Pope Francis Condemns ‘Deviant Forms Of Religion’ From Palace Balcony

Religious Muslim Immans discussing the Crusades and Jerusalem.

The Crusades – Pilgrimage or Holy War?: Crash Course World History #15 – YouTube

History never stays put in the past.  It is like a great tree with roots deep in the soil, a huge trunk, many branches and lots of leaves.  We ignore the past at our peril.  Cause and effect are also part of History and everyone likes to justify themselves by selecting various ‘start’ points in the past to make their crimes look natural and reasonable.  The fact is, humans are extremely violent animals who are also very clever.  Other animals kill or injure each other in fierce battles over sex, food and territory.  Humans are no different.  Right now, we are in a massive religious war with 1.5 billion Muslims that won’t end well due to the fact, this is a gigantic number of people to fight in a war.


The population of Japan in 1940 was 73 million people.  The greater Tokyo area today is 38 million people.  Germany’s population in 1940 was 70 million.  These two populations were able to cook up WWII and overrun huge parts of the earth in a big explosion of murderous violence.


There are about a billion Catholics and there are a billion Protestant.  Though both religions are more ethnic identity than any involvement in any churches.  There are over a billion Buddhists.  And of course, a billion Hindi.  Well, that makes for a huge blowout religious war!  And yes, we are sliding into exactly that.  Like in all previous eruptions of religious wars, Christians are fighting Christians in the Protestant/Catholic/Orthodox battles of the last 1,000 years+.


The ancient Sunni/Shia split continues its bloody fighting, too.  Factionalism is usually resolved via the sword.  The US was unique in that it made all religions equal.  This experiment in tolerance always teeters on the edge of destruction.  In Europe with a history of religious tolerance of less than 50 years, it is in the process of crashing into ruin.


Naturally, as leader of one of the billion followers, we see the new Pope Francis going to his palace balcony and he condemns ‘deviant forms of religion’ in the wake of French massacre accusing them of causing ‘the breakdown of society and spawning violence and death’ | Daily Mail Online:


Pope Francis has slammed ‘deviant forms of religion’ following the deadly attacks by Islamist militants in France last week which left 17 people dead.


‘Losing their freedom, people become enslaved, whether to the latest fads, or to power, money, or even deviant forms of religion,’ he said, laying the blame on ‘a culture of rejection’ which leads to ‘the breakdown of society and spawning violence and death.’


‘We see painful evidence of this in the events reported daily in the news, not least the tragic slayings which took place in Paris a few days ago,’ he said in his yearly speech to the members of the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Holy See…


He said he hoped 2015 would bring progress toward a new climate change agreement, saying in a brief deviation from his text that it was ‘urgent.’


ALL religions are ‘deviants’ or rather, there is no ‘right religion’.  The Pope betrays his true belief system: he is, of course, in his eyes, one of the ‘good’ religions and all others are ‘deviants’.  I married first a Jewish man and then a Catholic man and both families of my husbands absolutely HATED my guts from day one due to the fact that my parents were Lutherans and I was the deviant devil woman!  And this is in tolerant America!


If I married either man 20 years earlier, my parents and grandparents would have disowned me, too!  What is particularly funny is how the Pope had to tack on his ‘climate change is killing us’ ever so innocently.  The Catholic Church as well as the Protestant cults have a very long and very ugly history of murder, persecution, butchering or oppressing women and gays, the Christians have never been nice people, when preachers try to teach foreign tribes all about Jesus, when the military from Europe shows up, the swords are drawn and draconian religious rules are imposed with greatest ferocity.


But then, the Aztecs of Mexico did this too!  Everyone who has a sword and religious faith in anything, does the same stupid thing.  That is, they enforce religious beliefs and kill anyone who refuses to obey them.  Why can’t a Pope refer to history when talking about religion?  Well, their heads would explode.


Homeless children CAGED in Manila to keep the streets clean for Pope Francis Philippines visit: if you click on the story, you can see pictures of street urchins being locked in cages.  This is a Catholic country that forbade anyone preaching other Christian religions for many years.  There are Muslim Filipinos who do the guerilla warfare thing off and on.  The Catholic Church loves to funnel all social help through their sticky hands which is why they have some of the biggest palaces on earth.  But then, all the other religious leaders also have very sticky hands and live in huge palaces, too.


