assistance to his country.  On Friday night we learned this was another lie.  The Ukrainian government did not know the US had suspended aid to the country until ONE MONTH after the call.


But worse to me is that Volker, a member of the Bilderberg gang who ‘bailed out’ NYC many years ago and who I have run into in the past in NYC, had called Giuliani a month ago and suggested he should talk about all this junk about Ukraine so he did and then Volker and his gang pretended Volker didn’t call him and ask Giuliani to appear in public about the Ukraine bribes!  HAHAHA.  This stupid double dealing creep forgot that Giuliani, like myself, knows how to dig out the original data.


Giuliani used to tap Mafia phones which is how we met in the first place over 30 years ago!  He knows how to retrieve information.  The anti-Giuliani stories pumped out like mad by mainstream media including stories about how Giuliani is going senile or insane, for example.  Now that he has proven that THEY are insane (and evil) this won’t make the news for the main tool of these crooks is to never report real news, just fake news.


This is so tiresome yet funny at the same time.  These powerful, rich asses think the rest of us are very stupid.  Well, we aren’t.

The fake whistleblower scam is finally causing chaos within the DNC headquarters for they have doubled down on the fake story instead of calmly trying to understand what went wrong.  They are utterly insane at this point.  I can’t believe the pettiness of this ‘impeachment’ attempt. Our democracy is in danger.


And now, people are being punished for noticing that poor Swedish girl whose parents do black magic stuff and are radical leftists, they have terrorized their poor child about ‘end of times’ to the point of her being suicidal.

Watch the video especially the end: this poor girl’s mother is walking to the store with a gang of masked crazy people while she wails about the evils of frozen pizza…I KID YOU NOT.  This is an utterly insane family.


Meanwhile, a report about the dire effects of drugging small children to make them another sex is pretty scary aside from the very high suicide rate of transgender people:

Protests around the world all of which are demanding SOVEREIGNTY!!!

Mainstream media loves to shower attention on ‘global warming’ marches but look at how everyone is dressed in these marches: it is COLD.  Not hot.  The ridiculous marches even in snow, demanding a colder planet and starving/freezing everyone in cold climates still marches on sponsored by the super rich Bilderberg gangsters.



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9 responses to “Ukraine/Trump Collusion Continues To Decay, Bilderberg Gang Attacks Giuliani, My Buddy

  1. Zeke

    Not meant to be blasphemous:

    They used to say that “God made them that way – and – God doesn’t make mistakes.”
    – now –
    They are clamoring for “gender corrective” surgery. (And somehow want the rest of us to pay for it [abomination].)

    IMO: go with the plumbing ya’ got: stay with that.
    Leave the children out of that insanity; leave them be children.
    Remember – it was a ‘psychiatric professional’ who took Epstein off suicide watch (supposedly).

    There is video everywhere. Video has surfaced of the Shark Tank Kevin O’Leary boat accident.
    So, there’s video from the middle of the night in the middle of a dark lake in the middle of Ontario …….. the only place there isn’t video was of Epstein’s cell during the 15 mins. he was ‘suicided.’ The most important high value witness in modern times.
    Yeah, no video – but we get the picture. We know what’s going on here; what’s goin’ down.

  2. Ken

    It is naïve to believe that most people will see through the media’s lies. In my experience, the great majority of people simply believe what they’re told. Taking the time to do some digging to uncover the truth is too much bother for them. These people will blindly believe the official narrative that ” orange man bad,” without ever asking why he is bad.

  3. Pete


    Elon Musk shows new rocket designs ; )

  4. The mainstream media except maybe in England, has dropped the Epstein story totally.

  5. Moe

    OT: YouTube search for Greta’s mother produces myriad references to Greta but few to her mother. Further evidence of manipulated search results.

    Thorough review here: Top 10 Reasons Why Greta Thunberg Is a Fraud

  6. Jim R

    Give Greta one of the simpler exercises from a textbook on thermodynamics and see how she does with it. My guess is she hasn’t been doing her math homework.

    All the material she is reading was obviously written by someone else. .

    Good observation, @Elaine. Of course, we predicted that this would be the case. And all the court cases against those creeps (like Bill Gates) who hung out with him will disappear as well.

  7. It is amazing, how swiftly the stupid FEMINISTS fall silent on all this. As always, if their buddies are caught doing horrible things, these no longer matter or a flippant ‘apology’ is all that is needed and they then roll onwards while screaming like banshees at the rest of us if we even slightly dare to break any of their many rules of decorum.

  8. Lou

    Kunstler. com
    BackRowHeckler September 29, 2019 at 10:28 am #

    Thursday, at Yale, on one of the most beautiful days of the year, cloudless, sky a deep blue, early fall air fairly shimmering with a warm breeze coming in off the Sound, a Climate Strike spontaneously erupted amongst the student body, hundreds of them walking out of classes to protest the ‘fossil fuel industry’ on the Streets of New Haven. (Altho I’m not certain how spontaneous it was because the signs they carried miraculously were already made up)

    It costs upwards of $60,000 per year to go to Yale.
    The dorms are not Spartan accommodations you might remember from your college years.
    No, dorms at Yale are more like a suite in a luxury hotel, with catered meals to order, massage parlors and hair dressers on premises, climate controlled rooms, and armed security to protect residents from the surrounding ghetto they purport to be in sympathy with.

    One regularly sees BMWs, Mercedes coupes and Range Rovers zipping around campus and the city. One regularly sees limos parked outside residential living areas, waiting to chauffeur these esteemed college students to JFK airport in NYC for flights around the world.
    One has to wonder, how would these coddled kids survive if suddenly they got what they are asking for, and ‘fossil fuels’, suddenly disappeared? How would they heat their opulent abodes?

    How would their lavish meals be prepared? How would they power up their $125,000 Range Rovers? And those flights to the south of France and the Med coast of Spain, what would power the 747s that magically transport them there for Christmas break?

    Could they survive in a world made primitive, without gas and oil?
    These are smart kids and maybe some of them could make the adjustment, others, the majority, would perish. The question is, why don’t they realize this?

  9. Moe

    Trump reelection ad:

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