Moving Embassy To Jerusalem Triggers Muslim Rage (Everything Does This)

Religious wars are quite common for humans.  These erupt regularly.  Generally speaking, they tend to be extremely prone to annihilation attempts since this is a great way to take over all systems which is why all religions, getting permission from ‘gods’ love to kill and maim and rape: it is fun.  Ideological systems on the other hand, kill a billion humans trying to convince them that being mentally enslaved is good for themselves which is why communism is so deadly: it doesn’t give a damn how many people die when imposing economic rules that are utterly insane.  The key element in humans is, we are the crazy apes.  This is what has driven our rather violent and compared to other animals, swift genetic evolution.


The little slip of land between Asia and Africa where all these present Abrahamic religions sprang up is a bloody piece of real estate which has been stomped over  for eons due to it being the bridge between Eurasia and Africa.  It is a passage point and for some quirk, I suspect being mostly desert, it is home to some rather strange religions which sprang up after the last Ice Age and continues to change in various ways, always seeking to conquer the entire earth.


The trio of religions from the piece of land on the Mediterranean Sea, the ‘Sinai’ desert continues to this day and has been embraced by various populations that have no genetic connection with the tribes that cooked up this religious soup.  What strikes me is how many religions born after the fall of ancient Rome which brutally ruled this sliver of land after nearly annihilating the Jews there, were born and took over the Roman Empire not once but twice, first the Christian victory then the Islam surge.


These events were bloody affairs as both religions hate all other religions and are extremely intolerant, taking this up from the very intolerant Jews who are the ones who first created this ‘singular god.’


These religions rely heavily on using the sword as a tool of conversion.  The Jews used the sword to kill off anyone trying to mingle with them.  This bloody core of these religions is most interesting and it causes people to be hair triggered to be violent.  We are now in a very strange but not surprising international situation right now: all these core forces at work are working on creating the Apocalypse.


Why?  Well, annihilating all others is a great solution…for this three faced desert entity!  I grew up in the desert and am very familiar with how desert magical entities operate.  This is why I call my ‘Watchers’ vultures.  Vultures are fantastic at spotting dead things.  They silently roam about without even flapping a wing and can spot a carcass miles away.  They are mostly black dots in the sky during the day, using the heat welling up from the desert to rise higher and higher in circles.

No One Loves Me & Neither Do I – YouTube

No surprise to me, the oldest god in ancient Egypt is Nekhbet, the female vulture.  All female royals wore a vulture headdress going back thousands of years.  This is because of the connection between death and vultures.


I warn people about ‘psychics’ who are fakes because the only real way one is allowed to see the ‘future’ is because it is an event when the Gates of Death are open.  This is why Cassandra was so disliked by everyone around her, she could see that looming and they didn’t want to see that looming.


All religions change and morph over time but the Abrahamic ones tend to this bizarre claim that they are eternal, never changing and absolute.  This flies in the face of reality for they all change all the time all over the place and often in a very, very bloody manner.


We see wars brewing all the time due to this.  Today, the Muslims in general are indulging in fury over the Jews who are demanding sole control of sites in Palestine/Israel due to their beliefs.  The Jews are struggling with disintegration as they are corrupted by money and power and have become suicidal again.


The Muslim world which was awash in wealth due to oil, are going into economic decline due to population explosions which are driving violence.  Muslims hate each other and hate all other religions and ‘non believers’ in general and their founding father demands war with all infidels so we are doomed to long stretches of endless wars.


But then, the other religions do this too because they are all human inventions.  Unlike say, the older Egyptian gods that were for a specific place, these newer religions are ‘universal’ and not surprising to me, still cling to the older religions  need to have a ‘home base’ and these home bases are dangerous territory because by elevating these to religious hot spots requires humans kill people.


To be blunt, there is now solution except death for all conflicts.  The Jews are an interesting case in all this, they did best when locked out of their favorite magic spot, once they  started to demand it for themselves only, hellish things began to happen.  For example, Hitler based his own ideology on Zionism’s claims of racial purity/religious supremacy and he learned this from reading literature by Zionists.


The Palestinian people today are maybe the real Jews who lived in the region since before the Roman Empire and which didn’t revolt against the Romans but lived in the outlying regions outside of Jerusalem which the Romans destroyed.  The new Jews out of what became Russia are very unlike the ones from ancient times being fair skinned and reddish haired, etc.  There was some very intense outbreeding during the Roman rule going on here, I would presume, with the Jews that were ‘scattered’ being changed greatly over time.


The entire belief system of a ‘superman’ which appeared in the late 19th century in Germany comes from Jews noticing they are ‘smarter’ than the average and I suspect this is due to evolution: when the other populations/rulers suppressed the people who chose the Jewish faith instead of Islam and Christianity, they were isolated and put under severe genetic pressure to survive by their wits rather than strength of muscle.


