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Xanto Blizzard Hammers Northeast As Global Warming Vanishes

We are in the middle of an ICE STORM today on my mountain.  For the next week, we will be in the Arctic freezer again.  The New York Times is so annoyed by this information, they totally hid it from their front page news.  They usually carry marathon stories but today, when the Boston Marathon will be more like Iditarod, they decided to drop that story today.  I say, being insane is hard work!  The mainstream media doesn’t bother anymore with warning us about Super Storm Xanto.  Nope.  News is supposed to warn us of dangers.  Not anymore!

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Another Polar Vortex Sub Zero Midweek: Global Warmists Want To Eliminate All Debates

freeze map March 10, 2014

Intellicast – Frost & Freeze in United States: Below is a map showing the next Arctic cold front that will send temperatures plunging yet again, down to near zero here in the Northeast by  Wednesday night:

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 8.49.36 AM



The cruel grip of winter continues its stranglehold on North America.  Meanwhile, the South is warming up until this cold wave hits yet again so we can talk about how we are all going to roast to death.  One of the strangest things about the ongoing debates this year is how typical Ice Age impending conditions are being blamed on it being too hot.  Droughts, for example, are very much ice age climate conditions.  The temporary flooding we see in the warmer places like England and Europe is the tail end of a warming cycle, not the beginning.

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