West Bank Palestinians Desperately Try To Stop Jews From Stealing Even More Land

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The evil expansionist Russians!  The terrible Putin…well, I read the Russian news to learn what on earth is going on because much of our news in Europe and America are heavily censored especially when it comes to Jewish crimes.  Here is today’s news: Protests flare as Israel rolls out tender to construct 283 W. Bank homes — RT News.  We are supposed to view the Russians as brutal, vicious killers who run bulldozers over people’s homes and run over little girls or shoot little girls who get too close to guard towers, etc.  Except this is all Jews doing this stuff!  And we are not allowed to know or talk about it.


I visited the noxious swamps of the New York Times to see if they carried any stories about the West Bank riots over the Jewish theft of land and homes.  Here is what the Times had:

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Nothing.  At least, nothing about these riots.  Unlike the Ferguson looting riots, these riots are desperate people fighting relentless killers who are not shamed at all.  They are backed heavily by the US media which was all so besotted about the rioters in Ferguson but suddenly go deaf and blind when Palestinians rightfully riot.  Indeed, if anyone notices here that the Palestinians are rioting, why, it is their own fault!  The Jews are merely protecting themselves just like Mr. Brown protected himself from the small, unarmed store clerk he was robbing.


None of the US media carried any strong stories about the riots against the Jewish land theft.  ISIS tracks this, though, and it motivates their fighters and it is merely a matter of time before they or the jihadists in Libya attack us like on 9/11.  No one has to put any stupid bombs in any buildings to get mass murder!  All they have to do is enrage more jihadists and leave the door open for terror.


A shocking number of ‘liberals’ in the US are actually neo-nazi ethnic cleansing goons.  Israeli Tunnel Vision » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names


 But is that kind of blood sport really any worse than the gaseous outbursts of Bill Maher, America’s most bombastic atheist? Maher regularly asserts that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and defended the bloodbath in Gaza by Tweeting: “Dealing w/ Hamas is like dealing w/ a crazy woman who’s trying to kill u – u can only hold her wrists so long before you have to slap her.”


Of course, the crazy woman trying to kill Bill Maher while this bully brute holds her down is because he is RAPING her!  He doesn’t view this as rape.  He thinks he has a right to ravage  her and even kill  her in order to sleep in her bed!  Bill Maher’s Commentary On Militarized Police Foreshadowed the riots because he hates racism, of course.  So long as it is blacks here in the US who live in ghettoes far from where Maher lives (hint: his home neighborhood is very white and very rich and very protected by big, bulky, fierce police!).


So let’s forget Gaza and Ferguson and focus on…Putin who won the latest war with NATO which is also losing all those lovely attempts at stealing oil wars with Iraq and Libya and now, Syria.  NATO is for losers.  No one like a loser.  Losers are losers… they steal candy from babies.  And stealing stuff from Palestinian children while their parents are disarmed and locked in Warsaw ghettoes is laughably easy if the US government pays for this and protects the bullies shaking down the little store clerks who are trying to prevent theft!


Shame on that!  Stealing is great fun if you are a Gentle Giant like Obama and his side kick, Netanyahu or the fascists in Kiev.


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  1. ziff

    You are more than right to say this , i wish more would.

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