Time To Examine The Pink Housing Project In NYC To See How It Breeds Crime And Wastes Billions Of Taxpayer Money

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Ever since the new Democratic mayor took over NYC, shooting have proliferated in Brooklyn.  In the above map, the Pink Public Housing Projects in Queens where the police accidentally shot this black guy in a dark stairwell, there have been a cluster of three murders by gun on Linden Blvd near Ozone Park.  Dangers are proliferating and many of the people doing these crimes also are recipients of huge doses of public tax funded benefits.  The reward for taxpayers forking over billions and billions in aid to minority black/Hispanic communities is rewarded with crime waves and vandalism and of course, complaints about the police being nasty…in a very nasty world created by these recipients of public largess!


Once upon a time I was very poor due to my husband having cancer right when I had a baby and relocated from Arizona to NYC.  We lived in slum housing and I paid the rent by becoming the super and doing all the repairs and cleaning, etc. before I became a landlady by buying and rebuilding from scratch a burned out tenement brownstone.  I know how the lower class feels entitled when they get welfare and other benefits and how they use the system while evading responsibility to be a good citizen and to cooperate with neighbors, not kill or loot or rape them or burn the house down (as my lovely neighbors did during the 1977 blackout!).


It appears that the panicked NYPD rookie fatally shoots unarmed man in Brooklyn did so accidentally, the bullet ricocheted off the wall- NY Daily News


The stairwell remained dimly lit until Friday morning, when a maintenance man was seen fixing a light on the seventh floor. Landings from the fifth through eighth floors were brightly lit by afternoon, while the fourth floor landing remained dark. Residents said this was a common occurrence….
Gurley had roughly two dozen prior arrests over the past nine years.


Like all the victims of cops who are black, this guy ain’t no angel.  This doesn’t stop the scream machine.  I defy ANYONE to go visit these public housing places and hike around the back stairs…UNARMED.  Seriously!  When I was a super, I had to be prepared to break down doors, scream at people, toss their garbage back into their apartments when they ‘airmailed’ it out the front windows, throw water on fires they launch due to stupid things they do, throw burning mattresses out of windows, threaten to annihilate people, evict them when they rip the entire front door and frame out of the front of the building because they forgot the keys…the list is long.  Very long.


In NYC tenants have many rights and virtually no responsibilities so one has to interview them very carefully before renting.  But public housing is first come/first served and since the projects are hell holes due to the uncivilized, violent lives the tenants lead there not to mention unsanitary, only desperate or lazy people try to get in.  There is a quarter million waiting list and most of these are black or Hispanic, mostly black people.  Very few whites even think of moving into any of these places because there is also a lot of racism and blacks actively persecute whites who are already there due to living there for generations (and yes, this is a generational business, once in, they camp out forever if possible).


Neighborhoods near to these huge projects usually go into decline due to crime and horrible schools.  When thousands and thousands of freeloaders move nearby and who think the City should raise their children and yes, they push their lovely small children into the streets to survive and I have seen them late at night, wandering about.  I used to feed some of these poor children who got foodstamps while my child got nothing from the city even though I was below the poverty line back then…This abuse of charity is a gigantic problem for blacks in particular because it has degraded them socially.


It is a TRAP.  It has destroyed their families and turned black males into loners who roam about trying to ‘make out’ and are unstable and increasingly violent and self destructive.  Below are some harsh facts about immigration and black children and how money spent on schools is an utter failure for blacks:  District 19 is where the latest ‘evil cop shoots black guy with a long arrest record’ story comes from and the school statistics are horrifying:


Screen shot 2014-11-22 at 11.29.38 AM


We see that the children by 3rd grade are still fairly normal.  Only 42% pass which means nearly 60% should be held back.  By Jr. High 8th grade, it is horrific: less than 30% pass and only 5% are advanced.  Here are the statistics breaking down the race/ethnic student population:  New York City District #19 – New York State Test Scores – The New York Times

Screen shot 2014-11-22 at 11.26.32 AM

The taxpayers spend $24 BILLION for the schools in this district!  Waste of money.  85% of the children are either on welfare at public expense living mainly in the housing projects.  Now let’s look at the Regent’s Exams.  This is the test High School graduates take if they want to go to college.


NY Graduation Rates for Black, Hispanic Boys Lowest in Nation | NBC New York only 34% graduate and most of them don’t take the Regent’s exam.  New York High School Graduation Rates Inch Up slightly but this is due to more girls graduating and it is only 60% which is really low compared to much of the nation.

Screen shot 2014-11-22 at 2.20.14 PM

Wow…the only score which was at the higher levels was…SPANISH!  Since 40% of the graduates are Hispanic, this means they simply showed their real language, not study ability.  For their English comprehension is middling.  And chemistry is very poor.  And the students taking the chemistry part of the test were just 222 students out of 2,400 who took the test.  Only 1,961 took the English part of the test which means that probably the 222 Spanish students probably skipped the English part of the test because the differential is 156 refused the English portion.


We know for certain that the vast majority of people taking the NY Regents exam in NYC are minority girls and white boys and girls because…NY Graduation Rates for Black, Hispanic Boys Lowest in Nation | NBC New York


For African-American and Hispanic male students, New York has the worst four-year high school graduation rate in the country, according to a study by the Schott Foundation for Public Education.
In fact, the researchers say, a meager 37% of black and Hispanic boys are graduating for New York high schools in four years.
The number for male, white students is 78%, according to the foundation’s report titled, “The Urgency of Now.”


