‘Real Climate’ Blog Virtually Never Mentions Blizzards When Talking About ‘Extreme Weather’

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RealClimate: blizzards: I did a search for any mention of blizzards at this ‘science’ site that is supposed to tell us the truth about something as obvious as the weather.  As we see, there is only one reference to the word ‘blizzard’ in the last year and it was in September when this site was trying to explain away global cooling with this story: RealClimate: What ocean heating reveals about global warming.


You see, the oceans were warmed up by the sun in the previous solar cycle which was strong.  This solar cycle is weak.  So the air has cooled suddenly while the oceans are still warm.  Which is due to water being a more efficient heat sink.  It heats slower and cools slower than air.  October 3-5, 2013 Blizzard over northeast Wyoming and western Plains…shows what happens to water when the air is colder.  Instead of rain in early October this year, we had a blizzard.


This was the warning shot for the coming cold.  This winter has gripped a huge part of the planet in much colder than normal weather.  In 2010, the Real Climate (sic) writer had this article:  RealClimate: Cold winter in a world of warming?



Last June, during the International Polar Year conference, James Overland suggested that there are more cold and snowy winters to come. He argued that the exceptionally cold snowy 2009-2010 winter in Europe had a connection with the loss of sea-ice in the Arctic. The cold winters were associated with a persistent ‘blocking event’, bringing in cold air over Europe from the north and the east.


Last year’s cold winter over northern Europe was also associated with an extreme situation associated with the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO), with the second lowest value for the NAO-index on record (see figure below).


I admit, last winter felt quite cold, but still it wasn’t so cold when put into longer historical perspective. This is because I remember the most recent winters more vividly than those of my childhood – which would be considered to be really frosty by today’s standards. But such recollections can be very subjective, and more objective measurements show that the winters in Europe have in general become warmer in the long run, as explained in the German blog called ‘Wissenlogs’. If there were no trend, then such a low NAO-index as last year’s would normally be associated with even colder conditions over Europe than those observed during the previous winter.


He has nothing to say about this winter at all.  Nothing.  Instead, like all the global warmists who hate warm weather and want to impose a New Ice Age on the rest of us, he has spent a lot of energy attacking ‘climate denialists’.  The thought that anyone denying the huge blizzards this year and endless cold is ‘sane’ is insane.


Western Great Lakes States Having Their Coldest Start To The Year On Record | Real Science

Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 9.31.59 AM

New England Having Their Coldest March On Record | Real Science

Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 9.33.02 AM

Uniformly, across the web, all the global warmists are sneering at us claiming they remember the super cold decades in the 1960-70 era and this is ‘normal’ not unusual.  They conveniently forget the Ice Age warnings from back then.  They even love to start their global warming graphs from that period of extreme cold to show the hockey stick heat.  They even have the cheek to chide us saying, ‘Why can’t you take the cold?’ as if this is a joke and we are stupid.  Simultaneously, the cure for their heat problem is to make energy as restrictive and expensive as possible for those of us living in the freezer.


It is not official: this is a severe cold winter for a huge number of places.  Not the Northeast US alone but all over the planet there were cold records and it is still snowing, there are still East Coast Winter Storm Brings Blizzard Conditions in Eastern New England, Hurricane-Force Winds in Atlantic Canada and Cold Front To Bring High Winds, Blowing Dust To Arizona and Temperatures to drop into 40s overnight as cold front arrives.


Worried about the weather undermining the beliefs of the global warming gang, the Real Climate chap has this story today:  RealClimate: The most common fallacy in discussing extreme weather events.  The fallacy is, blaming global warming for all weather events.  Even the mudslide in Washington, after being studiously ignored by our media owners who publish global warming scare stories nonstop, has been blamed on guess what?


Global warming!  Yes, this causes rain!  In winter in the Northwest where it…rains every winter.  The global warming explanation that the heat was causing a drought there has collapsed along with the mountainside.  So the rain that came as usual is the cause.  Not logging clear cuts which can be prevented but won’t due to rich people loving clear cuts.


The author of Real Climate is snarly today.


Does global warming make extreme weather events worse? Here is the #1 flawed reasoning you will have seen about this question: it is the classic confusion between absence of evidence and evidence for absence of an effect of global warming on extreme weather events. Sounds complicated? It isn’t. I’ll first explain it in simple terms and then give some real-life examples.


The two most fundamental properties of extreme events are that they are rare (by definition) and highly random. These two aspects (together with limitations in the data we have) make it very hard to demonstrate any significant changes. And they make it very easy to find all sorts of statistics that do not show an effect of global warming – even if it exists and is quite large.


This winter is, according to this climate clown, rare yet just a few months ago, he was whining that cold winters are normal, not rare.  We are back to normal, you see!  But we are also going to roast to death which is abnormal!  So we have to cut down our energy use or die!  While winters get colder.  Which proves him right, we are roasting to death.


This circular logic is great fun if you are stupid.  Refusal to take in new information is rife in the warmists community.  The author of Real Climate goes on to attack the new Monster that is freaking them all out:  Disasters Cost More Than Ever — But Not Because of Climate Change | FiveThirtyEight which is a blog run by Sliver, the liberal icon who has turned on his followers because he tells the truth about things they want as lies.


