Big Explosion In Donetsk Ukraine As Fascists In Kiev Attack With NATO Weapons

Huge explosion at Donetsk chemical plant, military ‘don’t know what they hit’ (VIDEO) as NATO bombs rain down on Russian Ukrainian citizens who were upset about the coup in Kiev that put rank Catholic fascists who worship a WWII Nazi hero, in power.  This religious war is heating up greatly.  And will lead to WWIII because it involves EU leaders deliberately provoking Russia into war as if anyone in Western Europe will survive this looming war!


This is utterly insane.  The US public gets no word of what is really going on in Ukraine.  We are told that Russia is the aggressor because US propaganda starts this conflict’s story after the coup in Kiev, not before it.


When I was a child, I saw a vision of WWIII.  I swore I would try to stop it.  Since then, I have grabbed the Wheel of History and given it a good yank once and a while.  But the War Chariot rolls relentlessly forwards.  For example, we are all told that Jimmy Carter, our last hope to avoid WWIII, is a stupid man and we should hate him.  He is the only top leader to speak out about Israel’s contribution towards driving us into WWIII and warned us to not aggravate Russia.


So our media ignores him except to call him names.  They hate him.  Our present rulers hate him. Obama hates him.  The Clintons actively attack him.  The antiwar movement ignores him at their peril.  The left’s antiwar positions are weak or fake and we had anti-warm weather demonstrations but not one antiwar demonstration in the last 5 years as the Gods of War roar in our ears.


The US is determined to pour more oil on this fire in Ukraine.  While unleashing the Japanese fascists in the East to attack Russia on its rear but this is a failure, too, because China will not allow the Japanese one inch of land in the East and will cheerfully annihilate all Japanese, too, if that is what it takes to stop them.


The coup in Kiev is no longer popular even in Kiev.  They need another $20 billion just to keep from going bankrupt.  Bravado, resentment and fear as Ukraine calls men to war | Reuters


 Amid reports of conscripts fleeing the country to dodge the draft, the government has had to come up with fresh ways to incentivize army service.


“It is every man’s duty to defend their nation, their land,” Defence Minister Stepan Poltorak said on Saturday. “There are cases, not widespread but they exist, of people, who to put it lightly are not patriots, going abroad to avoid service.”


They are giving them some extra money that is dropping in value like a rock.  Since this ‘incentive’ isn’t working, they are now putting people in prison for 23 years for talking about draft resistance!  Even our stupid government didn’t dare do this.  Our government DID put in prison people who burned their draft cards.


I knew several.  They suffered greatly in prison.  It was most terrible.  The US couldn’t afford the Vietnam war and it destroyed the US dollar.  Since the failure of that war, our money has become around 1% of its original worth.


In a Facebook post he later deleted, presidential adviser Yuri Biryukov said a significant proportion of conscripts in western Ukrainian regions had not turned up…In Kiev, the new conscripts pulled off their hats and bowed their newly shaven heads as the priest sprinkled them with holy water. Several of the men, balding or with grey hair, looked close to retirement age.


The men bowing heads and getting holy water are Catholics.  The Pope recently suggested that Christians stop fighting each other in Ukraine but he hasn’t denounced it entirely.  Instead, like the left here in the US, he has fretted more about ‘global warming’ which no longer exists.  He wants us to live lives of great poverty to fix this so that it will be colder!


Well, it IS colder!  And WWIII heats up.  Remember Nuclear winter?  I would imagine all those global warming marchers would be upset about WWIII happening.  Shouldn’t they be demanding NATO step back from the precipice?


Instead, we have Europeans marching with the warmongering rulers to demand the right to publish religious caricatures of homosexual male sex between Muslim clerics (someone ring up the Vatican about this sort of thing!) and cartoons of Muslim clerics being machine gunned through the Koran.


And that is the OTHER religious war that is raging wildly out of control.  France shooting: Two gunmen with Kalashnikovs fire on Marseille police while ​Over 50 anti-Muslim incidents registered in France after Charlie Hebdo anti-Muslim march … and Three French soldiers wounded in knife attack in Nice.


Netanyahu is coming to tell his Senate and House how they must use the entire US economy, people and finances to fight all Muslims and attack Russia.  This will be greeted with many AIPAC puppets leaping to their feet yelling, ‘Seig Heil, Juden Führer!’  And then the Jewish billionaires will write huge checks to them for this service.


