Germany And China To Build ‘New Silk Road’ Through Russia: The New Power Troika

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The US has spied on Germany nearly totally while pretending this is all about ‘Fighting Terror’.  It turns out the US has been doing economic spying on Germany as well as political.  Germany has to pretend this isn’t a big deal because they run a trade surplus with the US and don’t want to rock the boat.  But under the surface, rage is rising.  The US has blundered badly with the NSA spying.  But won’t terminate this stupid activity.  Oh no, not at all.


President Xi calls on China, Germany to build Silk Road economic belt – Xinhua |


Xi made the remarks during a visit to Port of Duisburg, the world’s biggest inland harbor and a transport and logistics hub of Europe.


He said China’s proposal of building the Silk Road economic belt, based on the idea of common development and prosperity, aims to better connect the Asian and European markets, will enrich the idea of the Silk Road with a new meaning, and benefit all the people along the belt.


China and Germany, at the opposite ends of the belt, are two major economies that serve as the driving engines for economic growth respectively in Asia and Europe, Xi noted.


China seizes $US14.5bn assets linked to ex-spy chief Zhou Yongkang: like so many oligarchs, he ‘privatized’ oil profits for himself.  In the US we just had a major banking collapse on top of running for generations in red ink both government and trade red ink, virtually no one was put in prison or their illicit loot confiscated.


This process of taking down super rich people is how societies survive.  We see in the US making all the laws in such a way that the super rich get constantly richer and are protected from their own mistakes while workers see wages fall lower and lower and jobs disappear as they are moved overseas.  The hyper concentration of wealth at the top in the US is extremely dangerous.  Eventually it, too, will have to be removed violently.


The US concentration of extreme wealth which runs alongside Saudi Arabia and other despotic states, is destroying our economy and fraying our social systems as the bulk of children of workers give up all hope and devolve into their own counter culture which is naked, violent gangsterism.  To suppress this, our elites have become quite violent, themselves, unleashing police power as if this were an occupied hostile state.


Meanwhile, our elites are getting very worried about our German allies who are, as I predicted more than once, are looking towards the East not the West for expansion.  The Germans run a huge trade surplus so they enjoy free trade as it is now set up.


This barely makes the news in the US but Putin is chuckling as Snowden’s document stash reveals obnoxious US spying on Germany:  GCHQ and NSA Targeted Private German Companies – SPIEGEL ONLINE


The service they offer isn’t just attractive to customers who want to improve their connectivity. It is also of interest to Britain’s GCHQ intelligence service, which has targeted the German companies. Top secret documents from the archive of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden viewed by SPIEGEL show that the British spies surveilled employees of several German companies, and have also infiltrated their networks.


One top-secret GCHQ paper claims the agency sought “development of in-depth knowledge of key satellite IP service providers in Germany.”


The document, which is undated, states that the goal of the effort was developing wider knowledge of Internet traffic flowing through Germany. The 26-page document explicitly names three of the German companies targeted for surveillance: Stellar, Cetel and IABG.


Relentlessly logical, the Russians pressure the US: Lavrov: If West accepts coup-appointed Kiev govt, it must accept a Russian Crimea.  The Brownshirts in Ukraine are now muscling the coup so I expect them to all be killed off in a Night Of Long Knives as the fascists follow their rigorous rules of history.


Ecuador does not recognize Ukraine’s ‘illegitimate’ govt – Correa: a brave man.  The US hates people who don’t obey our rulers so they will up their attempts at overthrowing him, too.


Ukraine’s Klitschko pulls out of election, backs ‘Chocolate King’: who will live in a fancy palace and loot the country of all the IMF loan money and then have to play footsie with Putin for cheap energy due to the IMF forcing Ukraine to double the cost of energy and other measures.  Ukraine’s turn towards the dying EU is a complete disaster.


Just what the EU needs!  A kleptocracy that runs a trade deficit that depends on Putin for energy and which has many millions of angry citizens itching for civil war!  Wow!  The EU grew extremely fast as all cheap confederations do, and now like a balloon with too much air, will suddenly pop.


Like Tymoshenko, who announced her candidacy on Thursday, Poroshenko promised to strengthen Ukraine’s armed forces and protect its borders, which the West fears are still under threat from a possible Russian incursion into Russian-speaking regions of eastern Ukraine.


“We need to build a new, efficient and modern Ukrainian army, which will defend the sovereignty and integrity of our country,” Interfax news agency quoted Poroshenko as saying in the town of Vinnitsa southwest of Kiev.


Ukraine is essentially bankrupt!  So they are going to build this vast army to do what?  Easy to answer: they will attack fellow citizens in the eastern half who are Orthodox Christians of Russian descent!  The US public will be looted for this.  We will pay for the military there as we do in a hundred countries including all of the EU, Japan, Israel, Iraq, Pakistan, etc.


