The Cave of Wealth and Death, part II—All About Gnomes

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Even though many people imagine, they can just walk into the Cave of Wealth and Death and get rich, most can’t do this.  First, there is a lot of naked fear.  Fear of ghosts.  Fear of the dark.  Fear of the gods and goddesses.  Fear of retribution.  Many people talk about going in but few can endure this trial.  Most people stop at the Portal and pray for wealth and power.  They pray for good luck.  But there are some who not only can go into this dark place but actively desire this and indeed, are driven to do this.  I call these people, ‘Gnomes.’  


Of course, there are plenty of female gnomes but I mostly cartoon the male ones because they are more fun and frankly, they outnumber the female gnomes 10-1.  Any female wanting great wealth usually tries to get it by taking over some gnome’s wealth and transferring it to herself.  This is because gnomes have this gnawing appetite for sex.  And not just any sex.  They want to have the most beautiful women on earth.  They want human goddesses.  They want the very best, not even, second best.  And they don’t want to use love, this is all about lust.  For the ones who can go into the Cave of Wealth and Death must be consumed by lust.


The beautiful women that the gnomes dream of are possessions.  Only, they are not attractive unless they are also hard to possess.  The best deal for a gnome is for these beauties to lust after the gnome’s money.  This way, he can feel superior to her as she slithers about, trying to appeal to him, both of them knowing, there is no real love at all.  Just desire.  And such desires!



The goal of the female’s passionate object of desire is this golden ring: the wedding ring.  Once she gains this marvelous tool, she has the gnome at her mercy.  Many gnomes struggle to understand how the scales tip in her favor.  They even invented nuptial contracts to get around this business.  But the females are always two steps ahead.  They know how to nullify these contracts.  Conception, divine or devilish, is the ticket.  I suppose, the gnomes must reproduce, somehow.  According to legend, this is how they do it.



Unhappy gnomes go to psychiatrists to figure all this out.  Dr. Freud wrote whole books about how everything is due to sexual frustrations attached to defecation and how money is dirty.  Then, rich gnomes would pay him huge sums for this obvious information.  The gnome cannot imagine his conquests don’t love him. Even though, his traps were always set by generous amounts of money.  To keep his sexual life going, the gnome needs a tremendous amount of money.  This is where they cause huge problems for everyone else around them.


They always feel sorry for themselves, if they have only a few million dollars.  One can get laid with that sort of loot, but it is no fun.  First, the gnome has to be sort of nice to the female he desires.  Second, he goes to the top fashion plate models and they laugh scornfully at him.  So he asks his friends and neighbors and of course, the US government is his favorite sugar momma.  He wants help so he can go into the Cave and get infinite wealth.


When things go wrong, he threatens to kill himself and everyone around himself, if he isn’t bailed out.  This is the Götterdämmerung impulse he tends to have.  All or nothing!  We see this today, as the gnome community alternately begs us for trillions of dollars and when we complain about them using it to buy expensive females or go to expensive resorts, they threaten to destroy the world’s financial systems in retaliation.  This is why we have to control these gnomes or we will suffer terrible plagues.




Back to the Cave of Wealth and Death: the minute the government turns its back on these guys, they rush off to the Cave of Wealth and Death.  We can see here, the path into it is well-worn.  They plunge in bravely since they are looking for the very things the rest of us fear.  Namely, the Goddesses who live in this cave and who are the guardians and creators of all the fabulous riches inside.


Usually, all the rest of the people are scared, when they see the gnomes going into this deadly cave.  But the gnomes always assure everyone, they will not waken the demonic forces inside.  They will not create inflation or cause a depression.  They will be reasonable and careful in the inky darkness of the Cave.  So they even might put on a show for everyone, loudly denouncing raiding the cave and wakening the evil inside, even as they know, in their dark little stoney hearts, this is exactly what they intend to do!



Inside the Cave are entities we talked about earlier: Infinity and Zero.  The goddesses of Infinity and Zero are twin sisters.  Actually, they are one and the same but we humans experience them as a duality, not a singularity.  Note how this Medusa grins as she offers the gnome a huge bag of ‘money.’  She won’t give it to him unless he first releases her innate powers to fly to the ends of the Universe, unstoppable.


