NSA Blimp Protest In Utah And Our Imperial War Spending Is Popular With Peace Prize President

Across the world, many are reporting the news about the blimp protest against the NSA data collection center in Utah.  For many months now, various protests have been tried and this is the latest one, done by a coalition of groups with both left and right members, mostly leftists.  Snowden is a libertarian, for example.  I have always wanted a stronger left/right Constitutional rights/antiwar coalition but this has been shattered by two political forces, both of which are stupid.  That is, the global warming insanity on the left and the anti-women’s, minorities and gay civil rights attitude on the right.  Maybe we will find common ground again by dropping both peculiar itches.


Protest airship flies over NSA’s Utah data center

Greenpeace, Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Tenth Amendment Center used a blimp to protest the government’s alleged illegal activity.


The 135-foot-long thermal airship soared over the city of Bluffdale with a message that read: “NSA Illegal Spying Below” and below it a link, StandAgainstSpying.org.


“We’re flying an airship over the Utah data center, which has come to symbolize the NSA’s collect-it-all approach to surveillance, and demanding an end to the mass spying. It’s time for bold action in defense of our privacy,” said EFF Activism Director Rainey Reitman in a press release.


Thank you, everyone who cooperated to do this, for taking the time, energy and dangers to go against the AIPAC/Bilderberg/military-industrialist super state!  As stupid wars rage across the earth, the US is in the center and is the main creator of much of this.  The total collapse of US invasions of Muslim nations which cost us more than two trillion dollars has only made us more unsafe.


What is even more interesting and which clearly shows how the Bilderberg gang feels about our little protests of their Soviet Style State they cooked up for us is illustrated by the fact that both the New York Times and the Bezos Washington Post had ZERO coverage of this protest.


Neither warmongering rag reported this news:  ITAR-TASS: World – President Poroshenko proclaims Ukrainian as only state language which was done by the junta in Kiev deliberately to fan the fires of rebellion.


More than 400 US military drones crashed in past 13 years, report says | World news | theguardian.com


In April, an army drone crashed next to an elementary-school playground in Pennsylvania; in 2012 an unmanned navy surveillance aircraft nose-dived and ignited a wildfire in Maryland.


Of the 418 major drone crashes since September 2001 that the newspaper identified, about half happened in Iraq and Afghanistan and nearly a quarter were in the US. Almost 200 of the crashes were classed by the military as “class A”, meaning they destroyed the aircraft or caused at least $2m-worth of damage, though no loss of life was attributed to the accidents. Problems included pilot error, mechanical failure and communications challenges.


Bezos wants to use drones here in the US!  So his WP paper didn’t cover this story.  $2 million times 418=$836,000,000 which is nearly a billion dollars.  This is about equal to the amount of money Congress gives to Israel as a gift every few months.  Money, Congress says we can’t afford to spend.  Use of Drones for Killings Risks a War Without End, Panel says …is in the New York Times yesterday so at least we know the owner of that rag isn’t openly desiring to use drones in the US, thank goodness.


And yes, this is ‘war without end’ as is the equally insidious and stupid ‘war on drugs’ which does nothing good at all except increase profits for drug lords and put a huge swath of the lower class into prisons or lure them into becoming drug dealers to make money.  Pentagon: Armed US Drones Flying Over Baghdad is sad news indeed since these stupid things are worse than useless.  All they do is fuel more radicalism and fierce fighting.


Our Peace Prize Bilderberg President continues wild war spending with AIPAC’s happy assent:  Barack Obama seeks $65 billion in war funds.  Liberalism is a dead force thanks to him and the DNC.  Not that the antiwar right is treated any better by their leaders all of whom are owned by AIPAC and the Saudi royals.


Obama Asks Congress for Another $500 Million for Syria Rebels because he learned absolutely nothing from the previous opening the genie’s bottle and letting out ruthless fighters!  Sad!  But this is what AIPAC and Netanyahu want so this is what we pay for.  This money is for ‘good’ fighters who always end up being ‘bad’ fighters.


Maliki Faults US, Announces Fighter Jet Purchases From Russia which is yet another reason the US imperium is demanding Maliki be removed. You see, if provinces revolt, this means removing the ‘president’ who won an election except if the US installs a ‘winner’ like in Egypt or Ukraine then it means the revolt has to be crushed brutally and it is OK to kill many civilians which the US does daily in Afghanistan and previously in Iraq.