The cost of disasters has risen mainly due to earthquake/tsunamis.  We had several whoppers recently that are outstanding events.  These also have nothing to do with the weather.  Global warmists have this ‘we are all doomed’ philosophy typical of all humans.  When there is political or cultural uncertainty, the cries of doom rise greatly.


The comments at Silver’s site are both amusing and scary.  The liberals are foaming at the mouth about this data.  They are furious.  Of course, if you include all BLIZZARD/COLD data to the disaster costs…voila!  Weather is scary and has damaged us!  True!  It has!  But this is due to global cooling.  Generally speaking, the most dangerous times for humans and most animals is cooling, not heating.


Sliding into a cold cycle means weather uncertainty and greater weather violence.  But in the form of WINTER storms not hot climate events.  Even hurricane Sandy became a mega storm only when it merged with a winter storm from the north.  That caused it to explode in size and it was not a warm storm, it was colder.  This is why so many suffered when there was no electricity to run the heating systems afterwards.


All the big media including the NYT via Krugman, is attacking Silver right now.  While we freeze our feet off in severe cold yet again today.  Here is why we should all worry about a 50 million year Ice Age in the Northern Hemisphere:  Amasia: All Continents Are Moving Towards The Arctic | Culture of Life News



All the continents except Antarctica are moving relentlessly to the North Pole.  On top of the sun being less stable.  Now that cannot be blamed on humans.  This is the nature of plate tectonics, after all.  Eventually, in another 50 million years, the plates will move southwards again.  And someone will complain about being warmer and warmer…nope.  They will love it.  Whatever these creatures are.  Most likely, very hairy creatures who will learn how to shave.

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10 responses to “‘Real Climate’ Blog Virtually Never Mentions Blizzards When Talking About ‘Extreme Weather’

  1. emsnews


    UK professor refuses to put his name to ‘apocalyptic’ UN climate change survey that he claims is exaggerating the effects

    Prof Richard Tol said UN academics were exaggerating climate change

    Comes as a blow to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
    Panel to publish its first update in seven years on the impacts of climate change

  2. Luc

    Here, my dear, [amazing how all these ‘anti environment’ publications are on the AGW bandwagon]:


  3. Luc

    How hot as SA and AU been the last 3 months?

  4. Luc

    Forgive my ignorance, but who is ‘Silver’?
    ‘All the big media including the NYT via Krugman, is attacking Silver right now. ‘

    Krugman is a ‘useful idiot’. What is his Nobel for [being Jewish?]. Seriously.

    Wiki: Krugman has also been critical of some of the Obama administration’s economic policies. He has criticized the Obama stimulus plan as being too small and inadequate [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

    [ergo the fake ‘green jobs’ program that yielded nothing good should have been Trillions? Solendra should have gotten more?].

  5. ziff

    Realclimate , yes glad you found that, even i have a gripe with that article, notice the temp freq. distribution graph for euro summers, nice picture but i would like to see one for winters. And it seems like just the cherry picking the article complains about.

  6. Jim R

    Nate Silver is a statistician famous for calling the elections for Democrats in ’08 when hardcore political pundits were saying Republicans would win, or that it was too close to call.

    One of his contributors has written an article patiently explaining that the higher insurance payouts in recent years (e.g. for Sandy) are NOT because of global warming. They are because of population dynamics and because people want to live near the water. It was simply a statistical analysis. Nate published this article, and apparently the Libs are unhappy with it.

  7. emsnews

    Worse than unhappy, they have decided to destroy him for this. It is all part of the intolerance of the global warmists. The colder it gets in the northern hemisphere (where 75% of all Ice Age glaciation happened in the past!) the more doctrinaire and intolerant they grow.

    Just think! Australia NEVER had ANY glaciers, ever. Not even a tiny one. South Africa had none, too, from the equator and even the part that is nearest to the South Pole. Only glacier was on the one mountain high enough to have these which has a tiny bit today in Kenya.

    South America only had glaciers in the mountains. The US and Canada had mile thick glaciers on FLAT LANDS. A huge differential. That is, if the flat lands of this continent is locked in ice, this means Ice Age is possible. We hope all this will melt this year but if it doesn’t, god help us all.

    It doesn’t matter how hot Australia is.

  8. Luc

    The snows of Kilimanjaro are melting.

  9. JimmyJ

    Importantly, the seismic network in Washington noted that there was clear evidence of two landslides at the Oso site.

    The first and largest slide event was the first rotational slip and subsequent liquifaction of the river sediments moving away from the toe of the first failure. After the liquifaction the bulk of the mid and toe section of the first failure had been carried off by the moving layer of river sediments.

    This second slide was a rotational failure that occurred once the liquifaction had taken the loading off the initial slide area. And this second slide remained more or less in place. It even looks like a typical rotational failure.

    This second event confuses an understanding of the overall sequence and may explain the diverging expert opinions. The seismic record clears that confusion up.

    Seismo Blog

  10. emsnews

    Thank you for the link, Jimmy J.

    Yes, this would be visible on seismic networks. Look at today’s story about the San Francisco elementary school built right on top of the San Andreas fault.

    I sometimes feel no one listens to geologists…or astronomers!…until too late. Note that Italy put in prison some geologists who didn’t warn enough about an earthquake even though the government gets enraged if they DO warn anyone!

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