Greenspan recently referred to the Federal Reserve as a magical piggy bank.  The goddesses know perfectly well, this is 100% true.  Money is made out of thin air.  They love making money out of thin air.  The thinner the air, the more the money and the happier the dire goddesses are.  They want us to desire infinity and will work hard to tempt the gnomes into doing this.  The whole game for them, is to be released from their bonds placed on them by Libra and to fly out the door and into the heavens.


The gnomes normally loved gold above all other things.  But in recent years, they have learned to scorn gold and lust after raw numbers.  For gold has limitations.  It is physical.  It is heavy.  It is hard to get.  But giving themselves magic money is easy.  All they have to do is, add more zeros to a number and it grows at an insane pace.  Since Libra uses gold to limit borrowing money, they threw this away and tried to convince everyone, including themselves, that gold is useless and stupid.  This pleases the Goddess of Inflation, of course.


With endless funny money stuffed in every pocket, the gnomes ran off to expensive bars to pick up chicks.  The female human stand-ins for the goddesses are ecstatic about the chance of picking the pockets of the gnomes.  But the gnomes don’t care.  The super-gnomes often run through 1,000 mistresses, assorted prostitutes and half a dozen wives and still have plenty of loot to toss around.  It isn’t real to them, it is all funny money for their adventures.



Recently, they had the most expensive adventures in world history.  And now, it is ending.  They are desperate to get borrowing going again since this is the easiest way for them to add many zeros to a number and get trillions of dollars to appear magically so they can swipe a few hundred billion for themselves.  They are now pushing very hard to have all of us lend them immense sums of money so they can lend us money so we can buy stuff with borrowed money since our taxes, to pay for the money we are lending them, forces us to borrow from them to get money back…got it?  Good.


The females need this loot.  They see the world going to hell but are annoyed only if their manicured fingernails get chipped.  The gnomes seldom wonder why these females grow red claws.  They should look closer.  The collapse of all systems is affecting everyone.  One woman, seeking wealth, decided to have 8 babies at once on top of her previous 6 babies.  She was hoping to become a celebrity or go on welfare.  She is what we call, ‘a loser’.  Smart women who are beautiful don’t have babies unless they can nail a multi-billionaire to the wall with an army of well-dressed lawyers.


The gnomes, seeking easy money, released the goddesses of Inflation and Depression at the same time.  The price of important things continues to rise. Gold, for example, has not fallen by over 60%.  Oil shot up, thanks to the gnomes trying to use it, speculating up the price so they could get more money when their buy-out deals collapsed.  We know, grocery prices have gone up and stayed up.  And we sense the winds of inflation are beating very near by.  What we will get is ‘stagflation’ which is when both of the goddesses act in tandem.  Housing and cars lose value while food and fuel rise in price.



Meanwhile, the gnomes are desperate.  They need over $55 trillion dollars.  Since I drew this cartoon, it has risen to over $66 trillion.  This is for the Derivatives Beast.  The goddesses in the Cave of Wealth and Death told the gnomes, if they fed this baby monster, it would protect their ill-gotten wealth.  It would prevent them from ever losing their money.  They fell for it just like they fall for predatory females seeking loot, not love.  They fed the monster until it got bigger than the value of everything on earth. 



Then, it began to eat them.  It is now eating the wizards.  I have a lot to say about wizards, later.  They are the brains of this group.  They think they understand the Cave of Wealth and Death and can manipulate it to benefit them and the gnomes.  They don’t enjoy wild sex.  They love pure power.  They love to throw spells and control the goddesses.  But they are as miserable failures as the gnomes when it comes to dealing with female forces.


And this brings us to the Chinese: they are very annoyed at the immense mess the gnomes made.  The Dragon is ticked off at the wizards, too.  The Dragon is now trying to teach the gnomes and wizards, how money works and how to run banks.  Both the gnomes and the wizards hate this and sneer at the Dragon.  But the Dragon will continue to pressure them.  If necessary, put them out of commission, entirely.  For the gnomes and the wizards forget, Dragons can breathe fire.  Just like they forget that women and take them to the cleaners with a flick of the finger.