Amusingly, the Russian envoy to the UN, Churkin advises US to use $500 million better than on Syrian rebels.  If Russia were arming rebels anywhere, the US and Europe go nuts.  But when NATO arms rebels in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan (when Russia invaded), etc. this is ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’.


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9 responses to “NSA Blimp Protest In Utah And Our Imperial War Spending Is Popular With Peace Prize President

  1. e sutton

    I hope you will be providing us with some pictures from the Berlin July 4th parade, along with your sage comments.

  2. Joseppi

    No need to worry – Us has a stringent vetting process as to who it will give arms to in Syria…..


  3. Mewswithaview

    Iran will deploy around two divisions of revolutionary guards or else one division of guards and one regular division within weeks. Add in some extra air cover, a mixed bag of Russian and US technology and an even more mixed bag of pilots and ground crew and the offensive is on. ISIS will be chased into a few boltholes like Fallujah within a few days I would expect and then on to Syria. The Al Sauds are in panic mode.


  4. JimmyJ

    Breitbart reports on Dr. Patrick Moore’s recent statements about CO2 from a Forward to “Not for Greens” by Australian Geologist Ian Plimer.

    “Moore goes on to list some key facts about “climate change” which are ignored by true believers.”

    1. The concentration of CO2 in the global atmosphere is lower today, even including human emissions, than it has been during most of the existence of life on Earth.

    2. The global climate has been much warmer than it is today during most of the existence of life on Earth. Today we are in an interglacial period of the Pleistocene Ice Age that began 2.5 million years ago and has not ended.

    3. There was an Ice Age 450 million years ago when CO2 was about 10 times higher than it is today.

    4. Humans evolved in the tropics near the equator. We are a tropical species and can only survive in colder climates due to fire, clothing and shelter.

    5. CO2 is the most important food for all life on earth. All green plants use CO2 to produce the sugars that provide energy for their growth and our growth. Without CO2 in the atmosphere carbon-based life could never have evolved.

    6. The optimum CO2 level for most plants is about 1600 parts per million, four times higher than the level today. This is why greenhouse growers purposely inject the CO2-rich exhaust from their gas and wood-fired heaters into the greenhouse, resulting in a 40-80 per cent increase in growth.

    7. If human emissions of CO2 do end up causing significant warming (which is not certain) it may be possible to grow food crops in northern Canada and Russia, vast areas that are now too cold for agriculture.

    8. Whether increased CO2 levels cause significant warming or not, the increased CO2 levels themselves will result in considerable increases in the growth rate of plants, including our food crops and forests.

    9. There has been no further global warming for nearly 18 years during which time about 25 per cent of all the CO2 ever emitted by humans has been added to the atmosphere. How long will it remain flat and will it next go up or back down? Now we are out of the realm of facts and back into the game of predictions.

    Then Moore goes on to nail Greenpeace directly:

    “If you ask them for the name of any mine that is operating in an environmentally acceptable standard you will draw a blank. They have become so cornered by their own extremism that they must deny their daily use of cell phones, computers, bicycles, rapid transit, and yes, the simple teaspoon.”


  5. Mewswithaview

    German scientist Ernst-Georg Becks (died 2010) work.

    180 Years accurate CO2 Gasanalysis of Air by Chemical Methods (Short version) -> http://www.anenglishmanscastle.com/180_years_accurate_Co2_Chemical_Methods.pdf


  6. emsnews

    As I keep pointing out, people move north to take advantage of liberalism and welfare and move south to retire or have fun in the sun. Few move north to have fun.

    The population, once money runs out for welfare, moves very rapidly south because you can endure hot weather with no air conditioners but you die within 24 to 48 hours if you have zero heat and it is below zero.

  7. luc

    Lots of people die from heat. As far as the USA goes, I think it is broke…17 trillion in ‘admitted’ debt. W/O ‘student loans’ ‘bonds’ ‘credit cards’ ‘car financing’ etc…gees what would things be like?
    ‘liberalism and welfare’..2 things to be despised.

  8. emsnews

    Yes, a Japanese man set himself on fire by the government headquarters protesting this.

    NO NEWS about this in the US, of course!!!

    By the way, I have been hideously busy the last several days and then, on top of everything, my car broke down today.

    Funny thing: the first car to drive by was one owned by an auto supply store near my town! The driver got out and helped me figure out what was wrong and found me a nearby mechanic who fixed it for me but we had to wait several hours for the parts to come from Albany which is far away.

    On the other hand, it stopped raining for several days and I was able to build a new roof for my garage and rebuild the doors. 🙂

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