To make a long dreary story short, we have three religions that have major physical powers, namely, nuclear bombs and other tools of destruction, which hate each other greatly and which want to win via force, magic spots on the planet that all three desire due to these being ‘hot spots’ for this strange masculine god that talks all the time about annihilating all humans and even boasts about nearly doing this in the past…ahem.


YIKES.  I was raised to praise and love this strange being and then, had to deal directly with it and found out that it is really a homicidal monster.  That is, it hates humans and hopes we kill each other.  Where is the love?  When out of power, it pretends to love everyone and wants peace and when in power, it is very savage and demanding and filled with self-righteous rage.


World leaders cynically use this mad god to gain power and enslave people.  Trump calls upon this god, as does the Pope in his palace who seems bent on destroying Christianity now…which is funny as hell, I grew up a Lutheran Protestant!  The Muslims hate each other with amazing passion and just last week, the Saudis declared war on all Shi’as so maybe this is genius to get both angry at the same time at the Jews and Americans?


Good lord!  Or should I say, ‘Bad lord’!  The Muslims are not on a friendly quest, they have been relentlessly attacking citizens in Europe and North America over and over again with the stated goal, they themselves say, of starting a major religious war.  Meanwhile, the EU/US machine has to pretend to be scolding Israel for stealing land from the Palestinians (who are abused by EVERYONE including the Muslim leaders!) and they ought to stop doing this but no one stops them and Israel has nuclear bombs so stopping them is very tricky meanwhile, they are looting the US taxpayers while their buddies in the US media tells the populations that this is OK and good and wonderful and Israel is wonderful and the Muslims are dangerous only…we are told we must take in millions of angry Muslim males or else!!!


WHAT THE UNHOLY HELL IS THIS????  Seriously, it is insanity of the highest historical order.  No matter what anyone does, none of these religions will be happy because they are all very intolerant of all other gods and openly state that anyone not loved by their goofy gods is evil and should die or be enslaved.


This basic totalitarianism of these peculiar desert gods is scary.  Unlike the original gods that had no human face such as hyenas (coyotes in Arizona which are similar in nature) and vultures and other animals are joined by Nature force gods like lightning and rain, or plants like the saguaro in Arizona being a goddess brining the summer rains…elemental gods based on the sun, moon and stars: all of these are parts of a pantheon of forces that intersect with humans trying to survive and these have been mainly replaced by worshipping basically…OTHER HUMANS.


Which I find is playing fire with the Elder Gods, the Elemental Gods, the Nature Gods and annoying the Vulture gods above all.


Now for more stupid news:

Its OK to kill an innocent woman on a pier and also be an illegal alien and gets away with literal murder.  But a guy putting a piece of bacon on a mosque goes to prison for many years.  What he did was stupid and wrong but the sentence is out of whack here.  Of course, owning a Bible in any Muslim country can lead to death penalty if one does it in public so…religions are nutty and humans are nutty.

Speaking of nutty, the NFL is committing suicide.  Good riddance.  And so are the Olympics which have been self-destructing for quite a while and now is an utter bore:

By all means, pull out.  The US wants a confrontation and so does North Korea and since we need Russia to help us in this confrontation, the mainstream media and the DNC and GOP leaders all went against Trump and forced him to oppose Putin so we are screwed but that is OK since our rulers are stupid and don’t know what the hell they are doing.  Ce la vie!


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14 responses to “Moving Embassy To Jerusalem Triggers Muslim Rage (Everything Does This)

  1. Sunger



    These major religions are relics of the distant past ie 3000 years past, and are providing answers that would only make sense 3000 years ago.

    And yes to the desert religions. Judaism, Islam, and christianity are all desert religions. And the desert is a place of extremes- dark/light, intense heat/freezing cold, feast/famine, etc These theology of these religions reflect the extremes of the desert environment.

  2. Deserts are dangerous. And yes, a great place to talk to the gods. Elemental, that is what they all are. I will never forget, after a thunderstorm in Arizona, I went into the desert and picked up a piece of pottery (lots of that back then lying all over the place!) and on it was a thundercloud with a lightning bolt on it.

    It was from a pot that was painted this way for religious purposes I assumed back then and now that it was designed to bring summer thunder storms to the corn crops a thousand years ago.

  3. Lisa

    I view the Middle East as the Earth’s anus and every 1000-2000 years another toxic religion gets pooped out to contaminate the rest of the world.

    In the long run, Europe would have been much better off if they had used one of their their own indigenous religions for all of Europe and had their Holy Places on their own continent.

  4. Melponeme_k


    Y’all are falling for the Elite psyop hook, line and sinker.

    They are feeding you CONSTANTLY on the idea of a Paganism renewal. And if that doesn’t float your boat, well, they have SPACE ALIEN paganism to sell with the idea that we will all float away in space ships.

    Fact of the matter is, religion is a double edged sword. Monotheism even more deadly but with even more benefits.

    Monotheistic religions unify the mind and the populace. It creates a fully INTEGRATED country. Integrated citizenry take part in the creation of their society, engage with education and build strong families.