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  1. CK

    I expect to see the return to style of the Rubenesque woman. They tend to survive the 7 lean years much better than the anorexic with enhanced superstructure female paradigm so currently fashionable.

  2. CK

    Unless the government redefines Rubenesque to mean obese. Since the USA is suffering a plague of obesity, supposedly, it would become illegal to be a plague carrier.

  3. if

    The Dragon must have taught the chinese (wherever they live)to be suspicious of free lunches:
    Geithner’s gamble
    …It is a “heads you win tails I lose” situation for the pension funds and insurance firms if they come up with the small outlay to participate in Tim Geithner’s programme.

    Most borrowers would love to be in such a situation – you get to keep the money you make, but the bank takes the bulk of any losses you may incur.

    But doesn’t it remind you of the mess which caused the the world to plunge into this credit crunch crisis in the first place?

  4. emsnews

    Note that the Goddess of Depression is very skinny.

  5. jeremy/Nashville

    I just read a Yahoo News report that said China is calling for a global currency.

  6. hardrcok

    More info from informed sources. We have here a brief snippet from Richard J. Green, writing on Financial, titled, “Just Remember”. I totally agree. Elaine is right when she says; “Arrest them all.” “Invade the pirate coves.”
    “Unfortunately, for them the people are slowly catching on. They absolutely had to have $700 billion or the world was coming to an end and then when they got it they just sat on it. Then when our representatives asked what happened to it, they would not tell us. Of course not, if we were told what was done with it there would be a lynch mob ready to hang the authorities from the nearest tree. We shall see what happens but when the above mentioned groups try to change their stripes by saying maybe gold isn’t such a barbaric relic after all and, “ oh, by the way, we need to take your gold for the good of the nation”, it just might not go as easily as they expect.

    The “sheople” may just come back to their senses and once again become the people of the United States. They may just point out that the money of the United States is to be nothing but gold or silver and it says so right in this country’s founding documents. It also says that the penalty for violating this rule is death. Since Alan Greenspan has made it quite clear that he fully understood the role of gold in the financial system by his treatise written in 1966, he leaves himself wide open to the wrath of the public. The last central banker that was beheaded occurred in 1719 in Sweden. Don’t be surprised, it could happen again. It is becoming ever too clear that we have all been had by our own public servants.”

  7. Charlie the Jester

    Wizards. Heh. Kissinger, for example.
    But he’s not Gandalf. He’s Saruman.
    Look, FWIW, at this point there are clear grounds for bringing action against the Federal Reserve for common law fraud.
    Even the densest of jurists would have to admit that all of the criteria necessary are now presently obvious. That is, anyone that is not in on the scam.
    Really, I think good people probably outnumber bad people. But I think people are confused. The good people continue to allow themselves to be controlled and manipulated by the corrupt higher-ups.
    Maybe we could try the case in St. Louis.

  8. if

    Geithner, who testifies today before the House Financial Services Committee on AIG’s rescue, is expected to focus on the need for new tools for financial institutions other than banks, similar to those that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. has for winding down failed lenders and insuring consumer bank deposits, the official said.

    We already have plenty of tools in the box folks.

    Writing what amounts to insurance when you have no reserves against it has a common name: fraud.

    Playing “black box” with earnings and other business features has a common name too, coined a few years ago: ENRON.