Our deranged ally in Japan is warmongering like crazy:  5 dead, 2 missing after floating pier overturns at remote atoll which is the uninhabited disputed territory that is making China so angry.  This rock is over a thousand miles away from Japan and as a huge hunk of Japan is now uninhabitable, the super rich there want this island so they can exploit natural resources around it to get even richer as Japan dies.


While our super rich who refuse to pay taxes get richer, cut our wages and eliminate our jobs and tell us to pay for these foreign adventures via more public debt which  means tightening the purse strings at home and cutting finances for social services, etc.


Turkey to vote in crucial local elections amid graft scandal and social media ban: looting one’s home state, graft and corruption are rife and the worst place for all this is…the USA.  Congress is owned by the filthy rich.  Both political parties want AIPAC money and go directly to very rich Jews for this loot:  Governors Christie, Walker and Kasich woo billionaire Sheldon Adelson at Vegas event.


Adelson makes a lot of money off of Chinese gamblers overseas.  He also wants to loot the public purse by bribing Presidents and Congress to drive us deep into debt for Israel.  Christie and AIPAC are discussing how the GOP should “stop killing each other.”  And get down to the business of killing people all over the planet.


And to stop killing each other is…to stop Rand Paul, of course.  The Jewish rich are worried about angry right wing Tea Party people who want to stop government red ink.  Lucky for the rich, the Tea Party doesn’t want to pay taxes, either, so that scam can roll onwards which is why all Republican ‘conservatives’ since Eisenhower run up huge government red ink debts.


Adelson spent nearly $100 million last election trying to control DC.  And he got control which is why everything is a mess, social services were cut and wild military braying rose to a roar as DC corrupt politicians dutifully demanded more wars with Muslims or backed violent military incursions and coups against anyone Israel and Saudi Arabia targeted.

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20 responses to “Germany And China To Build ‘New Silk Road’ Through Russia: The New Power Troika

  1. You write, The Germans run a huge trade surplus so they enjoy free trade as it is now set up.

    I respond, How true.

    You write, The EU grew extremely fast as all cheap confederations do, and now like a balloon with too much air, will suddenly pop.

    I respond, How true.

    But there will be no silk road, as there is coming a terrible conflagration coming in Syria, which according to bible prophecy will begin as Turkey invades Syria, and by which Russia will plunge into to experience a terrific

    Bible prophecy of Revelation 13:1-4, communicates that out of Club Med, that is the PIGS, Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain, banking, sovereign, and corporate insolvency, the monster Beast Regime of Regional Fascism and Totalitarian Collectivism will rise to power. It will be a singular entity, occupying in every one of the world’s ten regions, and occupying in every one of mankind’s seven institutions.

    And Revelation 13:5-10, communicates that a New Charlemagne, together with Revelation 13:11-18, communicates that a New Monetary High Priest, will rise to power as leaders meet in summits to renounce national sovereignty and announce regional pooled sovereignty through framework agreements which establish regional security, stability and security, to counter investors who deleverage out of currency carry trades and debt trades.

  2. Luc

    Are the Unions the biggest Poli donors? Not Koch or Soros?

  3. Luc

    And last weeks Elephant in the room, I mean news, EMS HAS NO COMMENT YET?

    THE ‘ANTI GUN’ GUN RUNNER? Will he be executed for treason?

  4. emsnews

    Many if not most politicians are duplicitous. This seems to be a requirement for office.

  5. Peter C.

    Energy rules now today.
    Germany is not going to antagonize Russia for the promise of American LNG 5 years from now.(Not going to happen anyway,The USA will always be an energy importer.)

  6. Christian W

    Germany knows it would shoot itself in the foot if they turned off the gas pipe lines at their end. Merkel is talking about ‘energy overhaul’ but it seems she is talking long term but making it sound short term. Very conveniently so if she means to appease Obama.

    Energy minister: No alternative to Russia gas

    Germany has no other sensible source of gas and oil other than Russia, the country’s energy minister said on Thursday. His statement came hours after Chancellor Angela Merkel said she foresaw an energy overhaul.

    Speaking at a debate on Europe’s reliance on Russian gas and oil, Germany’s economy and energy minister, Sigmar Gabriel, said that there was “no sensible alternative” from which to import these fuels, the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung reported.

    Gabriel, who is also head of junior coalition partner the Social Democrats (SPD), disputed the idea that there were other countries from which Europe could easily get its gas and oil from.

    And he warned against panicking that Moscow would cut off energy supplies.

    “Even in the darkest points of the Cold War, Russia stuck to its [energy export] contracts,” Gabriel told the room.

