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Complex ‘Mud Volcanoes’ In Nevada Has Clusters Of Earthquakes, Increasingly Active

Mammoth Lake region in Nevada has major earthquake.

This news is from last spring: 4/20/2016 — Professionals say Major Earthquake Overdue at California / Nevada border – YouTube with this being right on the exact spot where yesterday’s earthquake happened.  It is very interesting, the architecture of Nevada, land of many mineral riches.

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Steve Goddard’s Charges Of Temperature Data Manipulation By NOAA And NASA Go Global

Screen shot 2014-06-27 at 7.11.48 AM

After an extremely long, tedious, cold winter and very late ice melt, after Bad to worse: US economy shrank more than expected in Q1 ‘due to unusually cold winter’, what do we have now, in this summer which is colder than normal?  Why, endless attacks on anyone pointing out that global warming is dead!  Instead, ever more hysterical predictions of how we are going to roast to death proliferate.  IPCC : That Medieval Warm Period We Used To Believe In Wrecks Our Story, Lets Get Rid Of It | Real Science: a web site run by a right winger that does real research has caused a flurry due to what I think are very credible charges that NOAA and foreign climatologists have been ‘cooking the books’ by eliminating mainly rural temperature stations and readjusting the past to make it colder while adjusting the present to make it hotter.  This is a huge conspiracy to convince people, despite obvious weather to the contrary, that we are getting hotter when the opposite is happening.

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There Is No Hockey Stick Warming: Gaming Statistics At The IPCC


The rise and fall of the Hockey Stick

Screen shot 2014-04-06 at 11.29.39 AM

To push the Kyoto Accords  in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks, the first graph from 1990 was eliminated and a new one showing a hockey stick warming was used by the IPCC.  Propaganda was pushed warning us we were going to be terrorized by warm weather and all die unless…oil and gas was taxed very high!  This was agreed at the Bilderberg meeting which is why Al Gore was used to push this storyline hard.  The controversy about how this hockey stick was created rages today.  We are going to review this controversy in my own way, first, the debate: Continue reading


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5.1 Earthquake And Many Aftershocks Centered On La Brea Neighborhood In LA

Earthquake activity on West Coast rising rapidly March 2014 IRIS Earthquake Browser – SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: I have noticed during the last month that earthquakes are springing up a great deal in California as well as the entire North/South America continents.  There have been a number of medium sized quakes along the entire Atlantic ridge which is where the tectonic plates are spreading.  As this occurs, it shoves the continents over the Pacific Plate and other oceanic plates. Continue reading


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Over 100 Americans Killed In Washington State Landslide And Near Zero Headlines For Three Days In MSM

The beautiful but dangerous landscape of Washington State

It is amazing how much is being kept out of the news these days.  Hysterical reports of us all roasting to death make headlines constantly while a landslide in Washington that probably killed over 100 people makes near zero headlines with the Hopes for Washington mudslide survivors fade after more bodies are pulled from debris | Mail Online being the first to speculate that many died there.  It is a strange feeling, seeing so-called news services failing to inform us about life and death issues while whining about computer projections based on erroneous assumptions making headlines and occupying the brains of our oligarch rulers who want desperately to tax our energy consumption.


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Another Polar Vortex Sub Zero Midweek: Global Warmists Want To Eliminate All Debates

freeze map March 10, 2014

Intellicast – Frost & Freeze in United States: Below is a map showing the next Arctic cold front that will send temperatures plunging yet again, down to near zero here in the Northeast by  Wednesday night:

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 8.49.36 AM



The cruel grip of winter continues its stranglehold on North America.  Meanwhile, the South is warming up until this cold wave hits yet again so we can talk about how we are all going to roast to death.  One of the strangest things about the ongoing debates this year is how typical Ice Age impending conditions are being blamed on it being too hot.  Droughts, for example, are very much ice age climate conditions.  The temporary flooding we see in the warmer places like England and Europe is the tail end of a warming cycle, not the beginning.

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The Colder It Gets, The More Global Warmist Scientists Tell Us The Future Will Be Much Hotter

It is strange how ‘scientists’ were all uncertain about what was causing the northern hemisphere (and increasingly, Antarctica) to be colder and colder last year but this year when it is most definite that we are in a cooling cycle, they are now 100% certain that this is caused by global warming.  What has changed?  I would suggest that public support for the idea we are roasting to death has dropped like the temperatures and now the warmists are worried and think, if they yell louder and show more certainty, then people freezing to death will worry about roasting again.  Now that they are forced to admit it is very cold, they always end interviews with the coda, ‘But…we are definitely going to be very hot again.’  With zero proof this will happen.

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