  9. Bear of Little Brain

    Watched the Slimeball/Bernanke/Someone Else testimony today.
    Got the distinct impression that some of the “Inquisitors” were in on the act. The ‘act’ being some kind of imaginary shell game. In this shell game, the pea has been replaced by The Toxic Waste. The sucker hasn’t arrived yet, but is being set up. The Pension Funds were mentioned several times. Guess they’re the ‘mark’. As in “mark to market”? Heh.
    The Slimeball also appears to be preparing the way for the next big handout/handover. He frequently mentioned a likely future need for more dosh. Never too soon to soften up the punters, I guess.
    One female Inquisitor (obviously not in on the game) began, implicitly, a good “You’re all working for Goldman Sachs” gambit, but obviously had not done enough homework to make it stick and da Boyz parried and she ran out of time. Another woman was really getting stuck into them when she, too, ran out of time just after posing another tricky question. She asked Deputy Dawg to allow an answer. Since she is a woman, and not a pretty young man, DD refused.
    As usual, Ron Paul almost managed to get some point across, then waffled on until it became apparent that even he had forgotten what questions he may have had in mind. Bernanke must have trouble keeping a straight face. “Savaged by a dead sheep” comes to mind. 🙄
    Slimeball seems to have lived to flap his hands and his jaws another day… That day being tomorrow when, apparently, he is addressing the Council on Foreign Relations. Home goes the hero…

  10. Bear of Little Brain

    Oh. Forgot to mention that in the aforementioned shell game, the object in this version is to ensure that the shell WITH the Toxic Waste is, in fact, the one that is chosen (just in case it wasn’t obvious!).

  11. if

    The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and the City’s top regulator are considering whether to start an investigation into the collapse of Weavering Capital, a $637 million London hedge fund, which had to call in the liquidator PricewaterhouseCoopers after discovering a series of suspect derivatives trades…
    …Mr Peterson, the former head of trading for SEB, the Swedish bank, set up Weavering in 1998. Both he and his wife are on the board of the UK company.

    Mr Peterson’s stepfather and brother are directors of the British Virgin Islands company revealed as the counterparty to the trades.
    Gnome-Fraud out of Elaine´s textbook.Smoke&mirrors&pirate-island.The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and the City’s top regulator stunned me, they are considering whether to start an investigation. Perish the thought!

  12. Bear of Little Brain

    This also cropped up in today’s hearing. Looks like someone is calling Bernanke’s bluff…
    “A letter to AIG’s lawyers from Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and state lawmakers expressed “deep concern and frustration” over AIG’s “lack of cooperation.”

    Blumenthal also criticized Bernanke for testifying in Congress that Connecticut’s wage law posed a barrier to any lawsuit seeking to block AIG’s bonus payments.

    Bernanke told the House Financial Services Committee that he supported such a lawsuit but that his legal counsel advised him not to pursue one because of Connecticut’s laws.

    “The Federal Reserve never contacted me or my office concerning the applicability of the Connecticut wage law to the AIG bonuses. If the Fed had called, we would have given the green light for litigation blocking these unconscionable bonuses,” Blumenthal, a Democrat, said in a statement.

    In a telephone interview with Reuters, Blumenthal added that he would write to Bernanke urging him to go through with a lawsuit against AIG.

    “Clearly there is nothing in our wage protection statutes that prevents a lawsuit blocking bonuses,” he said.”
    We know Dodd put the bonus escape clause in, and blamed the Administration (not that it gets much airing). Now another leg of the stool is being knocked out. Someone must have a lot of damage control to do …

  13. Bear of Little Brain

    Sorry, forgot the link:

  14. jeremy/Nashville

    March 20, 2009

    The Mother of All Bells

    There is an old adage on Wall Street that no one rings a bell at major market tops or bottoms. That may be true in normal times, but as many have noticed, we are now completely through the looking glass. In this parallel reality, Ben Bernanke has just rung the loudest bell ever heard in the foreign exchange and government debt markets. Investors who ignore the clanging do so at their own peril. The bell’s reverberations will be felt by everyday Americans, whose lives are about to change in ways few can imagine. While nearly every facet of America’s economy has been devastated over the past six months, our national currency has thus far skipped through the carnage with nary a scratch. Ironically, the U.S dollar has been the beneficiary of the global economic crises which the United States set in motion. As a result, our economy has thus far been spared the full force of the storm.

    This week the Federal Reserve finally made clear what should have been obvious for some time – the only weapon that the Fed is willing to use to fight the economic downturn is a continuing torrent of pure, undiluted, inflation. The announcement should be seen as a game changer that redirects the fury of the financial storm directly onto our shores.

