Zionist Neocon Rubin Whines About Obama Being Unenthusiastic For More Ethnic Warfare

The raving neonazi lunatic, Ms. Rubin who has a perch at the stable of Zionists who are the only ones allowed to write editorials for the warmongering Washington Post  is whining today about how Netanyahu’s stand in puppet, Obama, isn’t ENTHUSIASTIC about his role as AIPAC’s puppet!  A teachable moment in foreign policy – The Washington Post


His entire demeanor was that of a truculent teenager forced to perform some disagreeable chore. His lack of enthusiasm, verging on resentment for carrying out his obligations as commander in chief, is remarkable. Military action in Iraq may have some interesting consequences. It may drive home some hard foreign policy lessons for the public, politicians and pundits:

And he isn’t enthusiastic about Israel’s ethnic cleansing, either!  This infuriates the Zionists who rule us and who want us to be bloodthirsty killers so they can claim to be ‘moral’ and ‘liberal’ again.  Instead, they have to do the dirty work, themselves, of driving us into blatant illegal wars.


She claims that the US didn’t leave Europe after the Soviet Union fell and our troops are still in Japan which has become a right wing fascist, territorial aggressive, rearmed state seeking to attack China…again.  We have troops all over the world and not one of them protects the US people who are under siege at home from a flood of illegal aliens and things like the Ferguson riots: Clashes, looting in Missouri following vigil for teen shot dead by police.


We are at war with each other at home and ethnic/race/sex divisions are causing violence, our major cities are being relentlessly destroyed by our allies all of whom wanted to run trade surpluses with us and thus have destroyed the US middle class thanks to ‘free trade’ which the Bilderberg fake liberals working in junction with Bilderberg open fascists, have created to make themselves richer at our expense.


Poverty rate in St. Louis County, city up from previous years which were higher and higher ever since free trade killed our unions and destroyed our native industries.  Nearly one third of the city is below the poverty line!  Manufacturing Declines in St. Louis which once was a big auto manufacturing town.


Every year, ten thousand jobs vanished and now it is a wasteland like our once proudest manufacturing city, Detroit.  NOTHING is being done to fix all this.  Instead, our fascists, both parties, both liberal and conservative, conspire together to make everything worse at home, to sow ethnic and religious warfare.


How AIPAC imagines this will make America strong forever to protect their neonazi home base is baffling.  It is obvious what will happen next.  US fascism won’t be run by Jews, that is certain.  Instead of fearing neonaziism, the Jews embraced this concept and are acting on it, demanding the right to do ethnic cleansing and all US interventions in the Muslim world has created ethnic cleansing and tribal warfare.


Back to Rubin: this warmongering bitch claims that if we bombed Syria and killed the leader there, why, there would be no problems today!


We may regrettably hurt or kill innocents in Iraq. If so, the president should explain that this is not “appalling” or “indefensible” but an inevitable and horrible result of war. He might want to clarify that “war crimes” are measured by intent and that it is not always possible to “be more careful” with regard to civilians.


The naked Naziism of Zionism is obvious in the above paragraph from Rubin.  The Jews don’t regret killing anyone.  They actively enjoy doing this.  And there isn’t even a pretense of being ‘more careful’ since the entire point is to kill as many as one can get away with, justifying it by claiming it is in ‘self defense’.


She views the murder of millions of Muslims as ‘inevitable’.  And because they are all subhumans with no rights, it is not a ‘war crime’.  The Jews are very worried they will be forced to pay for their crimes and hope to cripple the entire concept of war crimes in order to get away with war crimes.


Not to mention the US which has dutifully committed many crimes against humanity.  And the Jews are working very hard to push Obama into more war crimes.  As previous Peace Prize holders like Kissinger have done cheerfully.


Sanctions bite-back: Bickering, EU infighting over Russia retaliation while gleefully, China to start direct sales of fruit and vegetables to Russia.  Putin, playing hardball with the Zionists ruling DC, has hit a home run…again.


Farmers all across Europe are freaking out and may end up in open revolt thanks to the War On Russia.  Greece, in particular, crawling out of the bankster hole, is being whacked very hard as is ‘We want NATO troops in Poland’ guys in Poland.


This tit-for-tat New Cold War is a disaster for the EU and will send it back into economic chaos.  Which the EU richly deserves.  They knew from day one, aggressively moving NATO to Russia’s front doorstep is insane and aggressive and futile.  All the brave words about punishing Putin are turning into screams at each other, blame being thrown all about and the EU may just disintegrate due to this.


How ironic.


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17 responses to “Zionist Neocon Rubin Whines About Obama Being Unenthusiastic For More Ethnic Warfare

  1. melponeme_k

    ” It is obvious what will happen next. US fascism won’t be run by Jews, that is certain. ”

    Almost certainly, the future fascism will be loads of Dominionist Christians happily persecuting people outside their race and faith.