While the Republicans round up most white males into their party, liberals have demonized white males endlessly. This is now beginning to alienate white women who voted in the past in significant numbers for minority candidates and the Democrats.  This last election should be a wake up call but the liberals have decided that they really won the election thanks to Obama screwing both white males and white females openly defying the incoming Congress by ruling via fiat.


Here is the most delusional headlines, ever, via Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington Post

Screen shot 2014-11-22 at 3.07.18 PM

The new story is, the Republicans lost the election and are now on the defensive due to Obama’s stunning counter move of making millions of illegal aliens…ahem…into potential future voters who will have many children and swamp the whites that vote for Republicans!  This ‘political triumph’ by Obama is, in my estimation, a hideous disaster for the Democrats who will now be seen as the anti-white, anti-American citizen party.  Also, the dimwits writing for Adrianne forgot what happened after the Clinton mess: the Republicans not only took the Presidency but Congress.


Back to my former stomping grounds, NYC:  New York City Leaders Reach Accord on $75 Billion Budget which is $5 billion more than the previous year under Bloomberg.  Nobody was asked to save anything.  It is all spend, spend spend and on what?


The NY prison population has gone from 300,000 before the Civil Rights Act to 2,000,000 today. And this is very expensive:  City’s Annual Cost Per Inmate Is $168000, Study Finds.


Screen shot 2014-11-22 at 2.26.33 PM


Half goes to social services for the rioters, graffiti sprayers, their moms, welfare, baby popping teens and older women looking to ride the taxpayer money horse for life, and…education which is a roaring failure for the children of the social services sector.  Pensions and benefits are the next biggest, then police and prison…with debt services being nearly as much and a tiny sliver is for the citizens who are tax payers.  Who pay around 50% of the taxes.  Welfare families who live so destructively in our public housing pay zero in property taxes while poor living in rentals owned by citizens and others, pay property taxes via their rent bills which are up to ten times higher or more than rent in the housing projects.

Screen shot 2014-11-22 at 2.27.35 PM


There is tremendous anger about all this.  And justifiably so.  The projects produce social problems, crime and vandalism and all of this is paid for by everyone else including poor people who don’t get into these systems.  And there are a lot of poor people paying significant taxes and get nothing at all from the government.  Nothing!  This isn’t a fair system at all and is very expensive and nearly bankrupted NYC in the past and can still do this in the future.


And then there is Wall Street, the other problem lurking in the future, quite capable of destroying the city, too.  In its own horrible economic way via easy money.


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10 responses to “Time To Examine The Pink Housing Project In NYC To See How It Breeds Crime And Wastes Billions Of Taxpayer Money

  1. ziff

    and then there’s this, which goes uncommented, might account for some of the anger;


  2. I read back in 2012 that the Democratic honcho’s openly boasted that they were no longer going to court White working class voters and joked “they are old ,white and straight”! That is nearly half the electorate…duh? But it is over for Democrats and white males so why pander to them? Kinda like the Republicans trying to grovel to Hispanics on amnesty which only alienates normative white voters. Let the Democrats march with rioters in Ferguson, let them stand at the border with open arms, cheer judges overturning gay marriage bans and shove Common Core into our schools. The 2014 election is a turning point for the white electorate with the Democrats cementing itself as a minority party…literally.

  3. vengeur

    “Gurley (shot on the stairwell) had roughly two dozen prior arrests over the past nine years.” He had roughly 24 arrests. Do you think career criminals get caught and arrested every time they commit a crime? The police bat 1000? This individual most probably did dozens and dozens of crimes. Someone once told me ” people do stupid things, until they do the stupid thing that kills them.”

  4. emsnews

    I know very well people who commit lots and lots of ‘small’ crimes. They can be quite annoying.

    The dead young man HAD NO JOB. And never did have a job. And bringing in millions of illegal aliens and giving them all jobs means he and his friends will never have jobs.

  5. Jim R


    How much of it is Culture and how much is Bell Curve (C)?

  6. vengeur

    Elaine , you need a radio show.

  7. ziff

    well, now we are here, what do we do?

  8. Christian W

    Obviously the solution is to:

    1. Kick out all illegal Hispanic aliens

    2. Throw the useless eater Black ghetto population back out to work as farmhands in the place of the Hispanic aliens

    3. Give the new black workers a decent minimum wage (unlike the Hispanics serfs before them)

    4. Have the food price sky rocket so the white middle class can’t afford to eat

    5. Rethink number 3 and have the Blacks work for next to nothing

    (6. The option of having a decent wage for the farmhands but having to subsidize the price of agricultural produce to keep it affordable for the middle class is right out – can’t have socialism in the US. Someone might come up with the idea we need to tax the rich!).

    7. That way the White middle class doesn’t have to put up with annoying ghettos. If a Black tries to run away to find somewhere else he can always be strung up in the nearest tree.

  9. Luke

    Michael Brown had been investigated over manslaughter. According to online posts he was charged w 4 crimes in a one day crime spree.

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