    In its statement, the Fed announced its intention to purchase an additional $1 trillion worth of U.S. treasury and agency debt. The purchases, of course, will be made with money created out of thin air through the Fed’s printing presses. Few can doubt that they will persist with these operations until the economy returns to its former health. Whether or not this can ever be accomplished with a printing press alone has never been seriously considered. Bernanke himself admits that we are in uncharted waters, with no map or compass, just simply a hope that more dollars are the answer.

    Rather than solving our problems, more inflation will only add to the crisis. Falling asset prices, the credit crunch, declining consumer spending, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and layoffs are all part of the necessary rebalancing of our economy. These wrenching movements, however painful, are the market’s attempts to resolve the serious problems at the root of our bubble economy. Attempts to literally paper-over these problems will lead to disaster.

    Now that the Fed has recklessly shown its hand, the mad dash to get out of Treasuries and dollars should not be far off. The more the Fed prints to buy bonds the less the dollar is worth. Holders of our debt (read China and Japan) understand this dynamic. We must expect that they will not only refuse to buy new bonds, but they will look to unload those bonds they already own.

    Under normal circumstances, if creditors grew concerned that inflation was eating into their returns, the Fed would raise interest rates to entice them to buy. However, the Fed will avoid this course of action as it fears higher rates are too heavy a burden for our debt laden economy to bear. To maintain artificially low rates, the Fed will be forced to purchase trillions more debt than it expects as it becomes the only buyer in a seller’s market.

    Just last week, Chinese premier Wen Jiabao voiced concern about his country’s massive investments in U.S. government debt. In the most unequivocal statement yet by the Chinese leadership on this issue, Wen made it plain that he was concerned with depreciation, not default. With his fears now officially confirmed by the Fed statement, we must wonder when the Chinese will finally change course.

    There is a growing consensus that if China no longer wants to buy our bonds, we can simply print the money and buy them ourselves. This naïve view fails to consider the consequences implicit in such a change. When the Treasury sells bonds to China, no new dollars are printed. Instead, China prints yuan to buy dollars which it then uses to purchase treasurers. This effectively allows America to export its inflation to China. However, now that we will be printing the money ourselves, the full inflationary impact will fall directly on us.

    With such a policy in place, America has now become a banana republic. It won’t be too long before our living standards reflect our new status. Got Gold?

    For a more in depth analysis of our financial problems and the inherent dangers they pose for the U.S. economy and U.S. dollar denominated investments, read Peter Schiff’s book “Crash Proof: How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse”.

    To view additional commentary, click here.

    Close Window

  15. Bear of Little Brain

    From Gary Dorsch’s latest (always worth reading, IMHO):
    “The Geithner scheme would offer a one-way bet, – if asset values go up, the investors profit, but if they go down, the investors can walk away from their debt,” Nobel laureate economist Paul Krugman wrote in the New York Times. “So this isn’t really about letting markets work. It’s just an indirect, disguised way to subsidize purchases of bad assets. For the private investors, this is an open invitation to play heads I win, tails the taxpayers lose,” Krugman added.
    During today’s hearing, one of the Inquisitors had calculated that ‘investors’ in this scheme were, effectively, being leveraged 13:1 via the taxpayer. The Suits did not deny it. How difficult would it be for da Boyz to rig this? The Toxic Waste holders providing soft loans to their buddies who will take the stuff (at 13:1) if no bozos can be found; maybe even if they can. Writing some kind of CDO (?) to insure it on behalf of their buddies. No doubt, the permutations are manifold. Bend over, America.
    Just musing.

  16. Simon

    With the toxic asset buyout
    what is to stop, say, Goldman Sachs exchanging its toxic assets with JPMorgan and make a few billion in the process?
    Remember its limited risk for them, all risk to tax payers
    No wonder the street backs O for el presidente

  17. criticalcontrarian

    Elaine you had good fun writing this post and exposing the gnomes private parts in flagrante delicto! But remember one mans bad luck is another’s good luck. Everyone’s lucky numbers are also their bad luck numbers depending on day and cycle. Check out this guy who bet on Bernie Madoff’s prison number and won the lotto. The goddess of wealth is quite the trickster to the fools who run after her above all else.