Jesus didn’t live in a palace nor did Buddha or Mohammed which is why religions are so hilarious: the addiction towards lining their own nests leads all of these creeps to suck up most of the ‘money for the poor’.   Now on to Born Again Christians who are Republicans and who want to end social services:

NJ Pastor Eric Dammann demonstrates how he punched child for ‘not taking God seriously’: yes, you beat up people to convince them that Jesus loves them.  Of course, they would butcher Jesus for being gay, being a leftist, for being a revolutionary, for being a troublemaker.  He hung out with prostitutes.  He roamed the land, telling Jews to stop discriminating against their neighbors.  He said all people were created equal.


But then, that is the message of Mohammed and Buddha, too.  They were all anti-tribalists.  And the present followers are all very tribalist indeed.  As tribalist as the Jews who revel in their God Loves Only Us status based entirely on genetic tribal affiliation.


FBI reveals Imam who inspired Charlie Hebdo terrorists has been busted for soliciting prostitutes is rather amusing only because all the tribal warfare religious nut cases are sexual predators, too.  All of them.  In Africa, Asia, Eurasia, North America, South America, etc.


Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg says they may have been wrong to remove Hamza Ali Abbasi’s post comparing criticising Islam to using the N-word or praising Hitler illustrates my point this week that censorship online is severe.  And all the EU leaders marching for ‘free speech’ actually don’t allow this at all and are extremely nasty to anyone who dares to try out their free speech rights.


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38 responses to “Pope Francis Condemns ‘Deviant Forms Of Religion’ From Palace Balcony

  1. melponeme_k


    My Grandfather’s family was Lutheran. The family line was that they were among the original Dutch who founded Manhattan and Brooklyn. They also had Pilgrim heritage plus other English ties and German heritage. They didn’t expand on the German too much unlike the English and the Dutch. When my grandfather married my grandmother almost all his family disowned him because she was Catholic AND Irish. Being so high and mighty as they were with all those bloodlines.

    That is why I never bought the line about the USA being so tolerant of all religions. And I remember the term Papist unlike most nowadays. Religious intolerance is very real to me and I fear it.

    But mostly I fear it because I know what it is, I experienced it, I was taught it. Not that I’m saying my family were all bigots. I was raised Catholic and attended parochial schools. Somehow I was very aware of the Catholic slant I was being taught in History classes. The history of Queen Mary of Scots vs Queen Elizabeth was most contentious (the thrust of the story being that Catholics were robbed of England).

    I also noticed how many times the word blood was used by the priest and the congregation in mass. It always creeped me out. But when I was adult it caused actual fear. It struck me as a kind of trigger line with no one realizing what it was but repeating it dumbly after the clergy.

    Yes, and I do believe the USA will experience a religious civil war among other problems when the Empire collapses.

  2. Petruchio

    Interesting that the Pope (he’s not my Pope, btw) used the term ‘deviant’ re non Christian religions–like Islam. that’s because the term ‘deviant’ could be used to describe the Catholic church’s behavior regarding sexuality. Of course I’m referring to the huge population of pedophiles in the Catholic clergy. Maybe it ws a Freudian slip from Pope Francis? BTW, Elaine. I’m Lutheran too, so I’ll have to find something else to be intolerant about! HaHa.

  3. aashild

    Religions has always been a source of wars and hatred. It has a tendency to make people fanatical and irrational. Some people even act as if they are God, which is even sicker.

  4. Christian W

    Religions are just another human concept, like money or society. Religions are attempts at incorporating spiritual life into a collective setting that fits into the society where the spiritual impulse arose. However the very act of making a spiritual experience into a collective experience enforces human conditioning onto the experience. Human conditioning, paradoxically, is the anti-thesis to spiritual experience.

    Collective human conditioning, now in the form of a “religion”, is then open to exploitation by sick minds, individually and collectively. It doesn’t have to be exploited, but often this is the case as eventually someone warped gets into a position of power (which warped people tend to look for actively).

    Human minds often are sick/delusional (case in point the hypocrisy in France when it comes to terrorism) projecting the inner split of good/evil onto other people ie. me/us = good vs. you/them = evil. This delusion is often reinforced by the collective conditioning prevailing at the time and at that place. If you are brought up (brain washed) in one human conditioning circumstance (also called “tradition”), then the “other” tradition by default becomes the “other” one (ie potentially an “evil” one).

