DNC Reps Ilhan Omar, Ocasio-Cortez ‘9/11 Was Some People Did Something’

The insane alliance of the far left with radical Muslims who hate liberals is a poison fruit being devoured by deranged young people who think this alliance is great fun and games for them.  It is deadly serious for Muslims.  They think in terms of this 1,000 year war against ‘heathens’.  9/11 was a deliberate attack on the USA by radical Saudi and Egyptian Muslim men who wanted a religious war and this war was abused by the Bilderberg gang to attack ‘liberal’ Muslim leaders, not the Saudis, for example.


Since the Bilderberg gang lied utterly and totally about Saudi involvement in 9/11 and even assisted all the Saudi royals in the US to escape while all other flights were grounded, this event is like a chasm in our history: the truth cannot be discussed by either the left or the right.


Both go into denial, blatant lies, excuses and confusion.  Indeed, even discussing 9/11 now is painful due to an army of people coming out of the woodwork screaming about ridiculous theories and beliefs.  Well…reality still exists.


We are at war with Islam.  And Islam has successfully destroyed the 9/11 narrative along with far leftists and others in order to enable their invasion of Europe and North America.


Ocasio-Cortez Calls NY Post’s Brutal Cover ‘Hateful,’ Defends Omar After ‘Some People Did Something’ On 9/11   The crazy far leftist female who is intent on destroying NYC along with DiBlasio, the mayor, is hopping mad about sane people pointing out the obvious, that a bunch of aliens who were Muslim attacked us viciously on 9/11.


The paper went on: “Omar upped the obscure-the-facts ante Wednesday, declaring criticism of her ‘some people did something’ line to be ‘incitement,’ on the grounds that she has received death threats. Huh? She’d rightly be outraged if anyone minimized those threats as merely ‘some words from some people.’ Omar’s cavalier brushing off of the murder of thousands of innocents on 9/11 should shock all Americans, Muslims included.”


Since the DNC has totally embraced the females who are wrecking their party, I say, good riddance to bad trash.  The DNC made a huge show of how ‘woke’ they are and thus, woke the dragon.  These crazy females hate this country, are not even slightly patriotic, they come from recent immigrants which is fearful since the DNC is demanding more people be let in while not vetting them properly.


This crazy female lies a great deal.  She takes words out of context.  She also hates this country with a blazing passion.  In Germany, Merkel openly disrespects Germany, she literally drops the flag at her feet, walks on it, sneers at it.  She is also actively importing millions of angry Muslim males and Germans have been raped, murdered and abused by these Merkel boys.


She maintains power, barely.  In the US, we took back the country from Obama who wasn’t very enthusiastic about Americans, either and whose father was not an American at all.


Bush is another element in all this: he also hated ‘America’ in the sense of ‘democracy’.  He wanted to rule us, not be a politician.  He knew 9/11 was going to happen which is why he and Cheney were the least excited people when the Twin Towers were hit.  Cheney leaned back in his chair, feet on the desk while Bush continued to read a children’s story in a school.


Neither man showed the least alarm.  Only when a jet hit the Pentagon and they figured the other was probably aimed at the White House, did either man and their teams react.  I was very angry when I learned about this and this has been studiously ignored by fake news mainstream Bilderberg gang members.


So 9/11 is very much a Bilderberg operation that ran a bit out of control.  This factor is also ignored by ‘conspiracy’ people who look at silly stuff like ‘bombs in the buildings’ which was utterly unnecessary for the 9/11 event to scare the hell out of people.


Meanwhile, after everyone is done freaking out about 9/11, we have this news: Democrat Party leaders continued their meltdown on Friday following Attorney General Bill Barr’s announcement that the Obama administration was likely spying on the Trump campaign during the 206 election.


This is going to be a fun thing to watch.  The hunters are now going to be the hunted.  All the lawbreaking, the frauds will be hammered home.  Steele will be hauled into courts, one hopes.  Will England do this?  HAHAHA.  England is being invaded, only Tommy Robinson and other working class heroes are fighting to stop this, the elites want to be invaded.


It is very much like watching Rome circa 400 AD.  Soon, most of Europe will lie in ruins for the third time in less than 150 years.  They want this here in the US, too, these same people telling us to not think about 9/11 and how Muslims working with elite Europeans and Americans, successfully attacked the US and then these same elites pushed us into illicit wars, that is, war crimes against innocent bystander populations.


Ever since Trump said, ‘Let them take in all the illegals’, DNC-run ‘sanctuary cities’ are whining about how they are now receiving too many illegal aliens!


For the past month, more than 1,100 mostly Central American families, recently released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, have passed through the former Benedictine Monastery in Tucson.


U.S. immigration officials dropped off the first of nearly 400 migrants who had turned themselves into agents in El Paso but were now being released in Tucson, 300 miles away.


