Obama Admits He Gets NSA Information From SNOWDEN Not Government Officials!

Obama says he learns what NSA is doing from the press, then goes to NSA for details: this amazing admission which came at the end of a press conference about murdering Syrians using missiles, means one of several terrible things.


1. The President is ‘out of the loop’ when it comes to running our government.

2. The spies are keeping their nefarious activities secret from both Congress AND the President.

3. The President is lying and pretending he doesn’t know so he isn’t guilty of destroying the Constitution.

4. The real rulers are the spies and those they work with who happen to be foreigners in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Israel as well as England.


Each of these propositions means someone should go to prison or be impeached or charged with treason.  All three, in fact.  Congress can’t investigate this because they, too, pretend to know nothing and have no power over the spies.  They, too, are in the pay of foreigners who want us to go to war.  And they ALL are destroying the Constitution when they refused to pursue criminal acts during the last 35 years starting with Reagan selling our domestic industrial base to the Japanese for $2.5 million for himself and the Bush Sr. doing the same for the communist Chinese and onwards…this corruption is on top of AIPAC lobbying which steals votes of US citizens by bribing Congress to do their bidding for a foreign country that isn’t even an ally.


The nest of war crimes due to our endless wars against Muslims is long overdue Libra justice.  Instead, we pretend we are led by nice people who want to spread freedom and democracy.  The crime here is, we spread despotism, destruction and murder and violate international laws left and right.  Only the American People can punish those people who destroy our democracy by selling their services to foreigners, who violate the Constitution all over the place and who allow spies to pry into everything with no barriers.


The unconstitutional secret courts that give permission AFTER THE INTRUSIONS is a farce.  It is unconstitutional to have secret courts in the first place.  Giving permission to spy after the spying already happens is unconstitutional.  Obama is supposedly a constitutional lawyer so he is doubly culpable of betraying this document.


I am very angry.  Obama could easily learn the truth about our spies by going in person to their headquarters and nailing every single official he meets to the floor, demanding all the information, NOW.  I could do this!


Here he is, this idiot, violating diplomatic protocols to capture Snowden while at the same time, getting his little information about this gang of illicit spies…FROM SNOWDEN!  This is official now: Snowden is a true whistleblower who has informed our ‘leader’ about CRIMES being done in his name.  So now we should shower Snowden with awards and praise!  Instead, Obama wants to put this man in prison when HE should be in prison as well as Claptrap (sic), the top spy.


Instead, deliberately lying about Assad, refusing to show any proof Assad orders massacres, Obama has been focused on one thing: starting this stupid war with Syria while having little support from the US public.  The shocking images of dead children were supposed to drive us into a frenzy and give him permission to violate the UN rules.  Instead, stories of Christians being butchered, tortured and annihilated by foreign jihadis working for our ‘allies’ in Saudi Arabia is leaking through the news barriers set up to prevent us from learning the truth.


And our media has let us down.  Constantly. Warmongering, lying bastards run our media and can’t be trusted while Fukushima pollutes this entire planet, they yell about global warming as it goes below freezing right now, tonight.  Lies and more lies, a refusal to acknowledge reality infects all our corporate/political systems and anyone who points this out is punished, like Snowden, not celebrated.


Impeach Obama.  Arrest Bush and Cheney.  Catch Clinton and don’t do it over sex junk.  These people need to be hauled into court to answer questions.  We need answers.  We need the damn truth.

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7 responses to “Obama Admits He Gets NSA Information From SNOWDEN Not Government Officials!

  1. Jim R

    Indeed, the truth.

    The roof needs to be torn off these spook nests. I just don’t have any idea who would do it.

  2. Ed Hoarse

    Snowden! Snowden! Snowden

  3. e sutton

    Elaine, you scooped everyone! Thanks for being on top of this! Any ideas on how we can stage a peaceful protest/revolt? Karl Denninger has suggested we all go out on a general internet strike (blackout-not going on the internet, not buying, selling, anything…on 9/11/13) ..and not “forward” buying either… in other words, not buying something on line on 9/10 or 9/12, 9/13 etc. on line. Your thoughts? Let’s get this party started!

  4. e sutton

    I don’t know how I feel about all of this. Part of me wanted to think Obama was a part of all of this garbage/cover up. In that case, at least he had some INTELLIGENCE. My greater fear has alas been uncovered: Obama is, indeed, a mere puppet, controlled by forces far more horrible than my own small mind can possibly comprehend. I indeed tremble at this thought, for it is better the enemy that you (think) you know than the one you have absolutely no clue about.

  5. Jim R

    Then there is this:
    “Sure, it is possible to build a career in the classified world of government contracting, but there are no guarantees. Younger people grew up knowing this: there are no employment guarantees anywhere. They see it in their friends. They see it all around them.

    Many will also believe in openness, especially the hacker types the NSA needs to recruit. …”


    Perhaps there is some hope here


    ELAINE: This is the hilarious part: most young computer geniuses hate spying. HATE it. Love hacking. And like myself, prefer to war with the CIA and government rather than be a tool of the elites.

  6. Joseppi

    Great posting, Elaine, on this day that Russia seems to have end-runned the Syrian war bombastry of the belligerent leader of this increasingly discredited empire.

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