    Just hours before Thursday evening’s debate, Chancellor Angela Merkel took a different approach to the situation, stating in a press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper that she anticipated a drop in the amount of gas and oil Germany imports from Russia as a direct consequence of the Crimea crisis.

    She admitted that Germany was highly dependent on Russia for energy, but added that it did not rely on Russia’s gas and oil as much as eastern European countries.

    While Gabriel said there were limited options outside of Russia, Merkel took a wider look at Germany’s energy situation. “There will be a new look at energy policy as a whole,” she said on Thursday.

    Germany is gradually shifting over to green power, and is phasing out nuclear power. By 2030 it plans to have 50 percent of its power from renewable sources

  7. emsnews

    🙂 HAHAHA.

    Yes, she is appeasing Obama/Bush. But she knows he is out of office soon so the next dupe will forget all about Crimea and whine about some new toy for the neocons to chew.

    After all, they lust for Iran’s destruction and above all, Syria so they can destroy Lebanon. They being our rulers in Saudi Arabia and Israel.

  8. Christian W

    “Germany’s financial capital prevailed over Paris and Luxembourg in a euro-area race to win trade in renminbi, which overtook the euro to become the second-most used currency in global trade finance in October, according to the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. The U.K. Treasury said on March 26 that the Bank of England would sign an initial agreement with the PBOC on March 31 to clear and settle yuan transactions in London.”

  9. emsnews

    Eventually China will be #1 due to it being the #1 sovereign wealth nation (and still capable of recapturing looted wealth) and is already the #1 producer of goods.

    The US is the #1 consumer power and this is obviously not going to last too much longer.

  10. Christian W

    Yep, I’m starting to get the feeling a lot of nations are very tired of the Idiot Bully running around pestering everybody and destroying and smashing people and things when they try to do real business and grow their nations. The political and economic tectonic plates are shifting.

  11. CK

    On August 2, 2013 the first China to Germany freight train arrived on schedule in Germany. It was not a non-stop because there are still miles of railroads in Central Asia that are not Standard Gauge.
    The 6000 mile trip took 15 days. Much much faster than sea shipping, and much cheaper than air cargo.
    For thousands of years the Silver Road was the way that civilizations spread and interacted. It will be again.

  12. emsnews

    Both Germany and China love building train systems. I used to ride the German system a lot and have many stories about it, they are BIG on being on time unlike in the US where trains seldom run on time.

  13. Seraphim

    I used myself to ride both German and AMTRAK ones. No more comments!
    In China I used only the metro in Guangzhou. I used also the subway in NY. No more comments!

  14. emsnews

    Did you ride the subways to work in NYC during the seventies???

    Wow, it was a rolling slum. One day, some college kids decided to trash the car I was riding in. I went to the conductor and ordered him to call the subway cops at West 4th Street and to lock the doors of the car where the vandals were.

    So I reentered the car and the doors were locked and I told everyone, ‘You are under arrest’. They howled at me and threatened me until the cops boarded and arrested everyone.

    I then went to court where the smiling kids ceased smiling and began crying when their lawyers warned them to plead guilty because I was known back then as the ‘housewife from hell’ and they would get the book thrown at them.

    So they all said guilty.

  15. aladnamedvlad

    Did you ride the subways to work in NYC during the seventies???
    countless times…lotsa graffiti.

    I saw one assault in those 1000s of rides.

  16. Petruchio

    “Adelson makes a lot of money off of Chinese gamblers overseas….” What is it with people like Adelson?
    when do people like this sleaze have enough money? I guess that after you have made more than enough money to live comfortably for the rest of your life, making money becomes simply a game. And if you are ethically and morally like bankrupt like Sheldon Adelson, you go into the “game” of bribing politicians so they will push your agenda. The Koch brothers are the same way. Adelson and the Koch brothers are perfect examples of why wealth over a certain amount should be taxed HEAVILY. People like the Kochs and Adelson HATE paying taxes. I believe these types of persons would rather take up golf than push themselves into a higher tax bracket.

  17. Seraphim

    @NY Subway,

    It was the same year, recently (when I was assured that things had improved tremendously!).

  18. Dick

    Excellent analysis, Elaine, and very relevant.

    Russia issuing a gold backed ruble form energy trade and 20 billion barter deal with Iran does not bode well for dollar. Looks like the geo-political isolation of the US has begun in earnest.

  19. emsnews

    All our oil sale boycotts are going to boomerang badly. Normally, when a country threatens to leave the dollar in oil/gas sales, the US attacks and deposes the leaders.

    But we can’t do this to Russia because Russia is big and very well armed again and isn’t weak anymore.

  20. Jim R

    … while we are mired in unresolved conflicts in the Middle East and aren’t strong anymore.

    Something something karma something.

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