    The same applies to such human concepts as nationalism, race, social class and politics, which is why nationalism and religion are the traditional ways for politicians to make people kill other people (or “races”).

    USA! USA! USA! “Satan lives in Fallujah”. “Muslims are dirty terrorists murdering the good Jewish people who are only minding their own business as God’s chosen people” yadda yadda.

  5. vengeur

    There is only one thing that EVER unites muslims, and that is an foreign occupation force. Absent that, they quickly revert to their fratricidal habits. An now that they are implanted (entrenched) in countries like France, expect the same behavior in their new found ghettos..

  6. ALL religions are ‘deviants’ or rather, there is no ‘right religion’.

    Well, yeah. All religions are heresies, too. Every last one. With regard to all the Abrahamic religions, they are all heresies of a form of Judaism that is now EXTINCT because the Romans had to put down THREE Jewish revolts between 65 and 135 CE — the first and third in Judaea and the Galilee (Israel/Palestine), the second in Cilicia, Cyprus and Cyrenaica (southern Turkey, Cyprus and eastern Libya). Then the Romans told the Jewish Rabbis who remained, “Either CHANGE your religion or else.”

  7. Melpomene_k: Yes, and I do believe the USA will experience a religious civil war among other problems when the Empire collapses.

    And a race / ethnic war, too. People holding religions and races / ethnicities in common will watch each other’s backs; but if you’re different, the guns and other weapons will come out, gays and liberals getting the worst, as always in every nation.

  8. mike gibbs

    Yikes!….still digesting the sun as a variable star and its implications…tough crowd…hard to keep up;>)

  9. Floridasandy

    The French have it exactly right to stand up to terrorism in any form, and show support for their citizens. The terrorists obviously weren’t practicing their respect for God when slaughtering God’s children.

    Let’s not blame any religion for people abusing each other in its name.

    Glad Charlie Hebdo sold out in France today, but they aren’t shipping too many to the US at this point. (300 copies so far).

  10. Seraphim


    You are a bit disingenuous. Your Jewish in laws hated your guts not because you were a (nominal) Lutheran, but because you were a Shiksa, a Goy.


    ELAINE; DUH!!! I’m glad you see the obvious. Telling me this is rather odd, though.

  11. Seraphim

    One cannot but wonder how all violence perpetrated by Muslims in the name of Islam is shoved under the carpet or explained away obliquely by reference to Christian violence. They behead Christians, burn their churches, enslave their women (for rape), because in the time of the Crusades the blood of the Muslims slaughtered by the Christians was running like a torrent down the streets of Jerusalem reaching the knees of horses (can you really believe that? you need a massive suspension of disbelief) and the Muslims do not forget.


    ELAINE; The crusaders, themselves, said they killed all the Muslims and waded in blood up to the Temple.

  12. Jim R

    Off Topic .. for this thread, but remember back when it was warm weather (summer in the northern hemisphere), and we were talking about how the Russians were slapping white paint on all their humanitarian aid trucks?

    This just in, from ZeroHedge:

    When you predict something months in advance, and then it happens … there’s not always satisfaction in being right.

  13. Lou

    ‘if you click on the story, you can see pictures of street urchins being locked in cages.’ Having seen photos of prison – prisoners in Philippines I am not surprised. If I recall, the inmates slept in shifts the room or holding pen was so crowded.

  14. Floridasandy

    Interesting off topic, so Russia sends more oil to china. How many people even know that the US is the largest oil producer?

    Backon topic, indonesia has it right:
    Bye-bye terrorists, no back in the country for you.

    Find a problem, fix it–maybe we should try that. We seem hellbent on assuring that anybody who wants in gets in, for some self annihilating reason.

  15. DM

    ELAINE: Please refrain from attacking other commentators here in obscene fashion.

  16. Colt Browning


    I like the way you utilized your superior education to display kindness and respect. Now the only thing left to discern is if you are a jihadist or an atheist. Both are so well renowned for their tolerance of infidels.

  17. emsnews

    I fixed DM’s post, Colt. It was totally wrong and I hope no one emulates him.

