Cameron Threatens To Take UK Out Of EU Due To Aliens Invading England

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The sanctions against Russia are destroying Europe’s economy.  World oil prices are falling which hurts Russia…but also all the US supported Muslim dictatorships in the Middle East.  In England, the political system is blowing up due to EU policies and the banking collapse.  The EU and US press are in a full-blown effort to show that Crimea is very unhappy with Putin’s protection while totally ignoring the savage military attacks on Eastern Ukraine.  This is all part of a huge Xmas package celebrating WWI.  From Bilderberg Santa Claus, our friendly local rulers.


Crazy, mindless riots don’t stop the rulers, it strengthens them so long as the rioters are the underclass which is more interested in looting and burning and scaring the middle class to death.  I am 100% against this  mindless chaos.  It doesn’t bring political reform.  And the cause and effect of all this is murky with liberals often siding with social disruptors rather than with citizens.  A dangerous position to take!  But then, no one wants to hear this from me or anyone else.


In England, the rise of UKIP is a working class/middle class revolt against the Bilderberg gang.  I am following this carefully because this is echoed in the US.  Illegal immigrants are an attack on the US citizens who are working class and even middle class as foreign workers from Asia are brought in to force wages down as well.  The Tea Party has been a weak opponent to Bilderberg plans to flood all labor markets with aliens.


But with Obama’s unilateral demand we legalize these aliens and let in more has galvanized millions of voters who will complete the destruction of the Democratic Party in the next election cycle.  In England, the upstart UKIP party has been gaining popularity rapidly as the leaders of both main parties flounder over the issue of alien invasion.


Net migration hits 260,000 in new blow for Government pledge after the Prime Minister claimed he was slowing down the tsunami of aliens.   Cameron to tell EU: cut all tax credits to migrants as he struggles to do something, anything.   UK net immigration rises above 2010 level which caused Cameron to go on TV to give a speech that made these points:


The Prime Minister will say that Britain must have the right to make European migrants wait four years before receiving welfare or council houses.
Mr Cameron will also warn the European Union that he could be prepared to leave if he doesn’t get his way.
In just under an hour he will, for the first time, say that he will “rule nothing out” if fellow leaders reject his plans to overhaul the benefits system and suggests that he could be prepared to lead the campaign for a British exit.
He will also say that he plans to ban foreign jobseekers claiming benefits and deport them from the UK if they do not find work within six months.
Foreigners will also be banned from sending millions of pounds worth of child benefit payments and tax credits abroad if they do not bring their children with them to the UK.


The hard-won social services are swamped by aliens.  Money has flowed out of England via two pipelines: foreigners claiming child credits while having no children in England and UK retirees moving to other countries and then spending their pensions which are subsidized by current workers, overseas so the money flows outwards, not circulate internally.


Last of all but not least, the major point: workers are flooding in and forcing wages down as there is an excess labor pool and citizens of Britain have no recourse but compete for these jobs with armies of aliens who send their wages overseas rather than spend this in Britain.  This is happening to the US, too.


The agony of first world European nations seeing this flood of aliens was imposed on the citizens via a trick: Treaty of Lisbon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Prominent changes included the move from unanimity to qualified majority voting in at least 45 policy areas in the Council of Ministers, a change in calculating such a majority to a new double majority, a more powerful European Parliament forming a bicameral legislature alongside the Council of Ministers under theordinary legislative procedure, a consolidated legal personality for the EU and the creation of a long-term President of the European Council and a High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.


The Treaty also made the Union’s bill of rights, the Charter of Fundamental Rights, legally binding. The Treaty for the first time gave member states the explicit legal right to leave the EU, and a procedure to do so.


This ‘treaty’ which is a Bilderberg operation, was imposed on Europe after attempts to have votes in individual countries on a ‘constitution’ to create a USA/USSR style rule went down in flames after only a few countries voted.  The citizens definitely did NOT want any of this so it was imposed on them by the top elites.


Berlin Declaration was unilaterally made when Germany took over the rotation for the EU Presidency and this declaration was basically a Bilderberg coup: no nation is allowed to have a popular vote about any of this!  Just in time for the bankers who are huge members of the Bilderberg gang, destroyed much of the first world banking systems.


