Liberals Scream Earth Is Burning While Brazil Has Huge Hail Storms, Hudson Bay Totally Frozen, Etc.


'Burning Globe Earth (West Hemisphere) [Shutterstock]

This is the flaming earth icon used by liberals when they complain about the weather.  Even though the smarter characters use the term ‘climate change’ due to the obvious cooling going on, the majority of the stories issued by these guys are all about us roasting to death.  The shrill screams were particularly loud in the last 24 hours.  Unfortunately for the warmists, the real news is the incredible, increasing cold in the Southern Hemisphere and North America being hammered by a succession of cold Northern Pacific storms and cold waves from Hudson Bay.


Forget ‘saving the Earth’ – it’s an angry beast that we’ve awoken


Environmentalism is undergoing a radical transformation. New science has shown how long-held notions about trying to “save the planet” and preserve the life we have today no longer apply.


Instead, a growing chorus of senior scientists refer to the Earth with metaphors such as “the wakened giant” and “the ornery beast”, a planet that is “fighting back” and seeking “revenge”, and a new era of “angry summers” and “death spirals”.


I see all over the liberal media wails about how it is too late to save us from being super hot and that we are now in a death spiral.  As Obama murders people in Ukraine or Syria or Libya or Afghanistan, etc., liberals are doing the ‘End of Times’ howling that the right wing Christians used to own, lock, stock and barrel.


So here is a picture that isn’t Antarctica or Hudson Bay:  Lake Superior Ice on Memorial Day! | Blogs

Screen shot 2014-05-28 at 9.15.50 AM

Record cold caused lack of melting even at Memorial Day weekend.  There is still significant ice sheets in the Great Lakes:  NOAA Great Lakes Ice

NOAA Great Lakes ice May 27 2014

Environment Canada – Weather and Meteorology – Current Ice Conditions and Forecasts

hudson bay and arctic still frozen solid late May 2014

The warmists are still screaming about the Arctic melting!  This is astonishing and shows a collapse of intellect probably due to senility.  The key place to watch if one fears an Ice Age is Hudson Bay.  If that doesn’t melt in summer we are in grave danger.


It is still snowing in Europe!  After heavy floods decimate Serbia, we see Heavy snowfall closes roads in central Portugal  while a May 25  Cold wave in Bolivia kills three people and 60 cattle,  and see the video of a million Brazilians trapped by massive hail storm in Sao Paulo, enough ice to stop traffic and collapse roofs.


“It might be winter here, but it never snows, except in the most southern parts of Brazil,” says this YouTube description. “Most Brazilians never see snow, so this truly is a special day.”



April-Like Chill to Spread From NYC to DC and tonight will be 40 degrees F here on my mountain.  We had exactly two days of May temperatures this last two weeks!  And near to June 12, Arizona and Death Valley has Blazing Heat to Continue Through Midweek for Southwest which is normal.


We’re already in a Mini-Ice age, says astrophysicist

 The Wild Jet Stream (Mini-Ice-Age) era we are now in has nothing whatsoever to do with CO2, says astrophysicist and forecaster Piers Corbyn…The extreme meanders and rapid switching of the Jet stream is a known and predicted consequence of the Mini-Ice-Age (called such because on average it is cold) type circulation the world has entered.

a late May cold front pushes warm air into Arizona

Not how this heat wave is caused by compression of hot air due to a COLD FRONT racing off the North Pacific Ocean.  An el Nino is brewing in the Pacific but the cold in the northern hemisphere and the huge storms broiling around Antarctica in the winter Southern Hemisphere shows that the cooling, which causes floods and blizzards, is getting worse.


When climates shift from warm to cold, we get a flurry of huge storms.  Once it settles into an Ice Age, the storms get much smaller due to less moisture in the atmosphere due to ice sheets sucking down much of the moisture.  Ocean levels drop precipitously and hurricanes vanish.


earth :: an animated map of global wind and weather shows how this is working this summer.

May 27 2014 cold weather prevails in pacific

And yes, ice is not melting, it is getting greater in mass and acreage cover:  Global Sea Ice Area Is Growing By The Area Of France Every Eight Months | Real Science

Screen shot 2014-05-28 at 9.49.28 AM

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12 responses to “Liberals Scream Earth Is Burning While Brazil Has Huge Hail Storms, Hudson Bay Totally Frozen, Etc.

  1. melponeme_k

    As if there weren’t books already written about the climate anomalies of glaciers.

    During the Medieval Warming Period, the Athabasca glacier and its sister glaciers GREW overtaking healthy forest areas.

    So was the world getting colder than? History says otherwise with people running around in light tunics.

  2. luc

    I went to ‘Lake Superior’ link, and it stated:
    Ice at Lake Superior MODIS shot Saturday May 24 The high temperature at the Marquette Airport (well inland) was 85° on Sunday…


    ELAINE: And it was over 80 degrees F here too yesterday! Very cold today as it is at Lake Superior. One warm day can’t melt all the ice from a very cold winter.

  3. Mike Gibbs

    Elaine, I hold your intellect and decency among the highest levels I have encountered and that is about the highest compliment I can acknowledge…unless of course you can hit the short side, high corner when playing hockey…and then you would be Bobby Orr!…These short term weather aberrations are a precursor of some fundamental imbalance.

  4. DeVaul

    I’m surprised you actually found a scientist who has stated openly that we have entered a Mini-Ice Age. Most are still shilling for the people who funded their research.

    I hope it is just a mini ice age and not a full blown one. I think my children can survive a mini ice age, but not a major one.

    Hard to believe a woman sitting on a hill in upstate New York can see the obvious while thousands of “scientists” insist the opposite is happening.

    Orlov has an article up about a conference he attended, and the one interesting point about it is that an original member of the Club of Rome study done in 1972 was present and he had a huge box full of papers dismissing his model and only a small stack of documents agreeing with it.

    Since the model proved largely correct, that just shows you the state of science nowadays. Most scientists are just people who do what they are told to do, like any other worker or employee.

  5. e sutton


    That’s what happens when the government puts its hands in everything, from education (Common Core), to healthcare (Obamacare), to housing (bubbles, bubbles, everywhere), to banking (ZIRP, anyone?), to manufacturing (offshoring). When you take what citizens do in a productive economy and then the government usurps and runs it, packages it up and hands it to Big Business (fascism), you get the out-of-control train wreck we have now. Scientists, who love to get their cash from BB, do as they are told.

  6. luc

    These short term weather aberrations are a precursor of some fundamental imbalance.

    Or the science of Weather /Climate has gotten better and its been this way all along.

  7. emsnews

    Luc, it has been ‘this way’ since the first Ice Age. For some reason (THE SUN) we have entered a cold/warm cycle that is very unbalanced. Pretending we can balance this is insanity. We can’t.

  8. luc

    Yes, but perhaps Science has improved reportage, and people are alarmed at what seems ‘new’…aka ‘climate change’.
    Better reportage of Tornadoes, Hurricanes etc.

  9. emsnews

    That, too, of course. But the data says the opposite. Hurricanes, in particular, are suddenly AWOL and that can’t be hidden forever.

  10. luc

    I wonder about any adult who believes in this absurd term ‘Climate Change’!
    When has Climate not changed?

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