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This Week Will Be Colder Than January As Severe Cold Grips Northern Hemisphere

Screen shot 2015-02-04 at 6.37.54 PM

What the weather is looking like this week on my mountain in Upstate New York: bitter cold, sometimes below zero.  It is colder than January and lots of snow, I am beginning to run out of places to shove the snow on my road.  I keep talking about the weather because the global warmists have active plans to make the planet as cold as possible for insane reasons. They hate humans.  This is so shocking. We are shocked by the proto-Saudi violent ISIS killers who kill people exactly like the Saudi royals who are praised when they die of fetid fat old age after a reign of  terror.  So it is with the weather: people who hate people want to kill us via severe cold.


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Another Polar Vortex Sub Zero Midweek: Global Warmists Want To Eliminate All Debates

freeze map March 10, 2014

Intellicast – Frost & Freeze in United States: Below is a map showing the next Arctic cold front that will send temperatures plunging yet again, down to near zero here in the Northeast by  Wednesday night:

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 8.49.36 AM



The cruel grip of winter continues its stranglehold on North America.  Meanwhile, the South is warming up until this cold wave hits yet again so we can talk about how we are all going to roast to death.  One of the strangest things about the ongoing debates this year is how typical Ice Age impending conditions are being blamed on it being too hot.  Droughts, for example, are very much ice age climate conditions.  The temporary flooding we see in the warmer places like England and Europe is the tail end of a warming cycle, not the beginning.

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Record Cold And Snow: Norovirus Joins H1N1 Epidemic Sickening Many, Cruise Ships Big Carriers Of This Plague


Northern hemisphere snow cover Feb 8, 2014

Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover – NOHRSC – The ultimate source for snow information:  It is still very bitterly cold here and won’t be warm until at least another week of below or at zero nights.  I still have plenty of firewood because I frantically sawed and chopped and stacked it all up literally to the rafters during the fall due to fears of a long, harsh winter.  And the Farmer’s Almanac agreed and I trust them more than NOAA.  Incidentally, the poor prognosticators there, after admitting this month will be cold in the very tip top of the northern plains but not here or even the Great Lakes region, they are telling me that spring is going to be much, much hotter than usual.  HAHAHA.  We shall see.  I seriously doubt this.

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Cold Storms Hammer Northern Hemisphere And Study Notes CO2 Levels Never Changed Before Or During Ice Ages

Screen shot 2014-02-07 at 9.39.33 AM


It is bitter cold here and will remain this way for at least another week with zero degree nights in upstate New York.  We had near zero hurricanes this last summer but plenty of violent winter storms as we see above with a major blow about to hammer England yet again.  Global warmists told England they had to conserve water due to the island turning into Arizona just three years ago and since then, it has been raining which is classic, this is what happened during the Little Ice Age which saw England hammered by too much rain, previously.  The global warming brigades are out in full armor, attacking everyone and anyone noticing their predictions have been totally wrong and it is damn cold, too. Continue reading


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A Winter’s Tale: Panda, Tippy and Akamaru Play In Snow Sort Of…

Panda runs riot in snow

Today we are having a real snow storm, not light snow.  And it is bitter cold, a sort of cold Napoleon’s Grand Armee enjoyed while fleeing Moscow.  The kittens are now cats and this is their very first winter.  Panda, who has huge front paws with opposable thumbs, has been chasing snow flakes while her short haired sister, Tippy, is not as happy about this reversal of nature.

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