Craven fools, all.  NO Jews will survive WWIII in Israel.  None.  They are in worse position than the Europeans or Japanese and the Japanese aren’t in a good position at all.  Nearly all of the population and industry are in just two regions: Tokyo and Osaka.  The rest of the country is increasingly bereft of all humans except the very elderly.


In Germany, the liberal media is attacking citizens protesting against Muslim immigrants, calling them ‘fascists’ even as this same media supports open, rank fascist rhetoric and actions in Kiev which isn’t attacking foreigners coming into Ukraine but rather, Ukrainians who are not Catholics.


Both NATO and the EU as well as the US have endorsed breaking apart nations like Yugoslavia based on religious and ethnic lines so why are they suddenly switching positions with Ukraine?  It should separate just like Spain should be broken up, too, not to mention France, Germany, the United Kingdom, etc.


Why do not the Scots have civil rights?  They voted stupidly to not break up with London in the recent referendum after London made sudden promises to them and then, as expected, has refused to honor these promises so the push to separate is growing rapidly in Scotland.


So again: why can’t the Orthodox Russian speaking people of Eastern Ukraine do the same?  The Czech and Slovak people broke up that country that was created after WWI!  Why can’t others do this?


If the EU lets in lots of immigrants who are different from the natives, we know what will happen next: not integration but disintegration.  This is happening to the US, too.  When various ethnic groups take over cities, others flee.  The nation is divided and falling into chaos due to this.


The super cold weather has quenched the violence for a while.  Even in NYC, the shooters are too cold to go out and kill!  But they will next summer just like in 1977.  I remember that year all too well.  One ethnic group decided to burn down huge parts of the city when the lights went out during a thunderstorm!


Right now, it is too cold, guns are hard to hold and shoot when it is below zero.  So all the rioters and killers are camped out at their mom’s apartments.  As the US and EU encourage race/religious warfare, it stalks right back into both to loot, rape and burn down cities.  Unable to understand why this is happening, our rulers push for more race/religious wars overseas.


I used to say, ‘The Vietnam War is being fought in America’ as our cities burned to the ground as we bombed Southeast Asia.  That war was an utter, complete failure as is our war against Iraq and Afghanistan.  But all of these pale in comparison to WWIII.


How on earth can we fight this when we hate each other?  Charlie Hebdo is a vicious, cruel publication pushing for religious warfare and they got it, and this is the point: religious warfare is very real, very bloody and very relentless because the only way to win is to kill all ‘unbelievers’ and like race wars, has only one goal: annihilation.


Few people studying human evolution mention this but I have often said this: we all descended from cannibals who survived the Great Death back 73,000 years ago when a massive volcanic eruption made the Ice Age much colder.  Nearly all humans died and we ate the Neandertals except for the females who were taken in for sex and who had mongrel children (now called ‘Europeans’).


Our tendency is towards violence.

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16 responses to “Big Explosion In Donetsk Ukraine As Fascists In Kiev Attack With NATO Weapons

  1. melponeme_k


    Another successful Affirmative Action recipient. I swear it is ingrates like this ruining it for minorities who actually do work hard and behavior honorably.

  2. e sutton

    It’s been affirmatively decided that all white males must die. We need another war to make this happen. Problem is, everybody gets to be a white male when death comes knocking. See, all problems get solved, eventually.

  3. e sutton

    Nearly choked on my muffin when I heard that Ukraine was drafting men up to age 60. Yeah, that’ll work. Those codgers in their 50s are some pretty fearsome characters. Do they supply them with Depends and Polydent? Seems that rations need to be updated if we’re going to employ these “folk” to fight our battles. Chewing gum, rubbers, and cigarettes are so Twentieth century, doncha know!

  4. Petruchio

    “Craven fools, all. NO Jews will survive WWIII in Israel. None.” I’ve been wondering about that. The Corporate owned US media can lie to the American public, but I doubt if many Muslims are fooled. They know who is pulling the strings on US foreign policy. I wonder why there hasn’t been a DIRECT strike on Israel by its many Muslim enemies. Logic would tell you it’s only a matter of time. I’d wager that numerous plots have been hatched already that for one reason or another haven’t taken place. Yet. But I think sooner or later it will. Watch’ Nuts and a Yahoo’ scream for vengeance then.