  18. criticalcontrarian

    On a more serious note, Nobel Laureate Professor Stiglitz, speaking at a conference in Hong Kong, said that the US government is essentially using the taxpayer to guarantee the downside risks, namely that these assets will fall further in value, while the upside risks, in terms of future profits, are being handed to private investors such as insurance companies, bond investors and private equity funds.
    “Quite frankly, this amounts to robbery of the American people. I don’t think it’s going to work because I think there’ll be a lot of anger about putting the losses so much on the shoulder of the American taxpayer.”
    His comments echo those of fellow Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman, who said on Monday that the plan is almost certain to fail, something which fills him “with a sense of despair.”

    The so-called economic geniuses of the world are calling the bailout plan a duck. It walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and shits like a duck, therefore it must be a duck! Yet, no one is doing anything about it. I sometimes get the feeling they (the morans, LOL) are playing chicken with the American people. Maybe they know something we don’t…

  19. criticalcontrarian

    blues: This one’s for you: Scientists in possible cold fusion breakthrough @

    The downside, it was discovered by the US Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR) in San Diego, California. I guess that means they will prioritize how to destroy the Earth first before powering up all of California.

  20. emsnews

    Just got back from the Apple store where I had a long lesson in how to use the iMovie thing. I hope to have better shows in the future! Lots of fun. Will be taking more classes. I hope to always have a transcript as well as a show every day, if possible.

  21. Matheus

    USA is expanding it´s monetary base 19 times, good luck america !

  22. cc, China will steal the technology and use it to power their whole country! Heh. Our just desserts.

  23. nah

    jolly lee crank the radio elaine… seems like bunches of fools control what prints money anymore… could be bad for the rest of the money… hell it could be bad for cartoons internet milk and opec, and metal… owell i hope the riches create incentive
    real incentives are cheap i guess whilst the super economy

  24. Simon

    If you go to the right forums you hear about energy breakthroughs everyday. First it was turkey guts, then trash in general, then some type of solar panel with algaes, and now cold fusion. Gee I am really inclined to put some money to invest in those ventures
    First mortgage crisis, then bonds, then interest rate, now the currency is at risk. Watch out for deluge of “positive” news in the next few days.
    Market psyops gold

  25. criticalcontrarian

    Ed-M: Just thinking aloud, of the BRIC countries, India and China due to their lack of natural resources and high population size will naturally gravitate to developing alternatives and renewables with urgency. While Brazil and Russia, specially Russia, will use their plentiful oil, gas, and uranium reserves as leverage and political capital. China and India would be less concerned about profit and more focused on sustainability, and that to my mind will translate to a more equitable future for the world. These two countries have to break the stranglehold the West has on energy by creating alternatives that cannot be monopolized and used as political capital. What better way to get the rest of the world to support their ascendance to the top world leadership role than by giving the people of the world a cleaner, sustainable and cleaner source of energy?

  26. criticalcontrarian

    Maybe the Navy top brass are using this to call the attention of the energy blockheads so they can buy the tech, errr, I mean steal it and then bury it with all the other tech they have buried for decades. The way the termites are coming out of the woodwork I would not be surprised. It’s every gnome and his uncle for himself, including Uncle Navy Gnome. 🙂

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  28. DeVaul

    YouTube has just been banned in China according to the news. I guess some of your old Chinese pals recognized you, Elaine, and decided to act swiftly.
    “Howy Cwap! It is the white boned demon again! Turn off satellite, you idiot!”

  29. emsnews

    And I haven’t even done my ‘Dragon’ series, yet! I will be doing this along with the ‘Wizards’ episode. Then there is the Iranian Cat series…

  30. i feel alone with this story i feel im afraidwith this i dont know how to feel alone by only myself i dont think it is good for kids its so scared

  31. hahaha it is so tired to read the story gayle im so dizzy for today because i have a fever mommy only say that i may open the computer:)

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