ZIRP Lending Continues In EU, UK And Japan while Snowden Spy Scandal Reveals EU Spying

European Central Bank Commits to Low Rate and the Bank of England hints policy to remain loose: the dollar is up against trade partner currencies as the status quo for the present global trade (i.e.: ONE WAY) continues.  Japan showed that the US would allow this so all the rest are doing the same.  Since the Snowden revelations, our trade partners have all backed down and gave only lip service to the idea that they are sovereign nations, yapping about how the US shouldn’t spy on them…only to resume business as usual.  And the key to all this is the gigantic US trade deficit with all our ‘allies’ as well as everyone else.  So long as this is allowed, everyone will let the US spy on them.

I have swum all over the US media comments sites to see very clearly that many in the US support military coups.  The US isn’t only the Assassination Nation—which is also quite popular with the public—it is also the military coup nation with a long, long record of working with the IMF to create populist riots in victim countries.  In Egypt, the New Leader May Only Be Figurehead, Experts Say while trouble is brewing as a huge part of the population is furious not just with the coup but the arrest of all the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and others which Saudi royals want in prison:  Egypt’s Brotherhood won’t work with ‘usurper’ gov’t.  Naturally, the  US Won’t Call Egypt’s Military Takeover a ‘Coup,’ Urges Transition.


Back in DC w here lobbyists rule, After a Stumble, Tech Lobby Refocuses on Immigration because they want to import cheap labor.  Adding this to the huge trade deficit and our allies keeping the dollar strong via squirreling away trade profits in FOREX accounts, we still have Snowden running free. Iceland proposal would grant Snowden citizenship  courtesy of the Pirate Party.  To show they are ‘free’,  Firms in Europe may quit US internet providers due to spying.


In the US, not using PRISM, the Police stop a terrorist the normal way: Guns, Molotov cocktails seized from stolen truck near UW.  Using traditional police powers, it isn’t all that hard to protect us.  But the police state attitude is very much alive:  Police who shot and killed dog as they arrested owner for FILMING them are pulled off the street for THEIR safety as they are bombarded with death threats.  They arrested the man for recording a police arrest.  This is a direct violation of citizen’s civil rights on every level.


The spies in Europe are embarrassed:  France ‘has vast data surveillance’.  Sacre bleu!  Who would have expected this???   French minister publically denounces U.S. ‘espionage’ during July 4 garden party hosted by American ambassador in Paris right before this massive pie in the face hit.  The huffing and puffing about spying is typical.


Meanwhile, as Facebook goons spy on its own users in order to plaster ads all over people’s blogs, Big Brother strikes again: Now TWITTER wants to start tracking you on the web for the exact same reason.  Your data is for sale.  They own the information you post.  This is why I don’t use Twitter which is for twits in the first place nor use Facebook.


The EU, despite being as despicable as the US, continues to pretend to the citizens that politicians there don’t want to spy on you all:  BACKLASH: EU Parliament Urges Blocking U.S. Data Access After Spy Leaks which is yet another ‘hot air’ moment done for cynical reasons.

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9 responses to “ZIRP Lending Continues In EU, UK And Japan while Snowden Spy Scandal Reveals EU Spying

  1. Peter C.

    No Facebook or Twitter for me either.My google searches are thru Startpage now.
    No Skype either,they too are in bed with the NSA.
    I’m stuck with Gmail but no Gmail+ for me.
    What a world we have to live in.
    It’s just going to get worse as the elites consolidate power.They have all the land and the power.
    I’ve just downloaded a book called Progress and Poverty which explains once we lost the Commons to the elites…we are lost.Sigh.


    ELAINE: I just cancelled my Skype this last week.

  2. z house

    Anna chapman offers to marry snowden, link somewhere, such a deal !

  3. JimmyJ

    @Peter C: Startpage uses HTTPS which has been cracked publicly this year, and SpyVsSpy(c) are likely further ahead of the publicly known cracks since they have more resources than university computer labs or lone hackers. It won’t matter that there are no site logs or cookies if your packets are intercepted.

    Proxy servers in general are barn door targets for Gov surveillance and some anonymizing services are publicly known to be compromised and even deliberate honeypots. And once again this week Paypal, Mastercard and VISA blocked payments to various worldwide VPN services although Mastercard supposedly repented and VISA Europe is issuing boilerplate denials.

    If you are using internet based email you can encrypt and attach messages to the email using various freeware or open source file encryption utilities or use an email encryption program such as those discussed in this PCWorld article from April 2012, for example:


    Of course encrypted files and email are sparklers on a foggy night.


    ELAINE: you are correct. The technical ability to spy always was there even in the ‘good old days’. Our only protection is for whistleblowers like Ellsberg and Snowden revealing the illicit spying!

    And as a person who was very involved in antiwar/anti IMF stuff going way back to 1967, I warned everyone around me that the only safe way to transmit information was via personal visits.

  4. Christian W

    So the general that backstabbed Morsi is Washington/Pentagon trained? When will all these Latin/ME countries have leaders independent of US ‘training/meddling’.

  5. emsnews

    For years and years, we on the far left have demonstrated against the ‘School for the Americas’ and training coup generals in the US. To no avail.

  6. Christian W

    Heh, no wonder Obama is mealy mouthed and doesn’t come out to condemn this coup as a coup…

    What a rigged game they are playing, never mind that millions and millions of innocents will get crushed again…

  7. Christian W

    I see Tony Blair has come out and praised the coup as a ‘necessity’.

    Can we please try these jokers as war criminals already?

  8. emsnews

    Sigh, in England many people commenting in various papers there all think Blair is a tool and a fool. He works for AIPAC.

  9. JT

    Wozniak on prism 0.55 onwards…..

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