    But by golly gee, the Jewish people better not be wailing about WHY did this happen. Their money went to the Dominionists because they wanted support for Zionism.

  2. luc

    The Tribe is all over the place. At one point 3 major cities had tribe mayors. Bloomberg, Rambo and Garcetti [yes Gil is tribe].

    Lois Lerner, the big boss of IRS Tax Exempt Organizations
    Oh our ‘civil servants’ Schumer, Lerner, Shulman, and Miller—ALL Jews.

  3. DeVaul

    I tried to warn people like Eso (I think it was him) that the Baltic states and Finnland could not play hardball with the country that keeps their lights on.

    These countries, along with Poland, had huge trade with Russia, which will now go down the drain and they cannot sell their goods as cheaply as Germany, France, and England can abroad. (They don’t get to print their own money or issue their own “letters of credit” like the big countries do).

    These countries will start to disentegrate economically, and then I see civil war popping up in those areas where there is a strong Russian element.

    Putin just rammed two rooks into a row of EU pawns and calmly said: “check”. This fall, he will place his queen right next to an overly exposed EU king by simply turning off the gas.

    Europeans were once much, much smarter than Americans, but not anymore. The generation that remembers WW II is vanishing quickly, and their children, like Americans, don’t know what it means to play with fire.

  4. emsnews

    As for ‘much smarter’ who started WWI and WWII?

  5. DeVaul

    Well, I meant during the 1980’s, when I was a student there. The youth, as well as the adults, were diligently anti-militaristic. The students were also well informed of our meddling in South America and in the Middle East, and talked about it constantly. I only met one drunken old man one night who wanted to go to war with Russia (with American help, of course) and beat the crap out of them. No one else had any interest in war at all.

    Over at RT, there is an article that two Hollywood actors (both Spanish) will be blackballed by the executives because they claimed that Israel was committing genocide. If they had claimed any other country in the world was committing genocide, Hollywood execs would probably not care at all, so I guess Hollywood really is owned by Israeli Jews. Wonderful.

  6. e sutton


    Americans do not know what it’s like to have bombs raining down on them and blowing up entire city blocks like Europeans do. True, the generation that was around during WW II is quickly dying off. Most of the elderly around Europe today were children during the war and most likely have memories of seeing blocks and blocks of rubble where churches, shops, apartment buildings, and houses once stood. Problem is, nobody listens to us older people. The older I get, the more convinced I become that every generation believes it can reinvent the wheel and throw out every bit of wisdom acquired previously by generations that have gone before them. Our current crop of neocons are thoroughly convinced that not only can a nuclear war be waged on Russia and China, it should be waged and it is our Manifest Destiny to steal every last resource on the planet that isn’t nailed down, consequences be damned. The thought that this approach will end in a nuclear wasteland with all life being transformed into pieces of chalk seems never to have occurred to this crop of idiots.

  7. melponeme_k


    They all could afford to be anti-militaristic…especially when the US was footing the military bill. All the good things in Europe were possible because they didn’t have to support large military forces for protection. And the US was an industrial powerhouse after WWII and could afford to throw money around. But now that is no longer possible in a Free Trade world.

    Well the US military protecting all borders (except our own) is coming to an end. And where will that leave Europe? Have they been squirreling away money to support a military (Probably only Germany)? Once we go, with Russia rising and wielding power, things will disintegrate.

  8. DeVaul

    Yes, exactly, that is what I mean. In 1984, I got to see first hand the piles of rubble and bullet riddled buildings in East Berlin as well as in a few places in West Germany left over from WW II. I sat across from my best friend at lunch while he explained that his uncle had just called him from Iran to let him know that an Iraqi missile had hit his home and buried his mother and two sisters alive, killed one of his brothers, and this on top of the deaths of two older brothers in battle while he lived in exile in West Germany.

    This Swedish father should be given a medal. Instead, he was viciously attacked by warmongering jews and video game players:


  9. DeVaul


    Yes, we “defended” them from the Soviet Union, I suppose, but whenever I asked Germans if they wanted to go to war (with American “powerhouse” help) to achieve reunification, the answer was always “no”.

    Germany was an occupied territory after WW II. They had no say in who could stay or leave. We and the Soviets stayed for our own reasons.

  10. Petruchio

    It has always been a source of bewilderment and amazement to me how much faith these Dominionist “Christians” have in regards to Israel. No matter how badly the Israelis behave, these brainwashed fools STILL cling to the notion that Israelis (not necessarily jews) are God’s chosen people(!). These Israelis get free passes to commit as many atrocities as they like and it’s all ignored/forgiven/tolerated because when the Rapture comes, the good little Christians are gonna be swept up from the evils of earth. Really? Is the year 2014 or 1014? Let’s see if the Israelis really ARE God’s chosen people. Let’s strip Israel of ALL her US taxpayer subsidies and see how well God’s Chosen People hold up. My prediction is all Israel’s enemies will be meeting to decide what is the best way to carve Israel up.