  18. Petruchio

    “ELAINE; The crusaders, themselves, said they killed all the Muslims and waded in blood up to the Temple.”… The truth is the Crusaders got their holy butts kicked by the Muslims. A lot of the blood they ‘waded’ in was of their own kind more so than Muslim blood. Sometimes it isn’t the case where the victors write the history books. The Crusaders got crushed by the Muslims and then skeedaddled as fast as they could back to Europe.

  19. emsnews

    When they did invade Jerusalem, they did kill everyone they could.

    This is a historical fact.

  20. DM

    Colt Browning and Elaine,

    No, I don’t think that I am capable of showing kindness and respect to stupid and ignorant people who make dangerous and nasty comments.

    Elaine, it is unfortunate that your contrarian views appears mainly to elicit commentary from bigots. Apparently they feel at home here.

    If the stupid and ignorant like to exercise their right to Free Speech as they condemn whole swathes of humanity, surely they are capable of accepting the free speech of a response, even if it upsets their delicate ego.

    Obscene? Get real lady.


    ELAINE: The words you used are defined as ‘obscene’. If you think it is something else, I feel sorry for you. You can’t twist reality around upside down here.

  21. Pontiff Holysh*t

    I think “profane” may be more accurate than “obscene”.

    But that’s how it works. I can say “Jesus sucks donkey dicks” but I can not profanely attack the other posters. Nor can they me. Well, I don’t mind being called names, but I can understand how that sort of thing undermines the purpose of the comments section. And I have no desire to call the other posters profane names.

    Actually, there are intellectual right wingers who have not been brainwashed by FOX news, but rather have come to their positions through some study of history, economics, philosophy and so forth; and they can sometimes construct logical arguments supporting their positions.

    At least the brainwashed ones have an excuse! 😀

  22. emsnews

    Sexual insults are ‘obscene’ not merely ‘profane’. Profane is ‘go to hell’ for example. ‘Motherfucker’ is obscene because it says the person has sexual deviancy.

  23. Lou

    Thanks for keeping this a place where adults can [usually calmly] have an adult discussion.

    meanwhile – This is like the ‘Paula Deen mess’ – at least to me. Seattle policeman suspended for calling black suspect “boy” during a chase:


  24. Seraphim

    @ELAINE; The crusaders, themselves, said they killed all the Muslims and waded in blood up to the Temple.

    I am surprised that a person who is so critical of the “recorded history” of Christanity (i.e. The Gospels) suspends disbelief when facing obvious propagandistic exagerations (be them Christian like Raymond of Aguilers or Muslims like Al-Arabi). Surprisingly the Muslim gives a number of casualties (3000) far inferior to the number reported by the Latin chroniclers (10,000). The events became even bloodier in the subsequent histories of the Enlighteners like Voltaire, Gibbon, Charles Mills, who saw a great occasion to disparage the Church in the newly discoveredt eastern texts which greatly outstripped the contemporary Latin estimates. Abu ‘l-Fida, for example, claimed that 70,000 were killed in the massacre, while Ibn Taghribirdi put the total at 100,000. In any case enoormous quantities of anti-coagulant would have been necessary to make all this blood flow like torrents.

  25. Pontiff Holysh*t

    @ # 22

    So, I can tell another poster to go to hell?

    I guess you can use “obscene” in that way, but it means something else in my circles. For example, there is zero chance of any kind of mere language being held as “obscene” under the First Amendment.


    ELAINE: If you are too uncivil, you will be cast into the Outer Darkness. So beware of sending others to ‘hell’ here. Bwahahahaha.

  26. Colt Browning

    Try doing some research on the Knights Templar and the Knights Hospitaller before you come to judgement about the Crusades. Revisionist history is not accurate…pinpoint and investigate.

    To guide you along the investigative path, I will get the ball rolling. The Knights Templar actually brought peace to the “Holy Land” through commerce. They also started the first known bank in world history. The Catholic Church wanted the Templar wealth and sent in the Hospitallers….research is of max importance. You will discover the legend of Friday the 13th.

    Nice censorship Elaine.

    I would prefer to let the communist marginalize himself with his ignorant insults.

    After all I am a libertarian.


    ELAINE: This is my home. I keep it rather clean. If you want to be dirty, you must do this outside of my house. I told my kids this all the time, you know. 🙂

  27. DM

    ELAINE: The words you used are defined as ‘obscene’. If you think it is something else, I feel sorry for you. You can’t twist reality around upside down here.

    :) But you sure can twist anything around to assuage your ego.