The EU government which is very unpopular and which has been imposed on the people and which has been hysterical about ‘global warming’ as the planet cools and has then imposed incredible, expensive and cruel restrictions, taxes and impositions on the citizens of the EU nations who have zero say in what happens to them is causing a crisis to grow in the EU which the Bilderberg are ‘fixing’ by making everyone terrified of Putin, not the monster in Brussels.


In the US, the liberal media has been carrying stories about how most Americans support legalizing illegal aliens and support Obama in this.  This is delusional, of course.  Even the Democrats who run the Senate until February, begged Obama to not legalize them before the elections due to polls that showed clearly, this would infuriate voters of their own states!


So this is why Obama decided to ‘stick this in your eye!’ after the election.  Less ideological polls show the results:  Pollsters: Obama’s Work-Permit Plan Is Very Unpopular | The Daily Caller:


“If the president takes his action on the amnesty, he will make it easier for the Republicans to win in 2016,” said Kellyanne Conway, who recently polled 2014 voters about their attitudes toward immigration. “The angriest person should be Hillary Clinton,” Conway added.


“I think the numbers in this are well in the 60s [percent] against him. … This could break the back of the Democratic Party,” said Pat Caddell, a former pollster for President Jimmy Carter who is sharply critical of both parties’ support for high levels of immigration.


“This is a really, really bad move,” said Whit Ayres, founder of North Star Opinion Research, which polls for GOP candidates. In June 2013, Ayres polled the public about immigration for Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook. Asked by TheDC if there’s any polling evidence that an Oval Office amnesty would not backfire on Obama, Ayres responded “not that I’ve seen.”


Like in England, the US workers are forced to compete with a flood of aliens who usually don’t care how poorly they are paid so long as they get something.  This race to the bottom has greatly benefitted capitalists and bosses.  It hurts labor, badly.  Both the Labour Party in England and the Democratic Party in the US has been taken over by people who think a flood of aliens is great news so they let this happen.


No party now represents workers.  Romney is a money manipulator benefitting from the ZIRP banking rescue system set up by the Bilderberg gang.  He is no friend of the workers.  Nor is Obama, for obvious reasons.  Both parties are warmongers who believe in Jewish ethnic cleansing.  Both parties want WWIII with Russia and both parties supported moving most US manufacturing jobs overseas.


So the US and UK burn, cities are turned into wastelands, the underclass swells in size, social services buckle and collapse under the weight of the underclass and the middle class has stagnant wages, falling wealth indexes and increasingly furious about school meddling that is causing the entire school systems to collapse.  Not to mention crime from the underclass terrorizing the middle class.


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5 responses to “Cameron Threatens To Take UK Out Of EU Due To Aliens Invading England

  1. anon 99

    Invaders go to Germany or UK as the welfare ‘gravy’ is the best.

  2. Cameron is the one ushering in these Muslims, the UK has damn near no say, as was the recent vote to secede England failed has proven…
    Ironic that this idiot would even dare say such a thing, this is Britain’s doing….

  3. When the Dems became the war party in ’68, they lost. Nixon’s “peace with honor’ won over young people who had just gained suffrage, and then he and Kissinger proceeded to bomb the hell out of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. During Carter the ‘Grand Chessboard’ developed alongside what we now call ‘Reaganomics’. About that time Gore Vidal called our system “One party with two right wings”. In 2008, a black chef I worked with was upset with me when I called Obama a warmonger whom I’d never vote for. That was after he beat Hillary in Pennsylvania, and next day spoke @ AIPAC, swearing fealty to Israel. Same old, same old, and the CIA just gets nastier.

  4. Peter C.

    The 3rd World has an endless supply of poor people.The logical outcome is a planet that looks like India.Depleting energy supplies will ensure this doesn’t happen but the Elite who want unlimited exponential growth are giving it a good try!
    Immigration is the only way they can keep this scam going for a little while longer,but with peal oil in 2005(real pumpable oil),we are on the downward slope.They don’t want a steady state economy cuz there’s no percentage in that.

  5. emsnews

    Nixon won because he STOPPED THE DRAFT.

    This forced the US into a SECRET bombing campaign of neutral countries.

    When this was revealed and I was very much involved in this event: we went nuts. We had huge demonstrations against expanding the war.

    The only other time we had huge demonstrations was the day that the student exemption from the draft was lifted and college kids who were middle class were suddenly being sent to die in Vietnam.

    We had immense antiwar demonstrations that month. This led eventually to the entire middle class going against the war briefly.

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