    Paganism only benefits the elites. Did the ancient world have impressive structures, schools etc? Of course, but they were only built for and by Philosopher KINGS. You, me and everyone else were lucky we could count to 10 on our fingers. Believe me, they weren’t teaching our dirty kind the sacred Trivium.

    Personally I don’t want to go back to that way of living where I’m grateful to the elite to allow me to beg for bread.

  5. Lou

    Fact of the matter is, religion is a double edged sword. Monotheism even more deadly but with even more benefits.
    / Indeed, religion gives and takes. It is human nature,
    They [so called elites] push materialistic atheism.

  6. Lisa

    If you really want monotheism (although there really is no evidence it is a superior form of worship) Zeus or Odin could have been reconfigured as a solitary god. A European Father Figure. It was not to our benefit to impose an Asiatic deity on Europe.

    The problem now is that Christians have a psychological connection to the Middle East, one of the worst places on the planet, and a reverence for Judaism, which is detrimental. It would have been much better for Europe if their Highest Holy Place was Mt Olympus or Delphi or Stonehenge. Today we seem to feel obligated to defend Jerusalem, or some other place in the sandbox, and neglect our own heritage and interests by doing so.

  7. Melponeme_k

    Lisa, the problem is a mass fractured mind.

    How are you going to run a society that believes in 50 different gods or more with 50 or more different customs?

    Quite simply, you can’t do it. The only way a society like that can run is if you have overlords at the top and the rest existing as rank slaves.

    All of what we see in modern times was built by Judeo Christians. Simple cold hard fact.

    And it is all being destroyed because the elites want to be overlords.

  8. Lisa

    Rome did fine with multiple gods for a 1000 years, and built in stone, and united society, but I can’t convince a “True Believer” that their faith is detrimental to the rest of us and I’m not going to try. European blood shouldn’t be spilled in the Middle East, the only reason we are doing it is for our religious affiliations. China has enough sense to stay out of it and buy their oil with money instead of blood.

  9. Melponeme_k

    Lisa, Rome had a unified Pagan religion for many, many years until they went Empire mad and started to absorb non-Romans. Their attempt to incorporate ALL of the outsider pagan gods contributed greatly to their destruction.

    Also, they had no mass media way back when. So the ROT moved slower through the system. Unlike today.

  10. Good discussion. About the gods: they exist as entities and some are friendlier than others. Some are very nasty. Many civilizations grew, flourished and died with a wide choice of ‘gods’. Egypt ran for thousands of years with many gods, for example. India: EVEN LONGER with even MORE gods and today has multiple gods still!

    China: ran civilizations with little god stuff, had other rules of existing which is quite interesting actually. Well, they did respect dragons a lot!

  11. Christian W

    1. Jerusalem was considered neutral ground for 3 different religions. Trump just sold out Christianity. The Christians in Palestine asked Trump not to be an idiot but, well, Trump is Trump… Millions of American maniacs are rejoicing because they think the Rapture is close.

    2. Here is a video of Jared Kushner being praised by Haim Saban, Jewish Oligarch and sugar daddy for the Clintons, for his influence on Trump. Kushner looks pleased like a school boy getting good grades when he gets praise and applause.

    3. Why the victim blaming? Anger is an appropriate answer to racist and criminal policies. Trump just made US support of Israeli Apartheid policies official US policy. The US is now officially a racist nation (again). Let no one mention Freedom and Democracy in the same breath as the US (it always was a bit of a laugh but now the mask is off).

    4. Israel just announced they will build thousands more houses for Jews only on Palestinian land in Jerusalem.

  12. Oguy

    “The ancient Poets animated all sensible objects with Gods or Geniuses, calling them by the names and adorning them with the properties of woods, rivers, mountains, lakes, cities, nations, and whatever their enlarged & numerous senses could percieve.

    And particularly they studied the genius of each city & country, placing it under its mental deity.

    Till a system was formed, which some took advantage of & enslav’d the vulgar by attempting to realize or abstract the mental deities from their objects; thus began Priesthood.”

    — Wm. Blake

  13. Correct, Oguy.

    About Jerusalem: the Christians there were being attacked by both Muslim and Jewish fanatics. Both the Muslims and Jews want control, they tolerated the Christians not out of love but out of fear that crushing the Christians would lead to more crusades!

    People forget that Christians succeeded in taking over Jerusalem and via the Romans, converted most to Christianity (or else!) but were overrun by the Muslim invaders when the Empire rotted away and then took over Constantinople after the third Crusade.

    See? Isn’t history fun! Of course, some people think the status quo, whenever it is, should be forever but history knows this is a false belief. Humans shift things and change all the time and fight over the dumbest things, the middle east is no longer key to world trade but is still key to world oil usage. So…people are fighting over this using religion as the tool to get humans worked up so they willingly die for junk.

  14. Tom W Harris

    Fuhgeddaaboudit and become an agnostic.

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