    Not as profane as the words you and Pontiff Holysh*t have just used.

    For the record (if the record does not get deleted) the two words that I used that as “obscene” to you are “idiot” and “sh*t”.

    sh*t might be profanity, but your defense of racist garbage by bigoted posters is obscene.


    ELAINE: If you adore using these words to describe fellow inhabitants of my HOME, you will be tossed outside to play. Verstehen sie? Gut.

  28. Seraphim

    Trolls like DM and Pontiff should be banned. They waste space and time.

  29. Colt Browning

    Pastor Eric Dammann is not a Christian….He is a Fascist, Legalistic non-Christian. In other words. a theocratic extremist.

    You cannot legislate morality.

    Jesus would never do that, therefore Eric Dammann is NOT a Christian.

    There are Muslims that speak up like this and they are A-OK with me.

    To blame ANY religion for the actions of the fringe is down right bigotry.

    Also, Jesus never said “All men are created equal”, Thomas Jefferson did..
    Jesus said that He came for the Jew first, then the Gentile.

    Just stating a fact, nothing more.

  30. emsnews

    The Jesus message to the Jews was very clear: the goy, the ‘unclean’ were clean and brothers, in other words, everyone was ‘equal’. The tribal religion of the Jews which is still going on today is, everyone whose mother isn’t ‘Jewish blood’ is by definition, ‘dirty’ and hated by ‘god’.

    Jesus was killed by the Romans for causing a RIOT which the Romans looked on very nasty, they didn’t want riots. When the Jews did an uprising soon afterwards, they were brutally suppressed by the Romans who didn’t tolerate any uprisings, anywhere, any time.

  31. Pontiff Holysh*t

    Let the record show that Seraphim wishes to silence the non-believers.

  32. Pontiff Holysh*t

    Eric Damman embodies the true spirit of the Christian religion, at least as it is all too commonly practiced. For example, I didn’t notice any of his own “flock” reacting with any particular outrage on the video.

  33. mike gibbs

    Wow!…I suspected you had personal integrity…and intellect…and courage….and bravery……I stand at your disposal.

  34. mike gibbs

    My comment # 33 was meant for Elaine in the interest of clarity.

  35. Seraphim

    @When the Jews did an uprising soon afterwards, they were brutally suppressed by the Romans

    How brutally it was suppressed we learn from the Talmud:

    “The Emperor Hadrian who killed in Alexandria of Egypt sixty myriads on sixty myriads, twice as many as went forth from Egypt… The Emperor Vespasian who killed in the city of Bethar four hundred thousand myriads, or as some say, four thousand myriads”.( Myriad in classical history= a unit of ten thousand) (Gittin 57b).

    “There were four hundred synagogues in the city of Bethar, and in every one were four hundred teachers of children, and each one had under him four hundred pupils, and when the enemy entered there they pierced them with their staves, and when the enemy prevailed and captured them, they wrapped them in their scrolls and burnt them with fire”. (Gittin 58a). The first “Holohoax”, 64 million children!!!

    “They reported to the Emperor that the Jews were rebelling, and he marched against them… He hath cut off in fierce anger all the horn of Israel.: These are the eighty [thousand] battle trumpets which assembled in the city of Bethar when it was taken and men, women and children were slain in it until their blood ran into the great sea. Do you think this was near? It was a whole mil away. It has been taught: R. Eleazar the Great said: There are two streams in the valley of Yadaim, one running in one direction and one in another, and the Sages estimated that [at that time] they ran with two parts water to one of blood. In a Baraitha it has been taught: For seven years the Gentiles fertilised their vineyards with the blood of Israel without using manure”. (Gittin 57a). The blood of 40,000,000 Jews! The rivers of blood of the Crusaders a thousand years before!

    The message of Jesus to the Jews was:

    “Therefore I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people, producing the fruit of it”. (Matthew 21:43). From the Jews not from the Romans!

  36. mike gibbs

    Seraphim, every indigenous people have that claim…just saying.

  37. Seraphim

    @every indigenous people have that claim

    What claim?

  38. mike gibbs

    Seraphim with all due respect and I suspect you are a person to be respected: The claim is injustice and I regret the politicization of religion…the politicization of religion is on the surface the source of most global conflict. Though I found the French cartoonists to have been in bad taste (political incorrectness) they had in my opinion a profound message.

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