  5. Charlottemom

    The Greek Orthodox Church staking out a position on Ukraine war. See recent delegation to Moscow over the weekend (voices for Russia blog) and things heating up in holy land with orthodox land controversy and call to bring Ukraine church back into the fold

  6. Charlottemom

    Self appointed Ukraine Patriarch filaret is a fraud and friend of mccain!! Most recently at Obama prayer breakfast!!

    Elaine I agree that religious leadership is positioning for something big in Ukraine…note pope to visit turkey and us…(sigh) I think we know where Roman Catholic church will stand

  7. JimmyJ

    Nuclear winter and other post nuclear war horrors were portrayed in a handful of decently produced films from the 1980s:

    When the Wind Blows 1986 (Animated) and Threads 1984, both UK productions, and two US productions, Testament 1983 and The Day After 1983.

    The Day After was a prominent prime time affair but the more modest Testament does a better job of showing the banal horror waiting for most of us. Threads is the most fatalistic portrayal of nuclear winter.

  8. JimmyJ

    News about Earth’s core: turns out there is an “inner-inner core of iron within the iron inner core. Iron crystals of the inner core are aligned N-S, while those of the inner-inner are aligned E-W. Also the inner-inner core iron is a different phase.

  9. Jim R

    I’ve see a lot of speculation that this explosion was nuclear, and/or a false flag. It is neither.

    People seem to have all forgotten how really BIG a nuke explosion is. The nuke-weaponeers used to have a term for explosions like this: a dud. Yeah yeah, tell me all about ‘mini’ and ‘dial-a-yeild’, but by the time you dial the yield down this low, it’s just a regular chemical explosion.

    And it doesn’t fit the pattern of false flags: when MH17 crashed, they had the press releases out almost before the wreckage hit the ground. There was no announcement of this explosion on the ‘news’ outlets.

    This was just the Kiev junta playing with some of its toys. They are winning hearts and minds in the Donbass, in much the same way the brits won them in Ireland over the last several centuries.

  10. Christian W

    I wonder if this was a NATO toy given to the Kiev junta, as Elaine hinted at. It doesn’t seem to fit in with anything else the Ukrainian army has in it’s arsenal. The bomb hit about one km away from the chemical plant that was it’s target but the explosion of the bomb was enormous, at first I thought it must have hit some explosives or chemicals in the factory but the whole explosion was just the bomb. The only thing like it I’ve seen have been some Israeli (read US) bombs over Syria.

    I suspect they detonated the bomb just to derail the peace process (by using NATO stuff).

  11. Jim R

    Could be a NATO toy. The locals thought it was bigger than a Tochka-U.

    They hit that same plant last October, I think it was, and set off some tens of tons (not sure the exact amount) of C4 that was stored there. It is a munitions plant, so I guess that makes it a legitimate war target, as opposed to the endless ‘P’ fireworks displays over civilian neighborhoods.

  12. vengeur

    Kusntler nailed the Ukraine mess today :”It is heartening, finally, to see Europe attempt to creep away from the intrigues of our Klown Konfederacy at least in the current matter of Ukraine, that poor perpetually over-trodden land of potato-eaters lately torn asunder by America’s idiotic wish to wrest it away from Russia’s 1000-year sphere of influence.”

  13. Christian W

    My rational mind keeps hoping that the EU and Russia finds a way to create peace in Ukraine, but deep down I know there will be no peace. The US deep state is set on war in Ukraine (war against Russia), which means Ukraine is the next Syria.

    The EU politicians running back and forth to Russia are at best deluded and at worst just tactical feints against Russia. Until I see the EU take real and action, such as in lifting sanctions, even in the face of US wrath and retaliation, and treating Russia with respect I won’t believe a word the EU pols are spouting.

  14. Jim R

    The news on NPR keeps going on about “territorial integrity” … so when will they be giving Ireland back to the Irish, for example? I mean, they’ve had 300 years to think it over.

  15. Christian W

    Funny that normal people in the Ukraine and in the US and EU feel the same about the murderous banking cartels and war profiteers ie our so called elites. Here is an Ukrainian woman taking on a military officer sent out to drum up support for the “war effort” against the “separatists”.

  16. Jim R

    Christian W, you may have found the Ukrainian version of Elaine there … good for that lady!

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