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Antarctic Ice Hockey Stick: Ice Is Growing, Winter Cold Spreading

increasing antarctic ice hockey stick graph

iphone.anomaly.antarctic.png (512×412)

Antarctic Sea Ice Approaching The Largest Anomaly Ever Recorded | Real Science: I took the above graph from this website and altered it a bit.  I turned the red ice data into blue when it is ‘growing’ so it is clearer what is happening.  Oddly enough, the hockey stick graph lives on…with colder climate projection!

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6.6 Earthquake Juan de Fuca Plate Subduction Zone, Small Quakes Rattle Cascadia

small earthquakes April 23 Mt Rainier


The earth has been quite active since the huge Boxing Day Quake offshore Indonesia and then the Great Tohoku quake in Japan.  Huge quakes have shaken Chile and New Zealand and I noticed all this last several months that the spreading ridges in the Atlantic Ocean and Antarctica are also quite active.  Now we had another fair sized quake offshore Vancouver Island.

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Virtually No Headline News About Nearly 200 Dead Americans From Landslide In Washington

I am so disgusted with our mainstream and not so mainstream media not reporting the huge death toll in the Washington State landslide, I went around the web, now it is two days later, looking for stories about it on the front pages and finding virtually nothing even though everyone now knows there were about 200 deaths.


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Over 100 Americans Killed In Washington State Landslide And Near Zero Headlines For Three Days In MSM

The beautiful but dangerous landscape of Washington State

It is amazing how much is being kept out of the news these days.  Hysterical reports of us all roasting to death make headlines constantly while a landslide in Washington that probably killed over 100 people makes near zero headlines with the Hopes for Washington mudslide survivors fade after more bodies are pulled from debris | Mail Online being the first to speculate that many died there.  It is a strange feeling, seeing so-called news services failing to inform us about life and death issues while whining about computer projections based on erroneous assumptions making headlines and occupying the brains of our oligarch rulers who want desperately to tax our energy consumption.


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Washington State GOP Legislator Thinks Bike Riders Pollute CO2

The GOP has many people who deliberately refuse to understand simple things.  The preservation of the status quo trumps change efforts.  Indeed, much of that party is predicated on reproducing mistakes of the past which is why they worked very hard to disable all the bank regulations of the FDR administration and thus, reproduced the Great Depression.   Understanding science is important not because scientists are always right, often, they can deceive themselves, but because scientific debate is how we discover how reality functions.  Even then, it is difficult.  But being deliberately stupid isn’t a debate point.  It is pointless.  In today’s story, a Washington State member of the transportation committee who is a right wing Republican discusses CO2 production systems in an artlessly stupid fashion. Continue reading


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