  11. melponeme_k


    NY government reps pulled into Israel so they can be covered in blood and be damned.

  12. JimmyJ

    @Petruchio: Many North American Protestant churches, and not a few evangelist Roman Catholics I know as well, subscribe to a form of “Christianity” which almost completely ignores the New Covenant of Jesus in favour of the Old Testamament misogynist, vengeful God and his belligerent army of the faithful. To these folks the Old Testament never really ended, since God reestablished Zion as foretold and the end times are unfolding just as their Bible and Pastor said. Scores of the faithless dying is just part of the deal now as then. This is why a nuclear war is not beyond these folks- the faithful will be rewarded and the faithless will go to hell so let it all burn anyway.

    It’s long been an exercise in adolescent hubris for the liberal writer to predict a Christian Theist state in North America. Well it’s here and it’s the domain of liberals just as much as conservatives. The fact that a rare few ever openly talk about it is a sign how complete the control is.

  13. emsnews

    Zionists rule NY totally. Cuomo, an Italian Catholic, has to keep them all happy. So of course, he will say anything racist to keep them all happy. And then come home and tell blacks that they have civil rights here because racism is evil and he stands by that, too.

    This dysopian insanity will bite back hard in the long run.

  14. Blissex

    «Our current crop of neocons are thoroughly convinced that not only can a nuclear war be waged on Russia and China, it should be waged and it is our Manifest Destiny to steal every last resource on the planet that isn’t nailed down, consequences be damned.»

    It is not just the «current crop». In a few years before 1962 a faction of the USA government set up launch sites for strategic nuclear armed missiles on the southern border of the USSR, in Turkey, a very short flight time away from Moscow, in order to have a first-strike decapitation ability.

    The USSR obviously discovered this which is an act of aggressive war, and very moderately started putting similar missiles in Cuba, very slowly, as a negotiating tactic.

    The so called “Cuban Missile Crisis” was actually the Turkish Missile Crisis, as it is known in parts of the world that are not overwhelmed by USA propaganda.

    The factions that had installed the USA missiles in Turkey advised the President to use them immediately to wipe out the USSR, and if this causes a few dozen million or hundred million deaths on either side, God would sort out his own.

    At this point there are different versions: that President Kennedy found out that there were USA nuclear armed missiles on the USSR border from the USSR ambassador, or that he had already found out and had just ordered their dismantling.

    All versions that I have read say that the nobody had informed the President that an act of war involving nuclear warhead missile launch sites had been done.

    To budget the money to build a series of missile launch sites in Turkey, and to move and enable a large number of strategic nuclear warheads, *without telling the President*, requires the cooperation of a number of people at the very highest levels of military and political authority, because it is black treason on a colossal scale.

    President John Kennedy and the Attorney General Bob Kennedy were horrified by the treason and apparently planned to investigate and purge the traitors, but they were both assassinated in “ambiguous” circumstances before they could.

  15. Blissex

    BTW another blogger pointed at this extremely funny, or perhaps unfunny, official USA document reporting a conversation with Israel’s ambassador in 1963, that is 50 years ago:


    The conversation has moments like:

    «Moreover, if one were going to talk about lack of candor, it was strange to me that Israel was so consistently coy about describing its own defense plans and programs to its guarantor, banker, and strongest friend in the world. If trouble developed in the Near East it was not the French or Germans but the US which had to come to Israel’s defense.

    We were expected to subsidize Israel, both privately and publicly, to support her to the hilt on every issue, to meet all of her security requirements, and to defend her if attacked.

    In return, we did not even know what she intended to do in such critical fields as missiles and nuclear weapons. I referred to the way in which Israel had handled the Dimona question as creating real suspicion on our part that such evasiveness must mask an intent to acquire nuclear capability.

    Now in response to direct questions on two occasions, Rabin had refused to say whether Israel was acquiring missiles from France.

    What kind of a relationship was this?»

    Plenty of other amusing details…

  16. emsnews


    My father, Aden Meinel, designed the spy cameras that showed the Russian ships bringing in the missiles. YES, we caused this by planting missiles in Turkey.

    When the CIA chief showed Kennedy the photos, Kennedy demanded they bring in my father to confirm things, my dad being a rocket expert, too.

    So…the Pentagon used a jet plane from Davis Monthan Air Force Base and flew him in a fighter jet to DC! I was a child back then and was very exited when a helicopter picked him up to take him to the AFB.

    Kennedy was taking his time to decide what to do and consulted with my father.

    When Kennedy was assassinated my dad freaked out, big time. Told us to prepare for WWIII.

  17. luc

    As for ‘much smarter’ who started WWI and WWII?…The Germans. USA was dumb to join in.

    Told us to prepare for WWIII. For 50 years WW3 has been ‘bits and pieces, torn hearts and false starts’.

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