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The Colder It Gets, The More Global Warmist Scientists Tell Us The Future Will Be Much Hotter

It is strange how ‘scientists’ were all uncertain about what was causing the northern hemisphere (and increasingly, Antarctica) to be colder and colder last year but this year when it is most definite that we are in a cooling cycle, they are now 100% certain that this is caused by global warming.  What has changed?  I would suggest that public support for the idea we are roasting to death has dropped like the temperatures and now the warmists are worried and think, if they yell louder and show more certainty, then people freezing to death will worry about roasting again.  Now that they are forced to admit it is very cold, they always end interviews with the coda, ‘But…we are definitely going to be very hot again.’  With zero proof this will happen.

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Cold Pacific Decadal Oscillation Causing Sardine Marine Collapse And California Drought

North Pacific decadal oscillation

The above picture is from the Wikipedia Pacific Decadal Oscillation Event.  This is what a West Coast wet weather cycle looks like: cold water off of Japan and warm across the West Coast. Note how this is during an el Nino cycle.  But we are in the exact opposite, a very long, persistent la Nina cycle which shows no sign of letting up.  The global warming model does not have room for a persistent cold cycle like this one.  Instead, they focus on the fact that the water running off of Japan’s east coast is unusually warm.  Which is true and quite curious considering that this coincides with the Great Tohoku Earthquake that destroyed so much of eastern Japan in 2011 which happens to be the time when the oscillation began.  The long drought in California is being blamed on the ocean being hot when it actually is caused by a COOLING Pacific, not a hot one. Continue reading


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