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DC Hamlet: Rosenstein And Mueller Must ‘Die’ As They Are Now Deep In DNC Scandal

Hamlet Act II – Rosencrantz and Guildenstern (David Tennant, Tim Roth, Gary Oldman) – YouTube


History is a bitch who loves to repeat herself as she writes in blood.  I am very amused that key players up on the stage tonight are…right out of Hamlet!  Rosencrantz is now Rosenstein in this latest Hamlet play, fretting on the world stage.  The Uranium deal Clintons and Obama made with Putin who the DNC, GOP and all ‘liberals’ and the mainstream fake news has told us, is pure evil…this is now exploding into everyone’s faces including McCain who is directly involved in this murky Clinton/Obama/Congress scam to sell uranium to Putin, and then blame Trump for this.

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Warmonger Generals In US And UK Attack Obama For Not Being A Good Warmonger

WWI recruiting poster destroy this brute

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We are nearly at another major historical anniversary, the beginning of WWI.  As the US works erratically at starting WWIII, it is important to recall the horrors of the first imperialist war pitting the major empires against each other as they sought to cut up the entire planet between each other, quite violently, so they could exploit labor, trade and natural resources.  Basil Clarke: Daily Mail man who went to the trenches in a bowler hat | Mail Online is a good story about back then, the first winter in Flanders with chilling photos reminding us of the carnage.

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