A group of 376 migrants tunneled underneath the border fence near Yuma on Jan. 14 before turning themselves into border agents, officials said. Courtesy of U.S. Border Patrol.


Tucson is being systematically destroyed.  All DNC cities die the same way: white flight due to crummy schools and too much crime.  Tucson always had crime, I did my very first crime patrols there until 1973.  We used guns.  It was great fun, when I was young and single.


Now, the city is losing its grip.  The majority of students, by far now, are recent immigrants who are Hispanic.  I see nothing but trouble due to this.


Talking about ‘trouble’: Macron and his gang of internationalist looters are determined to stop the Yellow Vest marches using force again:


Yellow Vest protests this weekend were prohibited Thursday in Paris and in Lille, according to police. Parisian police said protestors, claiming to be part of the Yellow Vests, will be kept off the French National Assembly and Elysee Palace.


Yellow Vest protests in Lille will be interdicted, regional daily La Voix du Nord from north France said on its website. It is said Michel Lalande, the prefect of Nord, signed a decree, which prohibits protests Saturday in central Lille.


The Yellow Vest marches are now dominated by far leftists.  The working class stiffs who launched this movement are now going to stand aside and let the suicidal leftists go fight the State.  The far right is OK with this, I will note here now what I noticed from the first day of the Yellow Vest movement: the far right, Le Pen’s people, know they cannot be tied in directly.


So they stand discreetly to one side, telling Macron, ‘This is what happens when you and your rich buddies destroy real democracy and cook the books.’  She will step in, in the end, and stop the marches, even violently, if necessary.


Macron is doing this in a much weaker way.  All he is doing is riling up the far left who like to riot.  Of course, the fake liberals in France will try to pin all this on Le Pen and she will point out ‘look at the banners, the signs.  These are COMMUNISTS.’


HAHAHA.  Isn’t this very normal.  Um, it happened twice in the past, before WWI and WWII.


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22 responses to “DNC Reps Ilhan Omar, Ocasio-Cortez ‘9/11 Was Some People Did Something’

  1. DM

    What are you – stupid or a liar? I’ll go with stupid.

  2. Ken

    DM @1,

    Can you clarify your comment? I have no idea of what point you are trying to make.

    Also, your contribution to the discussions on this blog will receive more consideration if you avoid the insults.

  3. tio

    DM @1

    Waaa? This article correlates with everything I understand and adds insight where there was none. I’m happy, very in fact.

  4. Hell Soonish

    Oh look Trump is right in this and that again! Elaine there’s quite a few things you are purposely forgetting to mention to not make your hero look bad.

    Trump is now directly helping Israel steal land against international law.

    Trump has pretty much declared war on Iran based on his own whim.

    And no more mention of Israel involvement in 911? Maybe because Trump love Israel, you love Trump, so you love Israel too. Trump is a traitor to America, and now Elaine so are you.

  5. melponeme_k

    “Bush is another element in all this: he also hated ‘America’ in the sense of ‘democracy’. ”

    Little George can barely tie his shoes in the morning much less hate America. He was a complete mind controlled MK Ultra asset controlled by his father and Cheney. In fact, Cheney was most likely his handler. He is a shattered individual ruled over by other shattered people.

    In regards of the US, think of it as a person. A MK Ultra mind controlled person. At one point, about pre-1920s, this person was whole and functioned relatively well. Then it was put through mind control. The rulers had to breakup the brain aka citizens. They pushed fantasies to overwhelm us (movies then TV) and then using the social engineering within mass entertainment changed our culture inch by inch. They broke off pieces of the brain and pushed them into different boxes. We have feminist box, LGBT box, Hipster box, Communist box, Nationalist box so on and so forth. All these boxes are equivalent to a dissociative identity disorder. It all fits into a mind control framework commonly portrayed as a 13x13x13 box.

    The answer is to integrate and unite. But each box is walled off by mass media. The internet which allows us to access loads of information also allows us to wall ourselves off from things we don’t want to know or learn. So everyone in their box, chooses to say within in that box.

    The mass illegal alien invaders also represent another piece of mind control. It is possible to program parts of a person’s psyche into fragmented armies, sometimes called Egyptian Armies. This army is then set to attack other parts of the self and destroy other alters and mind fragments. This clears out programming boxes leaving them empty for new programming alters. This is what is happening to us now.

    They are shattering the US and Europe. They are, in essence, mind wiping both lands…completely erasing what was there to recreate another society, another identity.

  6. Zeke

    According to Michael Moore, it was W that arranged ‘safe passage’ for Saudi nationals out of the country in the hours and days after 911 when all other non-military flights were grounded. They were never even questioned. Thanks for nothing, W. MM has photo proof FAA tail markings.
    Both W and Reagan wanted mass immigration and amnesty. And they are heroes of ‘the right’.

    Heard an interview with Libby Shaft (what’s in a name), mayor of Sanctuary City Berkeley. She was asked if she would welcome thousands of illegals camped at the border into her Sanctuary. She went into enormous linguistic gyrations and contortions but never uttered the magic word “yes”.

    If Hillary were elected president, all those would now be on THIS side of the border.
    (No lo problama for Hillary; she lives in a lily white town in upstate NY.)

    Maybe the caravan should change to a military convoy to the Sanctuary Cities. Thanks for nothing, SJWs.


    “welcome these immigrants just as we have embraced our immigrant communities for decades.”

    “Whattaya mean ‘we’,” Kimosabe?

  7. Lou

    5–Mel, do you think the Bushes are involved in Sodomy? raping Johnny Gosch and inviting him to the White House? There is a picture of GW kissing a man.

  8. melponeme_k


    Sodomy is a magical ritual. The occultists believe that men give energy/life magic more easily. Because they are not protected. Sodomy taps directly into what is called the Chakra system. It is a kind of vampirism. Because children are not fully formed, they use all their energy to build their bodies and brains. This is pure and why the dark occultists like to attack children. They can feed on a pure source.

    Yes, I think GW Sr was a man who attacked children both male and female. But preferably male.

    Females are considered portals to the realm of God. And this is very much protected within female bodies and minds. Hence why they have had to push feminism and promiscuity for women. They need the women to be willing in order to give their power.

  9. Petruchio

    Mel @# 8: I suppose what you say is all true of our so called “Elites”. I just put it in different terms. They are just plain sick, evil bastards who belong in Prison along with the other sex pervs. Then when they die, they should rot in HELL.

  10. Lou

    off topic but related,


    Mall of America is still a safe place to spend your money. Everything is under control.

    The little white kid thrown over the rail 3 floors up, just an accident. The alleged black dude who threw him over, mentally ill and a lone wolf.

    The boy clings to life, flowers have been placed where he hit the hard floor.

    A celebration of tolerance, diversity and inclusion will be held in the main court on monday.

  11. AT

    Trump is the President now and he can declassify whatever he wants, instantly! There is now no coverup within the purview of the five eyes and most elsewhere in which he is not complicit.

  12. Petruchio

    @#10 Lou: I live in MN so I have been to The Mall of America. I was there yesterday in fact. I had Chicken wings at HOOTERS!! Take that, you PC Feminists!!! But I digress. I know for a fact that the Cops, the Media, the Politicians cover up incidents like these–unless someone dies or almost dies like in the case yesterday with the little white kid. Of course, the PC crowd, the DNC Liberals and others will scream racism if we point out that the attacker was a Black Male and the victim was a White boy. Even though everyone else KNOWS that this was a Racially motivated Hate Crime. Now according to the likes of MSNBC and CNN only White people can commit Hate Crimes. That is so dishonest, so corrupt. The folks at MSNBC are the ones committing a Hate crime and their Hatred is aimed at White people and Western culture/History, but in particular White males. Just imagine how the media would cover this story if a white male threw some Black kid over the railing from the 3rd floor.

  13. Tacitus

    There’s still much out there showing the official 9/11 story is rubbish. The narrative is promoted by the MSM and believed by most due to human psychological factors like Asch conformity.


  14. Lou

    Someone mentions this Israeli jewess, in a discussion here,

    It is said in Judaism that the hell of ice is worse than the hell of fire.
    There ya go, Christians. You are about to reap the whirlwind of what you wanted to sow for others.

  15. Tom w Harris

    Cheer up, peeps. President Pete Butty Boy is gonna make eveythang alright.

    I remember when we had an actual left, represented by actual guys, like Pete Seeger. What the hell happened?

  16. Ask all the victims of Mao and Stalin and a host of other ‘leftists’. They can tell you, if you can ask the dead, what the ‘real left’ is all about. Hell, ask Venezuelans about this. Many of them are still alive.

  17. Tom W Harris

    Reductionist crap. I’m talking new Deal, Fair Deal policies that benefited wll the people.

  18. I know the professors in liberal schools REALLY WELL. You obviously don’t read my postings closely. I was once a hot shot member of the California/Berkeley Free Speech/Antiwar movement in the 1960s. I knew these people, personally.

    They are extreme Maoists.

    They hate humanity, they want to literally kill most of us via starvation. This is why they latch onto the global warming fraud in order to do this horrible thing, that is, kill most of us via starvation and cold.

  19. Lou

    18–proof yr posts.
    I remember when we had an actual left, represented by actual guys, like Pete Seeger. What the hell happened?\Pete Seeger was no hero. He loved Stalin. When Stalin was exposed [finally] PS jumped on the ‘Clearwater’–never an apology from that creep.
    Go to Takis Mag and see if ‘Stalins Songbird’ article is still posted.

  20. Shawntoh


    You are quite correct about 9/11. Hopefully some day the cover-up will be revealed and may we all live to witness it and find out the truth about 9/11.

    In the mean time… for example… please note this…



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